Shoe Goo Alternatives: 9 Similar Glues

No matter how strong a shoe claims to be, it is eventually going to need a repair sooner than later. Therefore, this is why you need to have a shoe repair adhesive in handy.

Shoe goo is one of the best adhesives that can be used on your shoes and sandals. It is known to hold together the outsoles of shoes and also works well on leather materials.

Recently, there has been an upsurge in demand for shoe goo, which made it unavailable. Therefore, this article will be giving you the best alternatives to shoe goo.

Shoe Goo Alternatives

Here are my top 9 shoe goo alternatives:

  • SHOE GLUE instant repair
  • BARGE all-purpose waterproof glue
  • FIEBINGS leathercraft cement adhesive
  • GORILLA glue
  • GORILLA clear glue
  • TUFF TOE shoe protector
  • HENKEL waterproof sealant
  • KELLYS cork seals
  • BIRKENSTOCKS deluxe shoe care kit

Shoes are going to need a repair – either sooner or later.

There are different contributing factors to the deterioration of the shoes we wear. Factors like water and air are the major contributing factors to the deterioration of the shoes we wear.

Among other factors are usage and maintenance quality. The quality you enjoyed in shoe goo will be enjoyed in all of these alternatives as well.

S/no Name of shoe glue
Ranking Rating (1-5)
1 SHOE GLUE instant repair Great repair effects on shoes 5/5
2 BARGE all-purpose waterproof glue Great waterproof qualities for adequate protection of shoes 5/5
3 FIEBINGS leathercraft cement adhesive Good for leather materials and keeps them strong 5/5
4 GORILLA glue Lasting repair effect on your shoe 5/5
5 GORILLA clear glue Neutral color to prevent scuff marks on your shoe 5/5
6 TUFF TOE shoe protector Great for work boot, it is also suitable for every other shoes as well 5/5
7 HENKEL waterproof sealant The bonding effect is lasting 5/5
8 KELLYS cork seals It is great for sandals. It is generally known as a cork sealer or renewal 5/5
9 BIRKENSTOCKS deluxe shoe care kit Multipurpose shoe care kit 5/5

SHOE GLUE instant repair

This is a great alternative to shoe goo. However, it offers top-notch repair effects on your boots.

This glue is one of the few in the shoe repair industry that was made by professional shoe repairers, who have been repairing shoes for three generations. It is made in the United States of America.

Therefore, you can be assured of its top-notch quality. You don’t need to clamp your shoes together before the bond will begin to take effect on the outsoles or affected part of your boot.

It has an instant effect on your shoe. Immediately the SHOE GLUE instant repair touches the material of your shoe, the result is instant.

Another major quality of the SHOE GLUE instant repair lies in the fact that the bond is strong and stays for a long time without tearing apart.

You can be confident in the tenacity of the SHOE GLUE instant repair when it comes to how well it holds shoes together and how long it holds your shoe together. It is not expensive and it offers qualities as a shoe goo.

BARGE all-purpose waterproof glue

The BARGE all-purpose waterproof glue is a great alternative for shoe goo. The color of this adhesive is transparent. Therefore, it will not stain your shoe.

Unlike a white adhesive that will only be suitable for white shoes, the BARGE all-purpose waterproof glue is suitable for every type of shoes because of how neutral the colors are.

In addition to this, it does not weigh much. Therefore, you should not worry about having to keep something heavy in your home.

Whenever you apply the BARGE all-purpose waterproof glue, it dries out quickly compared to other adhesives.

If you need to visit the mall and you realized that your shoe has torn apart, the BARGE all-purpose waterproof glue is an emergency adhesive that can be applied to your shoe and work effectively on your shoe within a short time.

That is, within a few minutes, your shoe will be ready. The adhesive dries out faster than other adhesives. In addition to this, the BARGE all-purpose waterproof glue works perfectly for every form of material.

The chemical components do not destroy rubber or plastic materials. There are some adhesives that are not suitable for rubber material because of their harsh reactions to such tender material.

However, the BARGE all-purpose waterproof glue is friendly on rubber materials. It bonds torn apart areas of your shoe within minutes and makes your shoe ready to wear. However, it comes at an expensive price.

FIEBINGS leathercraft cement adhesive

This adhesive is good for leather materials and can stand in the place of shoe goo as well. it is made of quality chemical components, which perform the cementing work like magic.

If you have a leather shoe that has broken apart, then the FIEBINGS leathercraft cement adhesive will do a good job at gluing it back.

This adhesive is known for its long-lasting bonding quality. You will enjoy your leather shoe for a long time with this adhesive as a repair kit.

In addition to this, the chemical formula used in making the FIEBINGS leathercraft cement adhesive is safe and non-toxic to the skin. However, it is not suitable for rubber or plastic shoes.

If you use the FIEBINGS leathercraft cement adhesive on plastic or rubber shoes, it might not hold together.

Furthermore, your rubber shoe will be adversely affected because of the harsh components of FIEBINGS leathercraft cement adhesive.

It is white in color. However, it dries out fast and the effect of this color might not be visible on black, brown or other colored leathered materials apart from white.

The FIEBINGS leathercraft cement adhesive is great on leather materials. This adhesive is good for leather shoes and bags as well.

