10 Important Things to Note About Interceptor Boots

How about I tell you the 10 important things to note about interceptor boots? Oh, you probably aren’t familiar with what the interceptor boots are all about.

Has the thought of buying a pair of professional tactical boots ever crossed your mind? Then you’re thinking of interceptor boots as they are one of the best professional tactical boots you could easily get in a supermarket like Walmart.

Important Things to Note About Interceptor Boots

Oh, it sounds ridiculous, right? Because you’re definitely not going to throw your money into the pool of substandard products. And interceptor boots sound like one.

You want to go for the ones that have known brand names and are popular for their legitimacy.

But here is the shocker, the cool thing, the interceptor boots are pretty good as the popular ones with bigger brand names you have out there in the market.

Their values have gotten so high that some of them have been made ASTM-approved. And the fact that they are super cheap and far more comfortable makes them stand out.

You can just walk to Walmart any time and see these amazing shoes to try them out yourself. Or better still, you can place your orders and do your shopping directly from the Walmart website any time you deem convenient.

And no popular branding companies or any media house has made any sort of advertisement of interceptor boots before in an effort to have the brand promoted.

This has made many people skeptical, and some are unsure whether or not the interceptor tactical boots are Walmart’s boot brand.

But all of these are nothing short of conjectures and uncertainty still hovers around as no tangible confirmation has been made from their manufacturers.

Here are 10 important things to note about interceptor boots

Important Things to Note About Interceptor Boots

  • They are great boots
  • Interceptor boots are simple and fully-functional
  • Interceptor boots guarantee comfort for longer shift
  • The boots have professional and decent styles
  • Protective and rugged for all duties
  • Easy to clean
  • Boots can be dried easily
  • Brand care is exceptional
  • They have comfortable and breathable linings
  • You need to be extra careful so as not to tamper with the shoe shape

They are great boots

Most people have often asked the question, “are interceptor boots good?” well, I tell you this for a fact, yes, they are.

The brand has had its fast-growing fame for the reason that the tactical footwear is at a more pocket-friendly price that has satisfied a wider range of wearers.

One could actually be drowning in a pool of regret for purchasing overly priced tactical boots thinking it is of higher quality, only to end up having substandard products that wear and tear off easily.

The high price of products is not always proof of their authenticity as that isn’t always covered for greatness.

Interceptor boots are simple and fully-functional

It is apparent that the marketing department at the interceptor boots is missing. This is because their branding activities and their public relations (PM) is one of the simplest that I have ever known.

This is one of the core reasons that has helped them to make delivery to their customers the best products at minimal cost without addition to too much mark-up.

There are 7 main boot lines that this brand has launched. But each line carries just one signature product. And this is a strategy that they have been maintaining for the past eleven years.

The brand is more concerned about the improvement of available features and not too concerned with catching up with newer trends and the development of new products.

This way, there is a probability that you could be wearing the same boot after each purchase, but then, there is a better and newer feeling that comes with it each time.

Note that these work boots/ interceptor tactical boots/ Military boots are ones that have been excellently fashioned to be water-resistant, and this is a pivotal quality that other bigger brands cannot brag of.

Another great thing is, while at that, you are promised with enjoying excellent protection and awesome comfortability while still carrying along with lightweight and foot support that in turn immerse you into the river of feeling that you have really made a great bargain.

And truly, you have.

Interceptor boots guarantee comfort for longer shift

There is one great thing that this brand so much believes in. It is believed that the excellent users’ experiences that have put the brand’s name in good light are traceable to the durability and lightweight with which the boots are designed.

And truly, these features are what customers have confessed to having given them the comfy and ache-free feeling during long shift hours.

Interceptor tactical boots are made from high-quality ventilated materials that are very breathable.

Know that these are sturdy materials that have a type of reinforced stitching that gives your feet the said breathability. Especially in hot conditions.

The boots are the type with superior toughness. They are never easily susceptible to damage as the materials used to make them are natural ones.

It gives your feet a soothing type of grip; not too tight, not very loose, but just moderate enough to keep you walking on the lane of confidence.

While at that, the toughness and all, how this boot still manages to not cause foot ache is one mystery that has been hovering in the minds of users and yet to get unraveled.

The boots have professional and decent styles

With interceptor tactical boots, It is not possible to get the same type of styles still staying the same year after year.

This is because it has always been a signature move of the brand to continuously elevate their quality pattern and class, and also improve their designs so as not to lose touch with the update on-trend.

This way, interceptor boots’ lovers always move with recent styles. And for this reason, the versatility of the boot is improved such that it can be used as uniform boots for servicemen and also can suffice for professional law enforcement officers.

