Can You Wear Boots to MEPs

Boots are allowed at MEPS. But note that not all boots would fit or make you look presentable. Wearing the correct style of boots is a good idea when you are going to MEPS.

The Boots you intend to wear to MEPs must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Boots are closed-toe shoes (which is the only requirement for shoes at MEPS).
  • Boots are strong and durable (Which is also very necessary).
  • Wearing the right type of boots is a good choice when going to MEPS.

Types of Boots to Wear to MEPs

There are specific types of boots to wear to MEPS. You need to be careful with the type of boots to wear. I would advise that you check out my collection of Hiking boots that I know you can wear to MEP.


SKECHERS segment men’s boot

This is one of the types of boots that is allowed at MEPS. It is for men and makes you look serious and presentable.

The SKECHERS segment men’s boot meets the requirement of MEPS because it is a closed-toe shoe. Furthermore, it has a strong and durable sole that is impenetrable by any sharp object.

It has a lace-up closure up to the ankle of your feet which gives you a more secured fit. It is made of quality leather and this makes the SKECHERS segment men’s boot one of the strongest boots you would ever see. The leather does not fade, neither is it subject to quick wear and tear.

The SKECHERS segment men’s boot has a soft cushion insole that makes you comfortable even when standing for long hours. This is very important if you are going to MEPS. You must choose a shoe that would make you very comfortable while standing.

You would get disqualified earlier if you seem too stressed or uncomfortable as a result of standing on a spot. The SKECHERS segment men’s boot is comfortable for this purpose.

Furthermore, it comes in a very simple black color which is acceptable at MEPS. Every male individual needs to get their hands on this boot to stand a chance at MEPS based on appearance.


SKECHERS melego chukka men’s boot

This boot comes in a cool brown color which is also appropriate for you to wear to MEPS. It has an excellent body build which makes you look presentable and attractive to everyone at MEPS. Furthermore, it is made of quality leather that is waterproof and durable enough to last for years.

It has a rubber sole which might not be as strong as the sole of the SKECHERS segment men’s boot. However, the sole is durable and can also last for years. Another feature of this amazing boot lies in its shock-absorbing supportive midsole.

Whenever I walk around with my SKECHERS melego chukka men’s boot, I don’t feel any pressure whatsoever on my feet and toes and this keeps me comfortable and stable. You need to look comfortable whenever you go to MEPS and this is also what the SKECHERS melego chukka men’s boot presents to you.

Its shock-absorbing feature is a good quality that helps you stay focused on the task in front of you because you are comfortable in your feet and toes. A painful feet in a strong and unforgiving shoe is like hell.

The SKECHERS melego chukka men’s boot makes you comfortable and it is also accepted at MEPS. The SKECHERS melego chukka men’s boot has a high traction outsole that keeps you stable while walking.

Even on slippery floor surfaces, you would not need to worry about falling or slipping off.


DANSKO women’s boot

This is for women who wants to go to MEPS. The DANSKO women’s boot is suitable for you and also acceptable at MEPS because it is a closed toe shoe.

However, it has additional features which makes it one of the best choice of shoe I would wear to MEPS if I was a female.

The DANSKO women’s boot is lightweight compared to other boots mentioned in this article. This is what makes it unique and suitable for you to wear whenever you are going to MEPS.

It helps you walk comfortably and faster for any task given to you. It has a removable soft footbed that keeps your feet and toes relaxed even while walking or standing (no matter how long it is). The insoles are removable and can be replaced with orthotics for additional comfort if you wish.

The DANSKO women’s boot is made of waterproof leather material which makes it durable. It has a good arch support system that relieves your feet and arches of pain and sores which can be sustained while walking for long.

MEPS is a place where you have to look presentable and comfortable at your best. The DANSKO women’s boot would do the job well for you. A pair of jeans would go well on the DANSKO women’s boot and give you a simple look. It comes at a cheap price compared to other boots in the market.


Boots you should not wear to MEPs

As earlier stated, there is no direct claims concerning the types of shoe you are allowed to wear. However, from my experience, I would advise that you stay away from the following categories of boots.

Chelsea boots

They look classic and attractive, but they might not present you as serious enough for the task ahead. The idea is to look simple and compact enough and not be NOTICED because of your flamboyance. An example is the ASGARD ankle Chelsea women’s boot.

Boots with heels

This is also another type of boot you cannot wear to MEPS. The heels make walking unstable and it also causes distraction because of the sound it makes. This might get you disqualified. You should stay away from this type of boot. An example is the FREAM-PAIRS women’s ankle booties.

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