How to Become a Foot Model (in 2023)

To become a foot model you need to build up a strong portfolio of yourself. Go for photoshoots, make the right connection and basically put yourself out there to be recognized by brands and agencies.

How to Become a Foot Model

To be a professional foot model you need to either get signed by an agency or work freelance which means you will look for who to model for at your own convenience without necessarily having a boss over you just your client.

This article will help you with step-by-step processes on how to become a foot model let’s get to it.

Things you need to do to become a Foot Model

In this part of the article, we will be defining some key steps that you will need to take in order to become a well-recognized foot model.

These steps are checkpoints to greatness and if you can follow them gradually and ensure you do just as I have said then you must have increased your winning chances in the world of modeling by a whole lot.

Without wasting much ink, let’s get down to business.

  1. Look After Your Body
  2. Make Research
  3. Practice
  4. Build a strong and presentable portfolio
  5. Educate yourself on Business skills
  6. Search for promotional opportunities
  7. Get an Agent
  8. Consider relocating to cities with great advertisement chances
  9. Accept other modeling contracts to boost the popularity
  10. Set a considerable payment scheme for starters

Look After Your Body

Looking after your body as a foot model should be something you shouldn’t joke with. Since your body is more like an asset in this line of work there are certain decisions you will need to take in order to ensure your body is presentable.

We will concentrate more on how to treat and take care of your legs and feet in general and this is with regards to being a good foot model.

I will go ahead now to mention some of the tips you can work with undertaking care of your legs and your body in general.

  • Wear protective shoes
  • Exercise your foot
  • Trim your legs every week
  • Moisturize your foot
  • Take good and beautiful photos of your foot

Wear protective shoes

Wearing protective shoes is non-negotiable, the same way people use passwords on their devices because it holds something valuable to them, something precious. This is the same way you should take care of your foot.

Wearing protective wears like shoes that have toe protection, arch supports, and also anti-slippery shoes.

These kinds of shoes will help protect your foot from disasters that may leave you incapable of modeling again and please take note that these shoes should have soft interiors in order to avoid blisters, so take this seriously.

Exercise your foot

Exercising your foot is also an important factor that contributes greatly to you being a good foot model.

You don’t necessarily have to indulge in some heavy exercises, you only need to make your feet and legs flexible enough for the job.

Keep them active and just strong enough to carry your weight.

Trim your fingers every week

This is very important in regards to personal hygiene and also with respect to the profession you have chosen to take on.

It is mandatory that you trim your nails every week, you might have beautiful feet but with ugly and long nails people will notice and not want to take you up for any project.

Moisturize your foot

Moisturizing the foot is a constant action that you have to make sure you do always.

In the journey of trying to be a good foot model, you need to exfoliate your foot and then use good and credible moisturizers on them to keep them shiny and sparkling in good condition and appearance.

Take good and beautiful photos of your foot

This is the last but not the least in regards to taking care of your body. with all these steps above said and done, you need to take good and beautiful pictures of your legs and feet in general and then post them online.

Doing this will help modeling agencies know what you have and reach out to you, plus see this as an examination in the sense that when you take pictures of your feet if there is any default then you can work on it in order to get the perfect shot.

This is also considered a credible step in becoming a good foot model.

Make Research

You need to make research online and around the location you are residing for who and what organization needs a foot model so that you can show interest.

You need to understand what and how to go about certain things and that is possible only through research.


Practice makes perfect. If you keep practicing then you will turn out perfect eventually.

To be a good foot model you need to practice some posing with your legs, how to communicate certain things and also how to walk wearing some specific footwear.

Build a strong and presentable portfolio

Your portfolio is one of the most important aspects of modeling. You have to make sure you make people understand where you are coming from, how far you have come, and what you can offer.

Portfolios keep changing constantly because we add knowledge every day, do not forget to utilize this to your advantage.

Educate yourself on Business skills

The fact that you want to be a foot model does not mean you settle for less, you can use your free time.

Or better still create time to learn other skills that will further boost your popularity and chances of connecting with people that can help you achieve your dreams.

There are many things out there that foot models can actually do apart from modeling, a few of these things like marketing and brand ambassador.

These among others are what you can get involved in as they can help boost popularity.

Search for promotional opportunities

One way to be a good foot model is to sign up with multiple modeling agencies. You do this with the aim of promoting yourself, by doing this you are creating a vast chance of opportunity for yourself.

