How To Make Your Crocs Shiny Again

Crocs is durable. However, it can also be subject to wear and tear. This means that with constant and consistent use, there is always going to be a tendency of having a little deteriorating effect that would begin to take its toll on your Crocs.

Especially if you are someone who wears it every day or on a consistent basis.

This article is simply to enlighten you on how to keep your Crocs shiny and attractive. This article would give you practical steps to explain how to keep your Crocs functional for a long time.

Ways you can make your Crocs shiny

  • Without Crocs shiner
  • With Crocs shiner

There are certain things to do in order to get your Crocs shiny again even if it has lost its glow and beauty. These methods would take time before you can see a really obvious effect.

You must be consistent in your application of these methods if you want to see a good result and output.

Without Crocs Shiner

Scrub the bottom of your Crocs with a brush and soapy water

This process must be repeated as many times as possible until all the dirt and scuffs are totally removed. You must ensure that every dirt found holding on to the sole of your Crocs is removed with the brush and soap water.

Once this done, make sure you rinse the shoe under COLD WATER. Don’t rinse it under warm water if you don’t want your Crocs to begin to shrink or expand.

Don’t forget that constant exposure to heat is very bad for your Crocs and it makes it deteriorate.

The upper part of your Crocs must be treated differently

You need a towel and warm water to do this. I would repeat this again; DON’T DUMP YOUR CROCS INTO WATER. Dip your towel into the warm water and remove it.

Ensure you squeeze out all the excess water before you apply this towel to the upper part of your Crocs.

Once the towel is damp (not wet and dripping with water); the next thing is to rub the upper part of your Crocs with this towel in a back and forth fashion.

Ensure you concentrate more on the areas where there are marks, scuffs, and dirt.

Keep repeating this process until there are no more dirt and scuffs. While rubbing the towel on the upper part of your Crocs, you must ensure that you don’t exert too much pressure on your Crocs.

Too much pressure is not good enough. Rub it mildly and gently but firmly enough to remove the dirt and scuffs.

Make sure to rinse your Crocs under cool water

Immersing your Crocs must be within 5-11 seconds and not anymore. Dip your Crocs into cold water and remove them almost immediately. Don’t leave your Crocs inside water for too long.

5-11 seconds is enough for the water to circulate all over your crocs for the best effect. Also, ensure that you are not using warm water. Don’t rinse your Crocs under warm water.

After rinsing, dry out the excess water with a dry towel

Then put it in the sun for 1 minute in order for the surface to be dried up.

Don’t leave it in the sun for longer than that in order to prevent shrinking.

Apply Armor Oil

After drying your Crocs, you can try applying Armor all. This protectant would cause your Crocs to glow again.

With Crocs Shiner

How To Make Your Crocs Shiny Again

The CROCS shiner is the easiest way to restore your Crocs to their newness and freshness.

The CROCS shiner removes dirt and restores your crocs shoe to its original state of looking attractive and full of glow.

You can try the CROCS shiner on your Crocs shoes, Crocs slippers, Crocs sandals, Crocs loafers and clogs; it is suitable for everything.

How do you use the Crocs Shiner

The first step to take is to rub the soft sponge across the affected areas of your Crocs and even the whole surface area of your Crocs for a better outlook.

Remove the excess fluid with a dry towel. Once you do this, the polish would restore your crocs to their original state of glow and glamour.

However, it is important to remember that you need to CONSISTENTLY apply these techniques in order to get the desired result you are looking for.

Crocs are different when it comes to material. There are Crocs with glossy material that glitters and shines.

These Crocs are very attractive and they are the first category of Crocs everyone would want to go for because of how attractive they look when you see them from afar.

However, these Crocs need a high level of maintenance in order to keep them shinning and glittering.

Crocs like the Unisex metallic and glitter shoe and also the CROCS baya clog are types of Crocs with a glossy material. As appealing as they look, they require a high level of maintenance to keep them glowing.

Furthermore, there are Crocs with a durable material that does not glitter or sparkle. These types of Crocs need little effort to keep them looking good.

Crocs like the Realtree extra clog and the Classic graphic unisex clog are examples of the Crocs that fall into this category.