There are a plethora of other qualities that accompany the interceptor boots, but the two rare ones are its slip-on-oil resistance and its durable polishable toe that gives it this crisp look and class.

There is no better brand that makes provision for something that perfectly fits for construction works, security works, site works, law enforcement officers, and is great for people who truly know what fashion entails.

Protective and rugged for all duties

The fact that upon all its multifaceted areas of use, still, it left no loophole for anything to temper with its decency, is just more than excellent and very much applaudable.

The core value that defines this shoe’s greatness is how its designers are able to wittily strike an excellent balance between durability and comfortability in every pair of boots.

What this simply translates to is, while interceptor boots lovers are offered maximum comfort, they still wouldn’t have that at the expense of lightweight and durability.

Hence, an all-round foot relief at its best is offered on a cheap platter.

Easy to clean

The best way to maintain these boots is by regularly cleaning them. And you do this by brushing the mud and dirt off the shoe as soon as it gets naturally dried, know that you are to do this with a soft brush as hard brushes have over time proven to have a negative effect on the boot material.

And if further need calls for more attention, wipe it off with a damp cloth. Please note that you are never to wash it in a washing machine so as not to have it manhandled

You are also advised to be careful of the kind of washing soaps you use. Do not use soaps that contain harsh chemicals that will weaken the boot material to lead to easy wear and tear.

These harsh agents in the soap will attack the binding bonding and stitching agents used to hold the boot in one piece.

Use mild dishwashing soaps and warm water. Not too cold but just warm enough to be fabric-friendly.

If you are having the thought of using hot water during the washing process for the purpose of killing whatever germ therein, do not bother.

The designers had that in mind already and have already featured a feature that will eradicate the shoe’s possibility of having germs cause an offensive smell.

Boots can be dried easily

Using natural air circulation slowly is the perfect way to have this footwear dried. Do this at room temperature, place it close to the window side where it will be easily air-accessible.

Subjecting this footwear to a direct heat source is a No. Never dry it out in direct sunlight. During the drying process, you can use paper to stuff the boot – the paper will absorb the water inside of the boot and force the moisture out of the boot as well.

This way, drying becomes fast and the original shape of the boot is maintained too.

Brand care is exceptional

The interceptor brand revealed that they make use of treatment in their linings such as Agion® which serves as an excellent weakener of sweat and moisture which cripples all bacterias that should spur the rise of the offensive smell.

The brand itself has already planted a care seed that should better the footwear users’ experiences. It is through this means that the shoe is kept smelling fresh all day long. Even after long hours of use.

They have comfortable and breathable linings

I have seen other boots that have libraries of information on what and what not to do so as not to affect their products’ linings.

And this could be one hell of a chore, and tasking too. And this speaks volumes of how fragile those boots are. But that is not the case here.

The linings that are used for the interceptor boots are made of comfortable breathable materials that have little or no need for maintenance.

These linings also go a long way in the absorbance of the foot moisture and also help in speeding up the drying process, all thanks to the breathable nature of the linings.

You need to be extra careful so as not to tamper with the shoe shape

There are just a few details about this footwear that need attention as the manufacturer has already tackled that key aspect that would have needed users’ attention. The shoe’s shape may be tempered if attention is not paid to details.

As such, to have the durability and the shape of the interceptor boots retained, make sure to undo all the laces before removing the shoe.

Apart from having concern for the shoe’s shape being tampered with, this also helps to make sure that your ankle is not hurt in the removing process. Therefore, this is a win on two ends.


Important Things to Note About Interceptor Boots

Here is something I discovered during my visit to the company’s website. I was more than astonished to find out that all their tactical boots were featured in just one simple landing page.

Although the only official channel where they make announcements to sell their products is on Walmart.

Nevertheless, you can still get the said tactical boots from popular online stores like Amazon, eBay, and others. The only problem is they are never sold in large quantities.

Just give a single try to interceptor boots and marvel at how it will change your perspective of work boots/military boots/professional tactical boots forever.

This is owing to the fact that the prices of their footwear are far cheaper compared to others, especially those bigger known brands out there.

And with these interceptor boots, you will always be on the financially safer side as they are cheap even though they are on the same segment of value as the bigger brands.

For this reason, many buyers are able to make swift and easy decisions on-site.

This article has been carefully written to give you a rich dose of all you need to know about the interceptor boot. Both one the product details and on maintenance too.

This is to help you have a full grasp of the 10 important things to note about interceptor boots. I am certain it will serve you better.

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