Joybees vs Dawgs: Which Is Better?

Joybees and Dawgs are two of the most comfortable types of sandals that anyone can get for themselves in the market today. These sandals (and clogs – on the part of Joybees) are not only highly supportive and very comfortable, but they are also very durable and lightweight.

The major thing that differentiates the Joybees sandals from the Dawgs sandals is the quality of the soles. While Joybees sandals are simply made with rubber soles that are long-lasting, Dawgs sandals come with UltraThick Soles.

Joybees vs Dawgs

The UltraThick soles underneath Dawgs make them to be more comfortable, supportive, balanced, and durable than Joybees. Customers certainly report a higher level of comfort when they wear Dawgs, compared to when they were putting on a pair of Joybees.

The best soles, between the two (Joybees and Dawgs), are the UltraThick soles on the Dawgs sandals. You can’t really get much better than these soles today, they are so cool and effortless in their functionality.

The quality of the shoe soles is a big difference here when you truly want to consider what differentiates Joybees from Dawgs. Although both of these sandals have durable and comfortable shoe soles, Dawgs’ UltraThick soles have shown to be outstanding and praiseworthy.

Customers go for Dawgs because they perceive these sandals to be one of the most comfortable sandal brands in the market today.

Which one is better?

When it comes to quantifying the quality of sandals, it should be noted that the Dawgs sandals are better than the Joybees. Online reports concerning these two great pairs of footwear should clarify this point for you clearer.

A lot of customers have said that they feel more satisfied with a pair of Dawgs than a pair of Joybees. Therefore, because of positive customers feedbacks, we find that the Dawgs brand sells more sandals than Joybees.

You don’t really see much difference between these two (they are both sandals after all; comfortable ones at that), but you do see that slight edge that Dawgs have over Joybees.

Not only are Dawgs more comfortable than Joybees, but they are also known to be more fashionable and stylish than the other sandal brands available for sale right now.

A pair of Dawgs is a step in the right direction – literally.

If you need comfortable footwear, particularly open-toed sandals, that lets you make your movements with ease and composure, you should duly consider getting yourself some Dawgs right now.

Several people go for Dawgs over Joybees as they continue their online patronage of cool shoes that are comfortable, efficient, affordable, and very durable for the long run.

  • Dawgs are much better than the Joybees sandals because they are extremely comfortable, extra supportive, true to size, fashionable, stylish, and very durable.
  • These cost-effective Dawgs are known to still be valuable after a considerable period of use by the wearers; many people love patronizing Dawgs because these sandals do not wear and tear easily.
  • Dawgs have a unique UltraThick shoe sole design that makes it stand out from the crowds of sandals and comfortable footwear today. The soles underneath Dawgs sandals are so thick that they are bound to last you for a couple of years at least.
  • The long-lasting ability of the Dawgs sandals is not the only reason why customers prefer them over Joybees. Apart from high durability, you should pick Dawgs over Joybees because Dawgs are actually more fashionable than the latter.

The comfortable Dawgs do not sacrifice the style of the wearers for comfort, as some of these sandals do. Instead, in Dawgs, we have an appropriate proportion of comfort, functionality, and style that every shoe lover should experience.

These stylish Dawgs are sandals that you consider wearing for most of the events that you can go for in the worldwide pandemic situation. They don’t stand out for the wrong reasons.

Customers love to have their styles accentuated when they get footwear for themselves. All the time, people are looking for shoes that will really fit their individual styles in the ways they like.

Dawgs show their superiority over Joybees by not only being the most comfortable sandal between the two but by also being the most fashionable, undoubtedly.

The many trendy colors of the Dawgs sandals are available today for your perfect fit once you shop right for them. You can definitely get the right fit of Dawgs for you today.

Many people really love buying Dawgs over Joybees; and for most of the time, the simple reason for this phenomenon is that Dawgs are more fashionable than Joybees.

Similarities between Joybees and Dawgs


Joybees and Dawgs have similar traits that customers love about them. The simple reason for their similarities in nature is because these pairs of footwear are both comfortable sandals that are meant to ease wearers.

In order to really grasp the differences between Joybees and Dawgs, and understand how they are made up, we should make it a point to examine some of the similarities that occur between the two.

Some of the similarities between Joybees and Dawgs are:

  • Comfortable Set-Ups
  • Slip-On Sandal Frames
  • EVA Foam Materials

Comfortable Set-Ups

These sandals are designed to be at the apex points of comfort and support on the feet of the people that wear them around for most of the days.

When you wear either the Joybees sandals or the Dawgs sandals, you should get the comfortable feeling of peace and breathability that you seek in a pair of shoes.

Joybees and Dawgs both feature massaging footbeds that ease the strains on the feet as you slide around in your sandals.

You can’t really go wrong with the comfort of these sandals because they are made with EVA foam materials that guarantee that you don’t go off the comfy path.

As you walk, the massaging footbed is activated to support the feet in an extra way that lets the wearer feel little to no stress in the movements that they are making.

Slip-on sandal frames

We already made this clear; the reason why these shoes are so similar to each other is that they are both sandals. Both the Joybees sandals and the Dawgs sandals have comfortable sandal frames that are easily designed to hold the feet in place.

The sandal frames also help out the wearers of these sandals by providing the proper arch support that is much-needed by the feet at all times.