Your shoe will be kept in perfect condition by applying the FIEBINGS leathercraft cement adhesive. Have you been looking for shoe goo?

Try the alternative to shoe goo in FIEBINGS leathercraft cement adhesive. You will enjoy the exact features and benefits that should be enjoyed with shoe goo.


If your shoe gets easily affected by water, then the GORILLA glue will do a good job to protect your shoe. It is a good alternative to shoe goo and offers more additional features than shoe goo.

An example of this is the protection it gives your shoe against moist. A lot of shoes get damaged because of excess moist on the material and outsoles.

Therefore, in order to prevent your shoe from breaking apart due to moisture, you should apply the GORILLA glue. The GORILLA glue is one of the best adhesives for shoes.

It is known to resist higher temperatures as well. Furthermore, the GORILLA glue can be used on various materials for quick fixes. The odor that comes from the GORILLA glue is not offensive.

Therefore, if you are resistant to the smell of chemical, the GORILLA glue is good for you. It does not have a strong stench that might lead to allergies or irritation.

Furthermore, it bonds faster and dries out quicker. Majorly, the GORILLA glue is good for protecting your shoe from getting affected by moist.

If you work in a moisty environment, then you should have the GORILLA glue in your toolkit in case your shoes begin to show signs of wear and tear.

The GORILLA glue is known to bring your shoes back together and protect it from moist.

GORILLA clear glue

This glue is similar to the GORILLA glue. However, it has a neutral color and can be used on various shoe materials without any permanent stain.

The GORILLA clear glue is one of the incredibly strong adhesives that have a long-lasting bonding effect on your shoes. If your shoe has been showing signs of breaking apart, you should apply the GORILLA clear glue on your shoe.

Majorly, the GORILLA clear glue will do a good job on leather materials. Don’t use it on rubber or plastic material because the chemical components are hard and might have a bad effect on your rubber shoes.

When it dries, there is not going to be a trace of cementing on your shoe. There are some adhesives that leave a white scuff mark across the position of the application.

However, the GORILLA clear glue steers clear of this. It leaves your shoe perfect. There will be no scuff marks on your shoe after applying this glue to your shoe.

The GORILLA clear glue can serve as an alternative to shoe goo. The GORILLA clear glue is small.

Therefore, it might need replacing after one or two applications. The small quantity is also the reason why it comes at an affordable price.

For long-lasting enjoyment, get more than one tube of the GORILLA clear glue for yourself.

TUFF TOE shoe protector

Work boots will enjoy massive protection with this adhesive. If you have a work boot that has been subjected to wear and tear, then the TUFF TOE shoe protector is the best remedy for this problem.

The easy-to-apply method of this protector makes it my best pick for work boots. It offers protection to your work boots. It protects your work boots from moisture and air.

It also holds the outsoles of your work boots together. One amazing feature of this adhesive is that its formula uses the same technology that is found in adhesives used at NASA, and in ballistic adhesives.

Furthermore, it is more flexible with greater abrasion resistance than any consumer-grade product on the market. The TUFF TOE shoe protector is commonly known to extend the life of your work boots 3 times longer.

In addition to this, you are going to enjoy a work boot that does not get affected by dirt, grease, or stain.

The TUFF TOE shoe protector is water-resistant and fire-resistant. Working around electricity is safe with this protector because it is non-conductive.

Apart from the fact that it works well on work boots majorly, you can apply the TUFF TOE shoe protector to every type of footwear ranging from slippers to sneakers, sandals to slides, and so on.

This adhesive is great for repairing broken shoes. It is great to bond together the outsoles of shoes. The bonding has a lasting effect on your shoes.

Therefore, you will not need to constantly apply this adhesive to your shoe after the first application. The effects are long-lasting and enjoyable for a long time.

There is a lifetime warranty on this product. Therefore, if it does not live up to its expectation, you can request a full refund.

HENKEL waterproof sealant

The HENKEL waterproof sealant is another great alternative to shoe goo. It is great to protect your shoes against the damages of exposing your shoes to water.

In addition to this, the HENKEL waterproof sealant does not cause your shoes to shrink. It does not peel off the leather material’s surface of your shoe.

It leaves your shoe as perfect and strong as possible. Furthermore, the bonding effects last longer.

KELLYS cork seals

This is an alternative to shoe goo and it is great for sandals. The KELLYS cork seals is made in the USA with top-notch materials which is good for protecting your sandals from peeling off.

It also keeps the corks fastened together. When it comes to renewing the corks of your sandals, the KELLYS cork seals is a great pick. It is affordable and the effect is long-lasting.

BIRKENSTOCKS deluxe shoe care kit

This is a complete shoe care kit that tends to your shoes perfectly. This kit has a cork sealer, it has a cleaner and refresher.

Furthermore, it also has a water and stain repellant. The BIRKENSTOCKS deluxe shoe care kit is a 3 in 1 shoe repair kit that serves as a great alternative to shoe goo.

It is suitable for shoes and sandals. You can trust the Birkenstock brand to make a great shoe care kit.

By using any of these adhesives, you will get the best out of each of them for your shoes.

Your shoes will be in the best condition after applying any of the alternatives to the shoe goo above.

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