Target Work Shoes: 10 Favorites For Working At Target

It may seem like your options are limitless, which they sort of are. However, for the most comfortable shoes that are ideal for walking, shoes that are durable and functional.

Below is a list of Ideal Shoes that will help relieve the stress of standing and walking all day on your feet.

10 most ideal shoes you should wear to work at Target

1 New Balance Men’s Running Shoe Best running Target work shoe 5/5
2 Skechers Men’s Go Walk Evolution Ultra- Impeccable Walking Shoe Best walking shoe for Target employees 5/5
3 Reebok Women’s Classic Leather Harman Run Sneaker


Best women’s sneakers for Target employees 4/5
4 Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Most comfortable Nike sneakers for Target employees 5/5
5 Nike Men’s Gymnastics Shoes Best gymnastic shoes for Target employees 5/5
6 Clarks Women’s Addiy Gladys Fashion Boot Best women’s fashion boots for Target employees 4.5/5
7 Clarks Men’s Forge Free Loafer Best Loafers for male Target employees 4.5/5
8 Crocs Women’s Walu Loafer Best Loafers for female Target employees 5/5
9 TOMS Women’s Alpargata Cupsole Sneakers Top sneakers for comfortability 4/5
10 NIKE Air Force 1 Sneakers Best men’s sneakers for Target employees 5/5

Working at a retail store can be stressful because it requires you to be on your feet most of the time and dealing with customers, cleaning and restocking the shelves.

However, to make the experience a little easier, you can wear shoes that are very comfortable while maintaining the recommended dress code for shoes.

As a refresher, the guideline for Shoes working at Target is “Closed-toe†shoes.

Let’s get into the details.

New Balance Men’s Running Shoe


The most ideal pairs of shoes to wear over casual outfits are sneakers or any other athletic shoe, these pairs of running sneakers are most definitely going to help make your work easier.

The midsole is cushioned with a very soft foam that will make you feel like you’re walking on mattresses made of clouds.

These running shoes are very durable, with the soles made to provide traction on every surface.

Ideally, they are shoes made for athletic feats so they can withstand whatever stress or strain your legs inflicts on them.

For a job at Target that requires you to be active most of the time, these pairs of sneakers are Ideal, it will make your job significantly easier.

The lightweight feel will help you move freely and smoothly, and given that the sole is highly durable it can withstand any form of stress (internal or external) which you exert on it.

Skechers Men’s Go Walk Walking Shoe


This easy-to-wear walking shoes are very ideal for jobs that require you to always be active and move around a lot.

The sole is padded for a well-cushioned feel whenever you walk, these pairs of shoes are very comfortable and the Slip-On feature makes it very easy to put the shoes on and take them off.

The uppers are made of a textile fabric that is soft and breathable, with elastic overlays for a custom fit whenever you put them on. It is easy to clean and doesn’t retain stains, as a bonus feature you can just pop them in your washing machine.

Yeah, these pairs of sneakers are washing Machine friendly.

I personally own these pairs of sneakers and I can guarantee that they are the most comfortable pairs of sneakers on the market.

When you put the sneakers on it barely feels like you’re wearing shoes and when you walk the base of your feet gets a form of soft caressing to feel from the Insole which helps you feel relaxed.

Reebok Women’s Classic Run Sneaker


These running sneakers feature a synthetic upper that is light and stylish, it gives the shoe a lightweight and ultra-comfy feel whenever you wear them.

These stylish pairs of sneakers are embedded with the EVA foam in the midsole which provides cushioning on your strolls and jogs.

It has a low-top design that offers adequate mobility at the ankles, so you can move and pivot your feet in whichever direction you want.

The rubber outsole provides great traction and durability, no matter the activity you want to engage in, these pairs of sneakers got you covered.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2


For a comfortable and stylish aesthetic, these pairs of Sneakers are most Ideal. If you consider yourself “fashionable†and trendy the Yeezy boost is your go-to shoes of choice.

It is embedded with memory foam in the midsole which takes the shape of your feet when you put them on, this allows the shoe to fit you perfectly each time you wear it.

The material the upper is made of is very breathable and soft, it helps absorb moisture from your feet whenever you sweat.

The Sole is made from Rubber which makes it very durable, it also provides great traction for your feet.

The only drawback with owning a pair of Yeezy is the fact that they are crazy expensive, however, the functionality and durability make owning a pair completely worth it.

Nike Men’s Gymnastics Shoes


The Nike Air Max 270 Running Shoe is designed for maximum comfort of the whole foot, from the base to the heel.

The padded air max unit on the heel gives maximum support and relieves pain from whenever you’ve had a long walk. The cushioning effect it provides helps you maintain your balance in rough terrains.

The Rubber sole for ideal traction and balance on uneven terrain and slippery surfaces. The sleek silhouette and design make it ideal to wear over most casual outfits and clothing.

