How to Cook Crocs

Yesterday, I told a friend that I want to try this “cooking crocs” thingy and then share my experience with my readers. He was initially skeptical and almost asked if I was Nuts!

How to Cook Crocs

Long story short, he saw it as an exciting experiment and helped me in the preparation process. After all, the world would have been a less hungry place if we had more edible objects such as Products that won’t kill you if you eat them.

So yes, I tried it. And in this post, I will show you how to cook crocs, and whether or not it is edible!

Here are the simple steps on how to cook Crocs

  • First, place a large pot of water on your stove
  • Wait for the water to start boiling and then, add your Crocs
  • You can also choose to add some salt and pepper.
  • Leave for 30 minutes to boil

Most certainly, it is not a new crocs shoe, so it must have come in contact with dirt and sweats – if not for years. So it is advised to add a little bit of extra-virgin olive oil.

I left mine for about thirty minutes until it became very soft and cuts like butter. So I will simply recommend leaving it to boil for about 20-30 minutes.

As it cooks, try to check the croc status from time to time, you will notice that the shoe will become more pliable – but it will never really completely boil down.

After the boiling time elapses, Remove the crocs from the water.

You may now want to carve it like a perfectly cooked ham.

Trust me, it may not still look edible at this stage, especially when you keep starring into it. But like I mentioned, the shoe will become so soft that it begins to cut like butter.

I won’t leave you hanging here and expect you to know how it tastes or feels in the throat.

So after cooking, it may take some really deep breaths to put them in your mouth, but let’s see how it went down.

This may probably be the most outrageous thing you have seen on the net today, but really, people do cook crocs! Yes, crocs shoes!

Well, it will be obviously absurd to start telling you how to cook your crocs shoes without mentioning why people want to cook crocs and of what essence it is to want to cook your crocs shoe.

Why do people want to cook crocs?

Hilarious, isn’t it?

Well, when you first hear about cooking or eating crocs, I bet the first thing you want to Google is: “are crocs edible?”

Yes, they are edible, but they are not advertised as edible. It is a shoe!

Crocs shoes are supposedly 100% organic. The material used in making crocs do not contain any chemicals or any toxic substance.

They are made from a closed-cell resin called Croslite.

Croslite is a soft, comfortable, lightweight, non-marking, and odor-resistant foam that gives Crocs its unique texture.

This is why you can boil them, and even try to really eat them as they pose no risk to your health.

But, out of all the edible things in this world, why should someone think of cooking, and trying to eat his crocs shoes?

Well, I would have considered that ridiculous – on a norm.

But, in situations where you’re starting out in the middle of nowhere and wearing crocs with some seasonings on you, then you can do so.

Situations like when you are on a deserted island or lost in the woods – just as encouraged on the urban legend on crocs scene

What do Crocs taste like?

Crocs is very chewy, at least based on my observation after I have tried it out. Will you try it too?

Are you expecting to read something like: “OMG it tastes like chemical rubber”? You may be disappointed, my dear…

Well, after cooking it, I decided to make it “look” more edible to the eyes so I served the piece of croc with a sauce.

To be honest, I wasn’t willing to eat the Crocs. But, I eventually dug in.

I don’t know if other people who have really tried to eat crocs will agree with me, but it was very chewy.

The cooked crocs will not really break apart in your mouth. It tasted like those cheap mouthguards we chew when playing sports.

You will really have to chew it thoroughly before finally attempting to swallow.

One thing I did not really like is that the piece of foam is likely to sit in your esophagus for maybe hours as it did mine.

So, I’d say:  it was not entirely bad, but it is very difficult to eat it, let alone swallow.

The taste of the crocs after cooking it gave me a final impression on whether or not it is ideal to really cook and try to eat crocs which I will share as you read on.

Is it advisable to eat crocs?

I will not recommend that you take your Crocs and eat simply because it is edible. No matter what it is, you shouldn’t be eating your shoe. Why should you?

While crocs shoes are made from 100% organic, non-toxic materials, many lifestyle bloggers still see it as a “rumor” that you can eat these croc shoes if you are stranded in the woods.

In as much as I have put this myth to test and have actually seen that you can boil crocs, I have also made deeper findings on whether it is advisable to eat crocs.

I discovered that nobody in the Crocs corporation recommends eating these shoes. This pretty much explains why the shoe is not advertised as edible.

I have no idea where this “cooking crocs” thingy started from, but what I can tell you is that the fact that something is cookable doesn’t make it ideal for eating.

There are of course many other objects that are cookable.

But ultimately, in scenarios where you are lost in the middle of nowhere, you will definitely choose to chew on some organic rubber for a while overeating your own limbs, yes?

That’s the edible I want to hear.

Are Crocs toxic?

The short answer is a definite NO. Crocs are not toxic. The materials crocs shoes are made of do not contain any kind of harmful chemicals.

The main point on this, just as I have repeatedly mentioned in this post, is that the material they are made from (Croslite) is not toxic, so it wouldn’t cause too much harm when you chew it.

Just like how gum and other stuff pass through you, so would a piece of Crocs.

This is why you should make solid research before attempting to eat any edible objects. Crocs are not like any other item that we all do not know what all chemicals they have in them.

However, there are myriads of items that are truly not toxic like Crocs but have the capability of screwing your digestive tract.

So the fact that crocs are not toxic does not mean it is recommended to cook and eat it like every other thing you eat.

Final words…

Crocs are really good pairs. From the comfort to the elegance, they are indeed low maintenance shoes. So I did not cook them because they are ugly.

Even before now – as you read this post, the popularity of crocs has gone beyond being one of the best recognizable shoes in the world. It is now known for edibility – how hilarious!

So, as I mentioned earlier, crocs are not advertised as edible, but they are made from Croslite, which is non-toxic. In other words, no harm should come to you if consumed. But for people like me who like to put things to test, I decided to see for myself how to cook crocs.

If I am to write out all I want to say about this “cooking crocs” thingy, this post may never end. But in summary, cooking crocs is not a difficult task. It takes only 30-40 minutes. However, Crocs may be non-toxic, but that definitely does not mean they are edible. And, by edible, I mean something you can eat like food.

Just as many have said, if you are ever stranded on a desert island, and Crocs appear to be your only food source, you may want to chew on some piece of rubber. And I hope this post has been able to show you how to cook crocs the right way.

Note that the steps shared in this post are based on personal experience, not a professional recommendation on how crocs should be cooked. So, if you plan to cook your crocs, I hope this post serves as a guide for you.

But ideally, on normal circumstances, it is not advised to cook and eat crocs. That’s my take on it. Have you ever tried to cook your crocs? I’d love to know your thoughts.

Thanks for reading.

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