Is Palace a Good Brand?

The Palace brand is definitely a very good brand. They have been around since 2009 and they have been giving us great products and accessories.

Founded in London by Levent Tanju and his skate crew known as the Palace Wayward Boys Choir (and they are still very much around), they produce skatewear, skateboards, clothing, and accessories.

Is Palace a Good Brand

The influencers of their style are mostly the 1990s and everything pop culture. They have grown from a small brand that sold only in local skate stores and skaters to a large brand that sells to more than three countries and has had collaborations with other top brands.

So, are they really as good as they sound or is it all hype and paid-for review? Let’s find out.

Reasons why Palace is a very good brand

  1. Palace has grown consistently through the years
  2. Palace sell quality and durable products
  3. Everyone young American buys from Palace
  4. Amount of sales
  5. Positive reviews from buyers
  6. Awards they have won

Palace has grown consistently through the years

Palace started from a man with a skate crew and a passion. Levent Tanju who designed skateboards is the founder of Palace and with help from friends, the company started to build a brand.

They started to sell clothing too. They sold their skateboards and clothing to local skate shops and then boutiques in London. Gradually they started to sell in big stores like Supreme and then Los Angeles and New York.

Before that, they depended on pop-up shops that came once in a while to help sell their merchandise. I think about it and all this has hard work written all over it.

It is not easy to build a brand, especially one that seemed like nothing with no celebrity or top company to aid or finance it. This didn’t stop Lev. In 2012, they won the ‘European Skate Brand of the Year’ in Berlin for their growth as a small brand.

They started to sign contracts and do collaborations with companies like Umbro in 2012, Rebook in 2013, and Adidas in 2014.

They had received some amount of recognition and decided to open their store in 2015. In 2017 they opened a second store in Los Angeles and by 2018, they opened another in Tokyo, Japan.

By then, many people would form long queues on the street just to have their Palace products. Since then the brand has been growing, becoming a recognizable brand and gracing everything from clothing to accessories.

Palace has collaborated with so many other clothing brands like Adidas. The products include casual wear and it has been worn by many celebrities and football players.

Other brands include Avirex, Dover Street Market, Salomon, Umbro, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, and the likes.

They have also collaborated with other nonclothing brands like Cîroc Vodka that produced water bites and mini jackets.

They sell quality and durable products

Is Palace a Good Brand

Palace sells skateboards, clothing, accessories, and even shoes. This includes hats, crewnecks, joggers, hoodies, jackets, and others.

So how is the quality?

They are very durable. Tee shirts go up to 2 years and more without fading, wearing out, or losing color.

The same for jackets. The shoes hardly get creased and the hats are stylish and beautiful. Each and every product serves its purpose and is appropriate. Many buyers commend the style as well as quality.

That is why they are always on demand even if they are expensive. However, while their products are durable and comfortable, there are a few issues that make them fall short in the area of quality.

What do I mean?

Some logos are printed too low, some are stitched upside down while others have some sort of other issues.

So while they are great in quality, as in, fit the purpose for which you are buying them, are stylish, comfortable, and durable, they make some little mistakes that if you are willing to overlook are not severe.

Everyone buys from Palace

Everyone buys Palace. With the quality and high prices, they can almost pass for those top brands like Burberry, Nike, and  Calvin Klein.

Another boost is all the good brands that have had collaborations with. It’s when you have a double treat of your two favorite ice cream flavors. It is irresistible.

This makes everyone, from hipsters and skaters to everyone else that wants to look cool, want to buy them.

When Palace did a Collab with Adidas they produced the casualwear model of shoes that Christiano Rolando wore. How does it feel to know that your vest celebrity footballer is wearing your favorite brand?

Amount of sales

I can become an economist right now and give you numerous charts and graphs showing how the sales of Palace have risen over the years and how the brand is really in for a long time.

Usually, some brands are a one-hit-wonder. They use just one product to make their name and maybe due off like a TikTok trend it a new slang.

Then every social media picks it up and determines its fate. For Palace, the internet is on their side, celebrities are on their side and every good quality speaks for them thereby boosting their sales.

One insane thing is that Palace doesn’t advertise. They just sell. If the big kids don’t get it, our skater friends will. But they sell and the demands are always higher than the supply.

Another thing about their sales is that they, like some other brands, drop new products according to seasons.

Right now they have only 5 seasons and whenever they drop there is always this rush to get them because they will be all over the internet and will be the new biggest cool thing.

Positive reviews from buyers

Aside from the product description and all the fancy talk and pictures that are used to advertise new products when they come out, reviews are also very handy.

You want to buy a new product or from a new brand, you go to the reviews to see what other real people are saying about the products.

Okay, so on Pinterest, Reddit, Facebook, and YouTube there are videos and pictures and reviews on Palace items that are very satisfactory.

They not only talk about Palace, but they also compare brands and tell you the positives and negatives of the product you want to but it the brand you want to buy from.

Many people will argue that some are paid for, some are sponsored, some are fake, but there will be true in most of it.

An example is how no matter where I look I can see and hear that Palace is a great brand for its quality, designs, and great collabs.

Palace has many positive reviews. And the negative ones? They are just people who either picked out the wrong size or are unhappy with their choice. One thing we can agree on is that while Palace is pricey, it is worth your money.

Awards Palace has won

Ahh yes! The assessment is not complete unless we can see what they have gathered for themselves these last few years aside from our own money and their good name.

There is no doubt that Palace started from scratch and has come this far through pure hard work. This did not go unnoticed. It was also their first award and recognition.

In 2012, Palace won the ‘European Skate Brand of the Year‘ at the BRIGHT Tradeshow Award in Berlin. It celebrated their growth and professionalism as a brand.

This really surprised and delighted everyone at the Palace company. It had only been 2 years since they started then and it was a big motivation and boost for the company and brand.

That led to the signing of contracts and a lot of collaborations. The next award was in 2018. The 2018 Fashion Awards Urban Luxe.

The category was streetwear stalwart and contending with Supreme, Off-White, Alyx, and Marine Serre, Palace won the award.

Against top brands like Supreme, it is a great deal. Now Palace is at par with Supreme and it seems like Palace will be taking the lead.

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Is Palace a Good Brand

With all the facts and very little opinion, we can all agree that Palace is really a good brand. And yet they say that the tasting of the pudding is in the eating (right? Well something like that).

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