Whether you’re going for a run or at the gym, these pairs of sneakers are versatile. When you purchase a pair of the Air Max sneakers the versatility lets you wear them to work and for whatever athletic activity you want to participate in.

It also comes in multiple color schemes, so you can always pick your favorite.

Clarks Women’s Fashion Boot


This ankle boot delivers an elegant style with its premium leather upper that’s soft and feels comfortable to the skin.

A stylish strap crosses over the ankle behind the heel to give the boot an unconventional but savvy look.

Its low heel adds just the right amount of height while providing traction and durability to wearing and tearing from grinding on uneven surfaces.

The Ortholite footbed in the midsole provides maximum comfort and support for your feet while you work, it massages your feet and helps relieve stress.

These pairs of ankle boots will not only give you a stylish look with their sleek design and silhouette but their features are also embedded to make them lightweight and comfortable.

The leather material is authentic so it wouldn’t crease or crack easily, however, you still have to take precautions and take care of the shoes properly.

Clarks Men’s Loafer


The Premium leather or suede gives this shoe an elegant aesthetic, it makes this footwear an Ideal pick for most outfit choices because not only is it stylish, it is also ultra-comfortable.

In the midsole is embedded an ortholite footbed which helps make every step you take in the shoes soft and comfortable.

The Durable EVA outsole and heel support allow you to wear the shoes all day long with very little strain on your feet. These features make it the most versatile shoes Ideal for all-day wear.

Whether it’s Casual or Business Casual, these pairs of Clarks are an ideal pick, they will keep you comfortable all day and look dapper.

When you own these pairs of Clarks, you can also wear them over “Professional Outfits†like Suits and Blazers. The one drawback is the fact that it isn’t Unisex, but who knows? You can wear them if they fit.

Crocs Women’s Walu Loafers

These women’s casual shoes provide are relaxed and refined aesthetic that is ready for whichever task or activity the day holds. Long day at work on your feet or a long stroll across town, these pairs of Crocs got you covered.

These slip-on shoes have a sleek and urban silhouette which makes it very easy to take off and put on. These pairs of loafers were made as an Ideal shoe for walking, they may not look athletic but they can withstand most stress your feet exert on them when you wear them over long periods.

The Sole is made of the Iconic Croslite material which makes it very lightweight and it also provides adequate traction which makes it very durable.

The Crocs brand is expanding and more stylish shoes are available on the market, however, the feature Crocs is known for which is “comfort†is maintained throughout the new and more stylish aesthetics. So, I can assure you these pairs of Crocs are no different.

TOMS Women’s Cupsole Sneakers


These pairs of TOMS were designed to be lightweight and easy to wear. When it comes to shoes that are ideal to wear while engaging in activities that will keep you on your feet for extended periods, these pairs of TOMS are right up in the pecking order.

The rubber sole provides great traction, so you know you can maintain your balance on slippery surfaces, the sole is very durable and can withstand wearing and tearing from excessive grinding.

The uppers are made from a form of a textile fabric that is easy to clean (Just wash and dry), and it is very breathable and moisture-absorbent.

The material also has a soft feel like a cloth made of cotton, which means you can wear them without socks and still feel comfortable and refreshed.

NIKE Air Force 1 Sneakers


As a “sneakerhead†the Air Force one is a pair of shoes you need in your collection, these iconic first-generation Nike Sneakers are simply amazing.

Not only is it a stylish pair, but it is also very comfortable, functional, and reliable for most outdoor and indoor activities that require you to be active and “on the moveâ€.

The durability of these pairs of sneakers is the stuff of legends, no matter the activity you are going to be engaged in, these pairs of comfy and stylish sneakers got you covered.

The only drawback may be the price but if you can afford to get a pair, it’s a decision you won’t regret.

However, when you get a pair of pricey sneakers, it’s important to have a couple of other shoes to supplement.

Overusing the sneakers will make them crease and wear out fast, these may be durable pairs of sneakers but it has its limitations.


When picking out footwear for work, there are a few factors to consider, Like— the nature of the job, and the dress code.

When you have all the information then you can work around those parameters and select the most Ideal pairs of shoes that will keep you comfortable all day while maintaining the dress code.

The pairs of shoes outlined above have been reviewed and come highly recommended for working at a retail company like Target.

These pairs are Stylish, Functional, Durable, and most importantly Comfortable. They are ideal for the “Casual†dress code which is the recommendation for working at Target, no matter the pairs of shoes you pick, versatility is guaranteed.

There is a pair of shoes for everyone, no matter your tastes or preference. Most of the shoes outlined can be worn over most casual outfits and some even come in multiple colors, and you can find pairs that are Unisex.

Whether you’re getting a pair for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

Whichever choice you make, I hope it helps make your job a little bit easier and relieves stress from your feet.

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