Reasons why Crocs loses its glow

There are several reasons why Crocs lose its glow. Like I earlier stated, it is very rare to find Crocs losing its glow or functionality very quickly.

It has to be with consistent use under consistent harsh conditions. If Crocs is not used consistently, it can take forever to get it to lose its glow.

However, this does not mean it is indestructible. Rather, it simply means that it is very durable enough and lasts well if used under the right situations and circumstances.

If you constantly wear Crocs in wet places or during rainy seasons

It is highly possible that your Crocs would begin to lose its glow and beauty. It is true that Crocs is water-resistant.

Water-resistance simply means that the water would penetrate into the rubber material and alter its structures. However, this does not mean that there would not be effects on the outward look.

When you expose your Crocs to water over a long period of time, the gloss begins to wash away gradually until there is absolutely nothing left anymore.

This is why I always recommend that you don’t immerse your Crocs into the water whenever you want to wash them. It is better to use a damp towel to scrub the body gently and mildly before allowing it to dry very well and wearing them.

Allowing your Crocs to get exposed to too much moisture affects its glow. My experience has given me the confidence to tell you this. I have different Crocs for different purposes.

I realized that the Crocs I use for bathing lost its glow in less than 11 days of constant use. This got me thinking until I compared all my Crocs with each other and how I use them all.

Too much water is not good for Crocs. This is why most water Crocs don’t have a gloss on them.

If you scrub your crocs with a hard brush

You should expect it to begin to lose its glow. One of the greatest mistakes of my Crocs maintenance was when I believed it was okay to wash my Crocs with a hard brush because I wanted to attain a 100% clean rate.

Within 2 weeks, there were lines all over my Crocs. It got so bad that it became obvious that I could no longer wear it outside anymore. I had to abandon it and eventually dispose of it to be recycled. Don’t use brush on your Crocs.

It is made of a very soft and delicate material that can be affected by any hard object. The rubber material is flexible which means even though it is durable, it does not mean it is entirely immune.

Using a hard brush to wash your Crocs would make it lose its glow and also begin to peel off.

This is one of the common reasons why a lot of people find their Crocs less attractive after a little while. The way it is cleaned is wrong. Crocs brand has always recommended a damp towel for cleaning.

Using a hard brush takes away the glow gradually till there is nothing left but lines which makes your Crocs ugly.

The only place you are allowed to scrub is the bottom of your Crocs because it does not always have a glow and it’s the part that touches the floor always.

Leaving your Crocs in the sun for too long also affects its glow

You must never forget that Crocs is made of delicate material which can be affected by the slightest heat.

The moment you have an attitude of leaving your Crocs in the sun for an extended period of time to dry, then you should expect ugly Crocs very soon.

This is also very common among a lot of users who complain that their Crocs loses its beauty within a short while. You don’t have to leave your Crocs in the sun for a long period of time.

Within 2 – 3 minutes, you can absolutely have a fully dried and strong Crocs. Too much exposure to heat causes Crocs to lose its glow.

Time is also a very important and essential element

The more you use it, the more it reduces in value. Over time, it gets to its estimated useful life and deteriorates. This is what happened to my Unisex metallic and glitter Crocs after 4 years of constantly wearing it at home.

I realized it was getting ugly and I had to replace it. As time passes, you should expect your Crocs to deteriorate. This does not have to do with what you actively do to your Crocs or not.

The more it is exposed to both heat and cold affects the composition of its make-up and further subjects it to depreciation. This is the only inevitable reason why Crocs stop being shiny.

How to keep your Crocs in good shape

How To Make Your Crocs Shiny Again

  • Don’t expose your Crocs to too much heat on a consistent basis. It would definitely cause it to melt.
  • Avoid wearing your Crocs in wet areas consistently. It would cause it to lose its glow which affects its beauty and attractiveness.
  • Don’t have a single pair of Crocs. Have at least 2 pairs. This would reduce the pressure you put on each of them and cause them to last.
  • Keep your Crocs away from a dirty environment. Always keep your Crocs clean always. Dirty Crocs might lead to offensive odor which might begin to affect your leg.
  • Always apply CROCS shiner whenever you are cleaning your Crocs.

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