When shoes support the arch of the feet quite well, you can be sure that you will get more comfort from them. Joybees and Dawgs both have supportive and super-comfortable frames that every sandal should have.

Eva foam materials

Another important thing that makes the Joybees sandals and the Dawgs sandals so similar is the fact that comfortable EVA foam materials are used to craft both of these shoes.

You might be wondering, “Why are these shoes super-comfy?”

Well, the answer is the material that is used in the manufacturing and production of the Joybees and Dawgs sandals. It is just like they say the proof is in the pudding.

Apart from the unique and diverse designs that have been put in place in these sandals to make them more comfortable and supportive, the common ground for comfort between these two still remains the EVA Foam Materials.

The Eva Foam Materials brings cushioning to the sandals that make them comfortable, non-marking, odor-resistant, lightweight, and very easy to clean.

Without the proper cushioning provided by these special foam materials, Joybees and Dawgs will not be as comfortable as they are on the feet of customers today.

Differences between Joybees and Dawgs

Joybees vs Dawgs

Now that we have seen some of the similar qualities that Joybees and Dawgs have in common, let’s go deeper into the discourse by checking out some of the differences that these two sandals have between each other.

When these differences are thoroughly understood, it can be sure for better decisions to be made on-the-go when it comes to deciding which sandals to go for, between the two.

Customers make better choices in the market when they consciously keep the differences between competing brands in mind. You should aim to always have an idea of what you really want before you go ahead to make purchases.

Some of the differences between Joybees and Dawgs are:

  • Design And Style
  • The Soles of The Shoes
  • Varying price
1 Design and Style


The Joybees have a functional style that is thought to be less fashionable and stylish than the Dawgs’ designs. Dawgs are more fashionable sandals to buy than Joybees.
2 The Soles of The Shoes Joybees are manufactured with Premium Quality Rubber Shoe Soles. Dawgs are made with UltraThick Soles that have incredible durability and comfort.
3 Price Joybees are less expensive than Dawgs; they cost between $17.99 and $35.37 on Amazon today. Dawgs are more expensive than Joybees.


You can get a cool pair of Dawgs for $41.95 today, or as low as $29.99 only.


Design and style

When it comes to style, Dawgs stand out from the pack of sandals in the market as a very fashionable fit that brings out the individual styles of the people that wear them.

Comparing the Dawgs sandals to Joybees, it is easily seen that Dawg comes off as more aesthetically pleasing and elegant than the Joybees sandals.

You should have a reason for why you want to buy certain shoes today, and that reason should be the guiding factor that directs your purchases.

If like most people, you want to buy footwear that are fashionable and stylish in their functionality, you should go for a pair of Dawgs over a pair of Joybees.

While Joybees are very functional, they don’t seem to have the same great level of style and class that Dawgs sandals have.

The soles of the shoes

Look underneath the Joybees sandals, and then, look underneath the Dawgs sandals – therein lies the most important difference between these two great sandals.

The soles of Joybees are manufactured to be rubber soles of a premium quality that is meant to last for a really long time. You can essentially feel the comfort that is meant for your feet whenever you step out with these cool sandals.

But Joybees still aren’t as comfortable as Dawgs are.

Dawgs come with special UltraThick soles that leave no marks on the floors and surfaces that they step on. These vibrant soles are so cool for the feet because of the extra comfort and support that they provide for the wearers as movements are being made.

The special UltraThick shoe soles of the Dawgs sandals make them be a class above Joybee sandals when all is said and done. You can’t just ignore just how soft, warm, lightweight, and inviting those soles to feel against your feet and the ground.

Dawgs have soles that last longer, are better, smoother, and more comfortable than the soles on the Joybees sandals.


The cost price of these sandals is another noteworthy factor that separates them from each other. While Joybees and Dawgs are both affordable, it is important to take note that Dawgs command a higher price point than the Joybees.

The Joybees sandals are not as expensive as the Dawgs today. You can get yourself a pair of Joybees for prices between the range of $17.99 and $35.37 right now.

While Joybees cost less, it is no surprise to many that the Dawgs still get more markets shares and sales than them in the long run. The extra cash on the cost of Dawgs shows just how valuable they are to get.

This takes nothing away from the affordability of Dawgs: Dawgs can be gotten today for as low as $29.99 on Amazon today. The most expensive Dawgs sandals can be purchased for $41.95.

With good prices like these, you should definitely consider getting a great, long-lasting pair of Dawgs right now.

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Buy Dawgs if you want stylish sandals that are comfortable as well as functional and long-lasting. When you get in the market for these types of sandals, you will surely see that you can get your fits in Dawgs sandals when you look at the right sources.

Joybees have a lot of great features, but they just don’t come close to how awesome and purposeful the Dawgs sandals are. Sandals like Dawgs just give you the all-round ease that you have been looking for in shoes for years.

What you need to do is to get your measurements and fitting right and everything else will fall into place. You cannot really miss – in terms of comfort, value, functionality, and feet support when you choose to buy Dawgs over Joybees.

Even though Joybees cost less, you still see many customers trooping to the Dawgs side of the store to get their fill of a brand that they always want to patronize.

That should tell you something.

Dawgs are very valuable sandals that are sure to up the comfort levels of your feet as they appropriately support your movement and motions all through the day.

You can wear Dawgs every day if you like; these sandals are comfortable footwear that won’t give your feet any hassles once you have gotten them for yourself.

Some of the best Joybees and Dawgs you can get today include:



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