Uggs Socks or No Socks: Let’s Find Out

No, you shouldn’t. UGGs are made with original Australian sheepskin, which is an insulator and ventilator.

Ugg has certain features like the A-Grade Merino wool which is fluffy, curvy, and a spectacular fiber that plays an important role in regulating the body’s temperature, hence, there isn’t any need for you to wear socks.

Uggs Socks or No Socks

Your favorite UGGs (like this one on Amazon) were designed with the intent of allowing your skin to be in direct contact with wool, it’s the potential to stabilize body temperature in any weather, aside from that, it has incredible health benefits like; facilitating blood pressure regulation.

This thick wool provides cushioning to the body, adequate support, and evenly balances weight on pressure points to avoid muscle stress. However, for this reason, UGGs are built to be worn without socks.

Reasons Why I Should Not Wear Socks With UGGs

  • You will not enjoy that magnificent sheepskin interior
  • Your feet will get really sweaty and smelly
  • It makes you have cold feet
  • Inside of your UGGs will get bunched up and shrink
  • You will ruin the fashion sense of your UGGs
  • Uggs are already a replacement for socks
  • It increases your rate of perspiration by avoiding pairing socks with UGGs

You will not enjoy that magnificent sheepskin interior

UGGs were built with sheepskin lining, which provides warmth for your feet in the wintertime.

Although you can buy fluffy socks made with sheepskin it doesn’t give the same feeling as wearing your shoe completely lined up with the soft fleece material. You won’t enjoy this amazing feeling wearing socks in your UGGs.

Your feet will get really sweaty and smelly

UGGs are designed with sheepskin which is a breathable material that provides the feet with warmth, wearing socks in your UGGs makes your feet sweaty and this makes your feet prone to attract more bacteria.

The bacteria in turn find their way through the lining of your UGGs. This makes it inevitable for your feet to smell.

It makes you have cold feet

UGGs have an amazing feature of protecting your feet warm even in an extremely cold climate this is because it is completely made of sheepskin.

When you wear socks in your UGGs, it counterfeits this purpose and eventually makes you feel cold instead of warm because the heat from your body won’t be able to go out.

Inside of your UGGs will get bunched up and shrink

UGGs have narrow insoles and this means it wasn’t constructed to be worn with socks in mind. Putting them on with socks incites the extra fabric to gather around your toes making them unfit.

Your socks soak up moisture and when this happens to your sweaty feet, your UGGs are probing to shrink and it is almost impossible to get them back in shape when they are shrunk.

You will ruin the fashion sense of your UGGs

Most people fancy UGGs and buy them because of their casual but fashionable looks and wearing them with socks ruins the style completely.

They are designed to have a flexible and relaxed look, however, putting on socks makes this look unachievable. instead of your UGGs looking all relaxed and making a fashion statement, they will look all rigid and clunky.

Without question, this gives your UGGs an awkward look, the silky material of the boots flaps over your legs. This will have people startling at you. In order to avoid this, go sockless in your UGGs.

Uggs are already a replacement for socks

We wear socks for comfort, fit, and warmth, UGGs have been designed to cover these features therefore you don’t need to wear socks with them.

They are made of wool which provides warmth, this means that if your reason for wearing sick is to provide you with warmth, then wearing socks in UGGs really makes no sense.

The 100% sheepskin used in its production acts as a natural heat regulator, to maintain your body temperature.  This makes UGGs a perfect substitute for socks.

It increases your rate of perspiration by avoiding pairing socks with UGGs

Wearing socks in UGGs increases your rate of perspiration and this increases the bacterial count in your feet.

Funny enough, when you sweat, the seat does not go into your socks, it goes into your shoe’s lining which tends to make them smell.

If you have excessive perspiration on your feet, ensure to use an antiperspirant and not a deodorant as they can cause rashes on your feet.

What Happens When I Wear UGGs With Socks?

  • You deny yourself the natural fleece feeling
  • Protects sweaty feet
  • You ruin its original design
  • An increased level of perspiration is inevitable

You deny yourself the natural fleece feeling

When you wear socks in UGGs, you restrict the fleece insole from making contact with your skin and in turn get cold feet instead of warmth.

The original purpose of the fleece insole is to make contact with your skin and maintain your body temperature.

As much as it provides warmth, it also provides support to your feet and gives your weight an even distribution so that you attain balance when walking, standing, or even running.

When you don’t wear your UGGs barefoot, the yarn used to design the shoe has little or no contact with your skin.

This is because it is being restricted by the socks, this makes the UGGs lose their ability to mold your feet and it will no longer balance the pressure from your feet.

This makes your feet get no support or cushioning which makes you prone to slipping off or even getting injured.

Protects sweaty feet

As recommended by the UGGs brand, you should wear a pair of socks if you have sweaty feet, socks assist your sweaty feet so that it doesn’t have direct contact with the fur of the UGGs as this can cause irritation and swift exposure to bacteria.

You ruin its original design

When shopping for UGGs, ensure you purchase your perfect size. This is because the design of UGGs is such that it looks loose and flexible, so wearing socks in a pair of UGGs that is your perfect size makes it look bunched up.

So many people purchase them because of their casual but fashionable looks, they also feel flexible just as they look.

