Gripfast vs Solovair Boots: Which is Better?

The major difference between Gripfast and Solovair lies in their Functionality.

The Gripfast are waterproof shoes while the Solovair on the other hand is not waterproof.

Gripfast vs Solovair

This feature will enable the Gripfast shoes to be more functional compared to the Solovair which I believe the functionality is very important.

First Glance


Gripfast vs Solovair

  • Natural Leather
  • Triple Stitch
  • Protective Toe-Cap
  • Durable Construction
  • Handmade

The first glance of the Gripfast Shoes will leave you stunned by the remarkable details on them. it is like the manufacturers used the appearance of this beautiful piece of footwear to capture your attention and get you to purchase them.

The unique concept of Gripfast is that they are waterproof and have credible arch support. They are made durable and their longevity should not be a thing of doubt as they will surely last long.

To ease your mind on their durability, they are handmade, if anything knowing this should make you get a pair for yourself.


Gripfast vs Solovair

  • Goodyear Construction
  • Synthetic leather lining
  • Protected Toe box
  • Multiple stitches for enhanced durability
  • Black leather High-Shine upper

When you look at the Solovair Shoes the first thing you notice is the grey-colored thread that runs around the shoe top of the outsole, this can also be seen as an iconic marking as most of the Solovair shoes come with this design.

No matter the color of the Shoe you want under the brand, be sure to have a high-shine upper that kind of makes an announcement of your arrival whenever you turn up in them.

They are also protective.

Gripfast vs Solovair: Comparison

Let’s get into the comparison properly.

In this part of the article, we have selected key factors that make up good footwear.

With consideration of this, we will define them and collectively decide the winner based on careful and credible reviews and research made on them.

Features Gripfast Solovair
Stitching Winner Looser
Leather Winner Looser
Price Looser Winner
Build Quality Winner Looser
Insole Winner Looser
Outsole Draw Draw
Fit and Sizing Winner Looser
Style Winner Looser

Gripfast vs Solovair: Stitching

The Gripfast shoes feature saddle-like stitching. This is the type of stitching that is done for boots used for horse riding, more like cowboy boots and all.

This type of stitching maximizes their durability, they are triple stitched at the toe, the vamp, and then the heel side.

The thread used in making the stitches on this shoe is thick enough to be visible, this guarantees a long-lasting attachment and connection between the sole and the upper part of your shoes.

The stitching of the Solovair Footwears is in form of a unique pattern that increases the longevity of the shoe entirely.

Thick thread soaked in wax to coat the thread and enhance its durability, and then top this all, the stitching is done in a lock stitch method.

When you look at the exterior of the Solovair, you will notice how professional and perfectly blended the stitching is, this is a complete display of professionalism by the manufacturers.

Winner: Gripfast

Gripfast vs Solovair: Leather

The Gripfast shoes are also made with High-shine leather. This gives them their shiny nature.

Black high shine leather makes your boot/shoes shiny from a distance, you don’t need to do more of polishing with the Gripfast as the upper is already shined from the manufacturer’s table.

High shine leathers are durable and quality, they are made this way in order for them to be able to maintain their shiny nature.

Solovair footwear are made with Bovine leather. This might not be commonly known to most of you and might not be the most used leather in the world of shoe-making today, but they are equally strong and durable.

They are more of a low-budget leather that can offer equal comfort and longevity to others. And Bovine leather is also cowhide to be precise.

Winner: Gripfast

Gripfast vs Solovair: Price

Gripfast shoes are expensive. This is however worth it because, for a shoe made with this kind of feature and all, it is only normal to expect that they cost a fortune at least.

They can however be seen as a great investment.

The Solovair footwear are made considerably expensive. To some, they might be too expensive and to others they are just okay.

Nevertheless, you can get a pair of Solovair shoes at a price of $179.

Take note that the prices of these shoes vary according to the store you are getting them from.

Winner: Solovair

Gripfast vs Solovair: Build quality

The build quality of Gripfast shoes can be rated as grade A. they are excellently made and this makes them long-lasting and also functional.

The Gripfast shoes are known to last you through thick and thin. They are strongly made and you stand a chance to last ten years with them.

They are Goodyear welted shoes, and most models come with steel toes, protection is a top priority in the manufacturing of these shoes.

They come with recommended arch support and they have double commando sole, this is because they were initially made for the UK Army usability.

Solovair footwear are made to be unique and mostly like something you have never seen again.

I mean there is a way you can rock this product with different outfits and the trend will still be updated on you, this is because of their build quality. They never get old, and never run out of style.

They have good arch support and are very comfortable for you to walk in and are also considered versatile for daily use.

