How Do You Stretch Out UGGs

This post is all about tricks to make UGG boots stretch.

Do you have a cute pair of boots that you need to actually wear to a conference and it’s a bit too tight or snugly?

What if I tell you that, your sheepskin UGGs boots can actually stretch out in the length over time.

Even if they are too small and you don’t need to feel overwhelmed at what to do if your leather boots feel a bit tight and snug and not comfy at the first time of trying them on.

Here’s a sneak peek of how you can stretch your UGGs:

  • A Pair Of Thick Socks Will Do The Magic
  • Use the freezing water method
  • Make Use Of Wooden Shoe Stretchers
  • Use the Hair Dryer Method
  • Use the Boot dryer method
  • Give them to a shoe repair professional

I remember vividly, walking into a store, and thinking of what color of UGGs to get and that’s when I sighted the perfect color, which turns out to be the last pair on sale at that time, and my favorite and first pair of UGGs.

How Do You Stretch Out UGGs

But it turns out to be a bit tight around the toes. I was not that disappointed though, but I still had that mixed feeling of whether to pay for the boots or not.

Fortunately for me, my final choice of buying the boots was in no way, a regret to me, as I got to discover from a friend, that these UGGs boots can actually be stretched in various ways to give you that comfy feel while walking.

However, this footwear UGGs seems controversial and in no way fashionable, but I observed that there is actually a fine line between public glamour and just stylishly being you.

So, that’s why these classic boots still undeniably thrive and remain in the wardrobe of both the famous, teenagers, rich and even children.

Of course, the truth remains that these leather boots are really wooly and are made naturally to just provide warmth to the feet while walking.

That’s why I have organized here in this blog post the various DIY ways you can try at home, to stretch out your classic UGGs and wear them comfortably everywhere and anywhere.

Let’s get into the details.

The best all-time tricks to stretching overly snug UGGs

There are millions of eye-catching UGG boots out there, but you have got only two feet to try them all out.

So, you will definitely find some pairs which are too small or a bit tight to the toes.

And you probably don’t want to end up sobbing for your money after buying a pair of UGGs and ruining it with a wrong stretching method.

So, here are my best ways to make sure that your favorite classic boot actually gets to break in easily and faster for you.

A Pair Of Thick Socks Will Do The Magic

How Do You Stretch Out UGGs

This is exactly what I did to correct my snugly UGG boots and it really worked.

So, to break in quickly, try wearing a pair of thick socks because it is actually the best method and the first thing that just comes to my mind whenever I am faced with tight shoe problems.

Keep in mind that stretching in full length may be difficult but it will eventually break in and conform to the shape of your foot.

Walk around your house wearing these boots with a pair of comfy thick socks and you will definitely wear them comfortably throughout the whole day.

Although this method will take few days to take effect, it is the initial thing to do if you don’t have a boot stretcher.

Freezing Water Method or the Overnight Method

How Do You Stretch Out UGGs

All you need is a plastic bag, some water, and a freezer.

Since your UGG boots are made from sheepskin, this method will work perfectly fine. It will leave no sign of scar or mark on your boots instead it will only help in expanding the toe box of your UGG boots so easily overnight.

So, let me explain how this method or trick will work in correcting these boots.

Now, in science, there is a normal phenomenon that for liquid water to expand, it must be frozen.

It has to go through a temperature of -4 degrees Celsius in order to expand, so if applied to the boots, it will automatically stretch it out as well.

So, get a zipped leather bag or a plastic bag filled with water and strategically place it in the area of your toe box you want to stretch.

You will need to tilt your boots forward and push in gently the nylon bag as far as it will enter the toe box.

Then leave the boots overnight in a freezer or for about 7-13hours. So, as the water freezes, it will expand thus pushing the boot outward from the inner parts creating extra room around the toe box area.

Also, don’t try to immediately get the ice out from the boots, or else it could get the boots thwarted or damaged. Instead, wait for the ice to melt.

After this, you can then try on the boots, and of course, you will definitely notice or feel something differently good in the stretched area.

Make Use Of Wooden Shoe Stretchers

How Do You Stretch Out UGGs

Stretchers (like this one on Amazon) are one of the excellent ways to get a significant stretch in these boots. You just need to use the correct type of stretcher as there are some designed to stretch the foot’s length and width.

Some others lift the toe box area a bit higher, some other boot or shoe stretcher lift’s the foot area higher, while some others are just made specifically to will just widen the calf or the shaft of the boots.

Another thing to take note of while using this method is that it will work easier if you apply stretching fluid [though optional] at first before immediately inserting the stretcher.

Rotate the handle in a counterclockwise direction, this will widen the stretcher and you will begin to feel the boots slightly expanding as well.

Repeat this turning for about 2-3 turns; make sure to leave the stretcher inside the boots for about 8-6 hours.

But if you want to make sure this process actually worked, try removing the stretcher and testing the boots, then place the stretchers in again.