You alter their flexibility when you pair them with socks and they, in turn, become rigid. They also become so tight, that you can barely feel comfortable in them or even get the support your feet needs.

Moreover, due to tension from the tight feeling, you may develop a bunion as wearing a tight shoe can cause swelling on your big toe.

An increased level of perspiration is inevitable

Pairing your UGGs with socks will give you sweaty feet, this is because moisture and heat are trapped in your UGGs and this heightens your temperature and further intensifies your perspiration.

This makes them smell because the moisture and heat trapped in the UGGs give odor-causing bacteria a warm atmosphere to thrive as heat is been absorbed by the fleece lining.

Sheepskin reacts to wetness and each time they get wet, either during maintenance or from wet/ sweaty feet, they will smell so well If they are not properly dried.

Do UGGs Get Smelly?

Absolutely! there are certain reasons why your UGGs may get smelly, these includes:

  • Wearing your UGGs on a wet feet
  • Pairing UGGs with socks
  • The customary wearing of UGGs

Wearing your UGGs on a wet feet

Not giving your UGGs a proper air dry can enhance the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi in your UGGs. The wetness in your UGGs may be caused by sweaty feet or wet UGGs.

Pairing UGGs with socks

Your UGGs will smell bad if you wear a pair of socks in them. This is because the socks absorb moisture from your sweaty feet to the socks.

Considering the insulating feature of UGGs, the moisture is trapped in and unable to escape the heat produced inside of the UGGs.

The customary wearing of UGGs

When you don’t give your UGGs a vacation, they will stink. The same applies when you wear them for two days in a row, they will get all stinky because you don’t afford the opportunity to dry from the previous day’s wear.

Do UGGs Smell without socks?

Although the sheepskin used in designing UGGs is known to be breathable, they do smell even without pairing them with socks.

Below are reasons why they will smell even without pairing them with socks:

Not properly drying them

If you wear them without properly drying them or if you have sweaty feet, there is a high tendency of trapping odor-causing bacteria in your UGGs.

Consistent wearing

Due to the comfort and cushioning many people get from wearing UGGs, they tend to wear them every day, this can leave a fluffy lining with a drinking odor.

This is because wearing your UGGs back-to-back does not let them dry from the previous day’s wear.

Not taking adequate care of your feet

The bacteria on your feet multiply from time to time, this is why you need to take time to take care of your feet. Make use of antibacterial soaps to wash your feet in order to help combat embarrassing feet.

While you are doing this, do not forget to wash in between your toes, you can’t wait for them to dry, or use hair dryer to ensure complete dryness of your feet before putting on your UGGs.

Also, If you don’t take proper care of your UGGs, they will definitely stink.

How To Prevent My UGGs From Smelling

Always keep your UGGs dry

Wearing moist UGGs makes your feet stink because wet UGGs are smelly. The wool in the UGGs tends to find water and this enhances the growth of odor-causing bacteria to ensure that your boots are completely dry before you wear then.

Air them after wearing them, you can place a sheet of newspaper inside each boot after taking them off.

This will help absorb the moisture, or better still, you can also employ the use of water protection spray which will help them retain dryness during winter.

Rotate wearing your UGGs

I understand how much you love your UGGs, the cushioning and support they give you your feet, and also the warmth they provide during winter.

You tend to wear them every day, this is one step to getting smelly UGGs. Rotate wearing your UGGs, do not wear them every day or else they will stink.

You can consider buying two pairs so it can serve as an alternative if you desire to wear them every day.

Decrease bacteria count on your foot

There are over 300,000 sweat glands contained in each foot, and the breaking down of our sweat is enhanced by bacteria. After this breakdown, the end product is a foul smell or unpleasant odor.

To effectively prevent your UGGs from smelling, lessen the bacteria count on your foot by reducing the moisture on each foot.

Curtailing the moisture on your feet can be ensured by appropriate foot hygiene, this will enhance a great decrease in bacterial count on your feet, regularly wash them with antibacterial soap and water and also ensure you dry your foot and in between your toes very well.

Get UGGs replaceable insoles

UGGs shoes have provision for replaceable soles, so if you make use of your UGGs on a daily basis, you would want to prevent them from getting all smelly by getting at least two pairs of the replaceable insoles. This way, you can rate them.


You don’t expect less quality from your favorite UGGs because they are built with the highest-grade sheepskin. If properly managed, you can wear them for years without having to change them because of wear or tear.

UGGs have an incredible cushioning feature. The feeling you get from the fleece material used in building the insole is second to none. You will get a coarse feeling from a boot made with lesser quality.

They are a thermostatic pair of boots which helps to regulate your body temperature and they can be with in any climate, although most people prefer wearing them in winter.

They provide your feet with the adequate heat required and this means they do not accommodate socks.

As they were built with even better features to replace socks, on this note you are not expected to wear socks in your UGGs except in cases where you have sweaty feet, otherwise, you are on the pathway to having smelling UGGs.

Also knowing that UGGs are made with 100% sheepskin, you are to treat them with adequate care because they are sensitive. 

They are prone to become smelly if not properly aired after putting them on. Wearing UGGs back to back makes your feet sweaty and smelly.


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