Winner: Gripfast

Gripfast vs Solovair: Insole

These shoes come with removable insoles. In a case whereby you need to add the level of arch support they came with, you can replace the ones the shoes come with and inserts ones that really support your arch to your level of need.

Even though they offer credible arch support, there is no way to renew this. If the arch support insoles that the shoe comes with go too low or fade off to serve as arch support then you might not be able to change them as they do not come as removable insoles, they are built-in with the shoes.

You can decide to fix yours but then you stand the risk of having a high level of support intended than the one recommended.

Winner: Gripfast

Gripfast vs Solovair: Outsole

Solovair handmade shoes are made with soft cushioned outsoles that neutralize the impact of rough terrains and help build your arch.

It might surprise you how this happens, this is possible because of the commando sole it is made of.

These are made to withstand rigorous terrains and military exercise, you can imagine the same pattern of design done on your casual shoes and how much this will make them last.

PVC is considered one of the most durable and comfortable outsoles today in the world of strong and quality footwear.

Solovair outsoles are cool and long-lasting; this is because of their nature of being soft. They are rigid and as a matter of fact, they contribute to the reason why the Solovair shoes have arch support.

They might take a bit longer to break-in, but when they do you will definitely enjoy them.

Winner: Draw

Gripfast vs Solovair: Fit and Sizing

Gripfast shoes fit true to size, according to the manufacturers, it doesn’t matter what size chart you are using, whether an international size conversion chart or your local way of sizing.

They have shoelaces to make room for a customized fitting as the case may be, making them recommendable for both wide and narrow foot owners.

According to the US Size, the Solovair shoes run normal, you can order your regular size and that is if you are using the US chart.

However, in a walk-in store the Brannock Device sizing might be half a size down if you are going for your regular sneaker sizes, and then to consider your main foot, the device may leave your size a half size larger than the regular.

Make reference to the US chart for a fitting fit.

Winner: The Gripfast shoes fit true to size with no complications therefore you are much safer in regards to sizing with the Gripfast when compared to the Solovair therefore Gripfast is the winner of this part.

Gripfast vs Solovair: Style

Gripfast shoes give out the military kind of style, they are made in a combat-looking manner and this normalizes them being rugged and perfect for any kind of weather and environment you find yourself in.

Regardless of the fact that these were initially made for Military use, actually this is one of the reasons that made them this popular, the fact that they served the military men and women with an outstanding performance.

Now with regard to this, they have managed to have become so popular that they can be used as great shoes to look trendy.

Solovair footwears come in different colors and all are attempts to make sure everyone who wants one gets one.

They can be styled with different clothes, there is absolutely no limit to what you can wear with the Solovair shoes, they are completely versatile.

Winner: Gripfast

Here are the Pros and Cons of Gripfast footwear

Pros of Gripfast shoes

  • Handmade Natural Leather
  • Rubber Sole
  • Versatile
  • They are Waterproof
  • Customized fitting system

Cons of Gripfast shoes

  • They do not have credible arch support
  • They might take time to break in depending on the pair you get and also depending on the model

These are the pros and cons of Gripfast footwear. 90% if not 100% come with these pros and cons listed here.

It is however advisable that you focus more on the Pros, the Cons are things you can deal with if you really love the Gripfast footwear.

They allow for inserts of preferred insoles, and then it is advisable that you wear them regularly to fasten their flexibility in order for you to enjoy them in well-deserved comfort as stated by the manufacturers.

They are waterproof and will last you a minimum of 10 years and above with proper care and maintenance.

Here are the Pros and Cons of the Solovair footwear

Pros of Solovair footwear

  • Water-resistant
  • Toe Box protection
  • Constructed in Goodyear welt method
  • Triple stitching for enhanced durability
  • They have arch support

Cons of Solovair

  • They are not waterproof
  • They do not come with replaceable inserts
  • On purchase, they do not come with care kits

It is important to note that regardless of the fact that this does not come as waterproof shoes, they are water-resistant which means they can take a certain amount of water.

They are mostly shiny, and very durable at that, with the care kit you can easily bring back the shininess on them with little effort.

Overall Best

If I had to choose between Gripfast shoes and Solovair shoes, I would go for Gripfast.

This is not generally based on the fact that Gripfast came out as the best in most of the reviews done here, maybe it contributes but just a little.

The main reason why I choose the Gripfast over the Solovair is that they have this military expression they make on people when you wear them and that is what I am after.

I like to look all rugged and sleek at the same time and for the fact that the Gripfast Shoes offers both, I am rolling with them.

Solovair is equally a great brand, I mean they are cool and durable as well as the Gripfast shoes too. They have a pretty comfortable interior and the exterior is just amazing.

I would consider taking a pair of the Solovair to shuffle with the Gripfast in order to have both comfort and durability in my wardrobe.


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