If one doesn’t work out the other will and from there you are already on your way to greatness.

Get an Agent

Although this is optional, it is kind of advisable that you get yourself a representative.

This is someone that will do the meetings and negotiations for you. It is more like something a popular foot model will do but nevertheless if you have high hopes and the zeal to not give up then you should consider getting yourself a representative.

Take note that an agent can help you with contacts that can sign contracts with you or even connect you to the right people.

Consider relocating to cities with great advertisement chances

Have you considered moving out to a popular city?

This is one way to be a good foot model and this is how it works.

Populated cities are home to Spas and other agencies that will surely need a foot model to advertise their business.

Relocating to cities will increase your chances of becoming a good and popular foot model and yes this is a good start.

Accept other modeling contracts to boost the popularity

Okay, there are cases of models declining other modeling projects simply because it is not in their field.

Well, if you have got the body and the passion you should also accept other modeling contracts.

This will help you meet people that will help you get to where you desire, sometimes all we need to do is meet the right person or even be at the right place at the right time.

Don’t forget, sometimes the right place is where we make it.

Set a considerable payment scheme for starters

You are starting and shouldn’t be focused on the money at first.

You should be more concerned about the opportunities accepting little payment for starters and performing will bring to you.

Just like I said earlier, you never know where an opportunity lies so make sure to not make the journey about the money first.

People pay lots of money for good things, believe me, you won’t have to negotiate payment when you get to the level you desire.

That is, it!!

What Makes an Excellent Foot Model?

What makes an excellent Foot model? Being a good foot model and being an excellent foot model are two different things, do not confuse the two keywords there which are good and excellent.

Academically when someone is good that person is just good. But when someone is excellent then they are simply the G.O.A.T.

In this part of the article, we will discuss what makes one an excellent foot model, and here we go.

  • Diversity
  • Attitude
  • Material
  • Content
  • Availability


To be able to be an excellent Foot model, you need to be diverse in everything you do.

You have to be able to the real you, people are tired of seeing the same thing in different formats.

The models these days do more of copying the styles of their mentors and changing just a few steps and things including their appearances and all.

Seems more like plagiarism in modeling form.

To be an excellent foot model, you have to understand what people want, reach deep into yourself, and bring out your real self, your own style.


Attitude is one of the littlest things that actually make a difference when displayed the right way.

Your attitude towards corrections and words of advice from people who are above you or even below you, people who are better than you and also who you are better than can actually go a long way in helping you get to where you are dreaming for.

“One with good attitude is halfway towards greatness” – YJ Salasi


The material I am referring to in this part of the article is actually your body.

What makes you special?

What is unique about you that will make sponsors and agencies consider you over others.

The journey to excellence takes courage to make some decisions that may not totally be cool to you at first.

Decisions like taking on diets and regular exercises to make your body and your legs flexible and fit for the job.

Since your legs are important in this line of job you need to consider paying great attention to them in whichever way possible. The ability to stand out is one of the excellence a foot model must possess.


Just like I said earlier, many of the things done these days by models are copied from one place or the other, all in a different format is all.

To be an excellent foot model, you have to be able to come up with your own content.

Use your God-given talent and make research on ideas, raw ideas on how to come up with content that will reflect your excellence.


Last but not least is your availability. People need to know they can count on you not to disappoint when they come seeking. If you can’t make it then do not disappoint.

This is one of the things that truly determine the excellence of a model in general and not just a foot model.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Can you make as a Foot Model?

The payment of a foot model varies based on the agency and then the popularity of the model.

Many foot models participate in different forms of modeling which means that their payments are similar in most cases.

With respect to this, the national average payment for upcoming professional models is $43.35.

The payments however increase as time goes on and also like I have said, the salary for a model with a greater audience and popularity will receive higher than the average.

Where can you work as a Foot Model?

As a foot model, there seems to be an unlimited choice of where you can work.

You can work as a model for a spar, a shoe brand, and a moisturizing oil production company.

A foot model has many alternatives to where they can work, it all depends on how you decide to present yourself.


This article should be of great help and assistance to people out there who have decided to take up modeling as a profession.

The fact is foot modeling pays, you just have to follow the instructions in this article and see the magic.

Remember hard work and dedication pays.


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