Hair Dryer Method

How Do You Stretch Out UGGs

Making use of this method can be risky because too much heat actually damages boots.

Using a hot air blow dryer (like this one on Amazon) on your UGGs only makes it comfortable to wear for that day but it cannot actually stretch the boots to a new size as you expect it should.

You will have to put on a pair of thick socks and wear these boots on while blow-drying with hot air.

So, to test if this method actually worked you will have to put on a normal pair of socks and check if the UGGs have assumed extra breathing room for your feet.

The essence of applying heat is to relax the boots and make them reshape or occupy the extra space provided by the thick pair of socks you are putting on.

Boot dryer method

How Do You Stretch Out UGGs

This is another great option to opt for when you are in a pinch and it works best after dampening the boots with alcohol or stretching fluid and you want a fast way to dry it up.

Peeled Potatoe Trick

How Do You Stretch Out UGGs

I laughed so hard when a friend of mine told me about this trick, but believe me or not this trick is close and best to the freezing water method because it actually did work.

All you need is to get some potatoes and wrap them up inside a plastic bag, then fix them inside the toe box, making sure it enters evenly then leave for some time, about the entire day before trying them out again.

You will be surprised at how the boots fit in a bit more comfortably.

Well about the potatoes, you can decide on what to do with them (because I cooked and ate mine. I made dinner with them!)

Try using adjustable shoe trees

How Do You Stretch Out UGGs

Another thing you can do to make your UGGs fit in properly is to try using the shoe tree. Though it’s similar to a boot stretcher, it does almost the same thing.

Fix the boots onto the tree, then using the adjustable handle, rotate in a counterclockwise manner until you feel the boots have stretched up to a reasonable amount.

Then try them on and see. If it still feels snug, repeat the process again until you are satisfied with the outcome.

Shoe Stretch Liquid Sprays

How Do You Stretch Out UGGs

Before trying out this method, make sure that you are not using this liquid spray-on synthetic leather boots. Or to play safe, just make sure to read the label on the spray container before applying.

First of all, you have got to prepare a work surface where you will start the process.

Get some non-colored newspapers and set it as the foundation either on the desk or the ground where you intend to work, as it will catch the drips and still make it easier for you to clean up once everything is over.

Anyways, you need to test the spray on the back heel, so as to know if the liquid spray will leave a stain on your boots or not. If it actually leaves a stain on the boots, look out for another best spray to get the job done for you.

So, this is how you will apply it, either by rubbing it or by spray depending on the kind of spray you are working with.

Do this until the boots appear to dampen, then you stop, wear a pair of socks then using your hot air blow dryer, apply moderate heat to the boots, tweaking in between your toe.

The effect of combining all the 3 methods is to apply enough pressure that will cause the boots to just break in freely and faster.

Give them to a shoe repair professional

How Do You Stretch Out UGGs

If the entire process of stretching out your UGGs is more like a burden and you have the extra cash to spare, then stress not, give it to the nearest shoe repairer to fix it for you.

The cobbler of course will have the stretcher machine to apply the pressure needed to break in the boots.

So, this is another great option, for you if you don’t want to risk damaging your expensive UGGs.

Roll some socks in

How Do You Stretch Out UGGs

You can actually try rolling several pairs of socks into a ball and then stuff them into the boots. Make sure it occupies the maximum space in your toe box area, and then leave the socks in the boots overnight.

You can repeat this process as many times as you want for the desired stretching you want.

Apply Alcohol

How Do You Stretch Out UGGs

This trick will work well, especially if you are in a pinch or in a hurry and don’t have all that time to start doing the freezing water method or using the boot stretcher machine.

All you need just do is to get some alcohol in a spray container, then gently spray the alcohol inside the boots until the boots become damp, then put them on and walk around a bit.

Now, the effect of this alcohol and the heat generated from your foot by walking around will make the boots stretch out.

How Much Can You Stretch Leather/ Sheepskin UGG Boots?

Surprisingly, these boots can stretch to a reasonable extent, if done the right way using the right methods and the right products.

You can even stretch leather boots wider, especially at the toes where it majorly feels tight and uncomfortable to walk on.

Just know that, if you did apply any of the above methods. You will easily break in your new pair of UGGS.

They will naturally conform to the shape of your feet with the aid of these tricks as well.

So, the boots are designed with fabrics that can easily stretch when pressure is applied from walking around with them or from the stretching tricks.


So, this is it!

This article was all about stretching out too-tight UGGs at home.

And you were able to discover some cool life-saving tricks that could help you know what to do with that pretty UGGs at home that just feels snug and not comfortable to walk around with.

So, whether it is a leather boot or a sheepskin UGGs, it will slowly stretch out, you just need a little bit of patience to break in easily and wear these boots comfortably.

All the DIY alternatives or tricks mentioned in this blog post are what you can freely try out at home to make your boots break in easily for you.

Comment down below on how the whole experience of stretching UGGs went!

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