What Happens If You Tell A Guy The Size of Shoe You Wear

So, what happens when you tell a guy the size of shoe you wear? If you tell a guy the size of your shoe, there are few things to watch out for:

  • He may be falling in love with you before he asked
  • Some may ask just for fun to prolong the discussion
  • He may want to buy you a new shoe

While I was growing up, I had a younger brother who has short feet. The size he uses is not up to size 28, he was old enough, at the age of 15.

What Happens If You Tell A Guy The Size of Shoe You Wear

Most times when we talk about our biological growth, he is regarded as the shortest here; my junior brother is only taller than the youngest of us who is 7 years old.

What I am driving at is, whenever people that know his age see him, they easily get to predict his body growth.

I cannot count the number of times my aunty will analyze and explain the body development he tends to possess while growing up- she said he will get chubby and short.

One way or the other, it happened…

This got me wondering until I grew up, now I see the predictions works. Not only on him but also on several people. Yes, your size indeed says stuff about you, not only stuff, it says a lot.

The above illustration is just a quick one on how your shoe size can pre-determine you; it can say things about you.

Let’s get into the details of what happens when you tell a guy the size of shoe you wear?

What Happens If You Tell A Guy The Size of Shoe You Wear

He may want to buy you a new shoe

Who knows… he may also want to order one of the best Converse sneakers around for you as a surprise. Probably, you guys have been friends for a while and he thinks he needs to appreciate you as a good friend.

He may be falling in love with you

I remembered I asked my first girlfriend her shoe size. I never had an idea of what she was thinking then, but with the look on her face, I can easily predict what she had in mind then.

Not only her, even when I try to walk up to a random girl just for cruise sake, there also are lots of questions going through their mind.

If you are a guy and you told your friends the size of your shoe probably when he did not ask, lol… who cares that much?

The highest I can say as a guy to show concern when my fellow guy walks up to me to tell me his shoe size is to congratulate him or start a discussion about how my dad and I used to wear the same shoe size.

When it comes to ladies telling a guy the size of her shoe, then there is a sensitive talk here.

What happens when you tell a guy or your guy the size of shoe you wear?

Nothing much happened, apart from the fact that he has known something about you… nothing serious happens.

Some do this to prolong the discussion

This question is one of those silly questions guys ask ladies who they are interested in, like while chatting and you guys don’t know what to say next, but as a guy, you want to prolong the discussion.

In some cases, it is a sign that the guy is falling in love with you, he is not just conscious about that, like why do you think a guy will want to know more about the size of your shoe? For fun or what?

Why will a guy ask a girl her shoe size?

No one can say for sure, but being a guy, most reasons I may ask a girl for the size of her footwear is best known to me, probably I am giving her a gift who knows.

  • To know the lady’s height
  • Helps to know if she is slender or chubby
  • He may want to surprise her
  • He may be conscious about your beauty

As a lady, when a guy asked for the size of your feet, what comes to your mind? Ohhh! Probably he is getting me a gift or so, I am sure that is what comes to your mind first.

To know the lady’s height

I am not happy to break the bad news to you, my dear, a guy asking you for the size of your footwear in other to get you a nice Dr. Scholl footwear on Amazon is not always applicable in most cases.

I could remember the first time I asked my girlfriend the size of her shoe, the aim here was to know her height.

We chatted on Instagram at first, for about 3 weeks before we finally went out on a date, I know the smartest way to confirm her height is to ask about the size of her footwear.

In this case, she won’t be able to say lies because she wasn’t sure, what if I am going to get a shoe?

He may want to surprise her

On her birthday, I surprised her with her best footwear brand- Dr. Scholl, this is because she tells me always about how much she rates that shoe.

I made my research, and finally got to know that Dr. Scholl’s footwear is generally known for being an orthopedic care brand, it one of the shoe brands that have an accurate size.

In some cases, you ask a girl the size of her shoe and she told you 36, you went on amazon to get one for her and she finally wears it and did not size her.

Dr. Scholl gives an accurate size, unlike other brands, with what she told me, and base on my research, I was convinced that the brand worth put my hard earnings on I bought a Dr. Scholl’s Naturalizer Women’s Fashion Shoe on amazon for her.

Yet, asking a lady the size of her feet to get her a shoe does not always work that way, I asked my girlfriend in other to know her height. I was 5â€9 feet tall; I need someone who is below that, someone whose feet size can predict a height in the range of 5-5â€4 inches.

Helps to know if she is slender or chubby

Another thing here is that some guys asked for a lady’s shoe size in other to get a preview of her physicals, in this note, it is to know whether she is slender or chubby. Some guys don’t like someone who is too chubby, while some guys prefer that.

In cases whereby you have not been sending your full picture to a guy, one smart trick he can use to get your body physic is by knowing your foot size. The prediction he may get may not be accurate, but in most cases, it is a logical way to get to know a lady better.

So a guy may ask you for the size of your shoe for a reason which includes getting you a lovely shoe, knowing before about your body, it is either to know your height or rather confirm if you are chubby or slender.

He may be conscious about your beauty

The truth is this, more than half of those who asked for the size of your shoe are interested in you.

They may be unconscious about that, you must be beautiful then. What guy will want to waste time to predict about your physicals if he is not interested in becoming your close friend

What does your shoe size say about you?

What Happens If You Tell A Guy The Size of Shoe You Wear

  • It can predict your biological features
  • It is also an indication to predict how your parent may look like

Predicting one’s biological features

I have tried this on most people I have had conscious interaction with and it works. My roommate has a short foot, and he also could admit while I predict how his biological looks will be in the next 5 years, maybe we unconsciously observed it together.

Aside from that, my best friend has a very thick foot, with a tall upper layer. While we were growing in the neighborhood, I was taller than him and even hefty, but right now, his feet have proven him to be who he is. Much taller and has a broad chest, still maintaining that thick and tall foot.

If you have ever traded forex before, there is something pretty much about checking signals to predict the market, a well-predicted market is a result of good signals generated from the trading environment and international stock/currency exchange.

If using forex, as an illustration, maybe odd, then I am 100% sure using the snowfall should not prove offbeat. Before the snowfall, when you check the weather condition looking at the cloud, you can predict if it is going to snow or not.

This is a very similar illustration to how your foot size can predict your biological development.

There may be some illogical superstition about people who have short feet or saying short people running faster than tall ones. It is just a presumption people take, probably because most short people they know run faster.

It is also an indication to predict how your parent may look like

Your shoe size says a lot about you, not only you… it is also saying something about your parent. Whether they are tall, short, chubby, or slender. For instance, I have the physical look of my dad, like I am his prototype here cause we so much look alike.

Someone who has seen me and my feet but only sees my dad’s picture will also be like, “does your dad also have a longer foot as you do?

I can’t help but smile in agreement with their predictions. I am not the first, and so many people have similar things in common with their parents.

So in most cases, your foot size also will talk about the biological features of your parents and grandparents, apart from saying a lot or predicting your height and weight.

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