What To Do On Your First Day Of Work At Mcdonald’s

Your first shift working at McDonald’s’ can be a little scary for you. Especially if it’s your first job, this is okay and we have got you covered with this post right here to guide you on things to do at McDonald’s on your first day.

You should be aware that McDonald’s is a competitive workspace and you need to bring you’re a-game to the scene. Make sure you wear your appropriate uniform, looking sharp and professional at all times. Below are some tips on what you can do on your first day.

What To Do On Your First Day Of Work At Mcdonald's

Resume early

This point cannot be overemphasized as a new employee for you to follow. On your first day working at Mcdonald’s it’s vital that you arrive early before your shift starts to organize yourself and get into the rhythm of the workflow.

No matter the nature of your job coming early is a vital and important habit to have as coming late makes you seem like an unprofessional and this won’t do good for your work reputation. What you have to do is to arrive ten minutes early, this gives you ample time to organize yourself and mentally prepare for the day ahead of you.

Make introductions and form acquaintances with colleagues

You may not know this but forming an important relationship in your work environment with other employees is very necessary.

These workers are your work family and building or having a good relationship is a good start to working in a safe and healthy environment. You shouldn’t wait for introductions to be made.

Any employee you encounter, make sure you do proper introductions and say, ‘’Hello, good day my name is___ and this is my first day here.’’

This would boost your confidence with your new workers and make you compatible with them.

Remember names

Nobody likes their name to be forgotten by those colleagues who work in close proximity with them. By never forgetting names you foster a genuine kind of friendship that goes a long way in enhancing workplace harmony and increases the workflow in the environment.

If you are bad with names, make sure you make an extra effort to remember the names of those immediately around you then as you continue your days thee you can add more names to your list.

Memorize the proper settings of the table as fast as possible

To effectively work at Mcdonald’s you have to be able to remember the arrangements of the tables at all times.

Food comes and goes as do customers and their orders, and by always keeping the regular table settings and seat numbers you will increase your work efficiency and productivity.

It doesn’t matter if your position is a waiter, host or busser, you have to know the necessary arrangement of the tables. So on your first shift it’s advisable for you to study the arrangement of the table.

In a situation where you want to be proactive, you can request a copy of these table arrangements from your boss before starting to be better acquainted with them.

Take observation of what food comes out of the kitchen

As an employee of McDonald’s, the food and you are on the same team, this means that you need to know at all times the menu served at your branch and what select food is available to customers.

You have to know what food is available to them at any point in time during the day. Knowing how the food taste is vital as this would give you a personal opinion of the menu and what it tastes like. This would enable you to give real feedback to customers who ask for the best choice of food to eat.

Be proactive in every situation

It is easy for you to get confused or carried away dig the wrong thing on your first date at work. you may feel the need to await instruction from your superior and do all the things directed for you to do.

This would put you in a rut quickly and you might find yourself slaving slowly at a workstation or doing the wrong kind of work. to avoid this, make sure you know and understand your required job role, but do not stay limited to this duty.

If you find yourself free or without much to do around your workspace, make inquiries from your colleagues if anyone would need assistance from you. By being always busy at work you will booster your reputation with your workers and employers.

Make friends with the kitchen chef

Making friends with your colleagues is a very good idea and an even better friend to have is the chef. When you are cordial with your co-workers you can generate lots of respect and admiration from them.

This would bring positive energy to your workspace and help you gain confidence quickly as new staff in the restaurant.

Also, the chef is the head of a restaurant, and making friends with them means you’re on good terms with management too and you can find yourself getting favors in no time.

Engage fellow workers

A good thing to do on your first day is to engage all workers you can find. Do not limit your friendship-making to those closest to your department alone.

During break time or free period, you can interact with your colleagues who you do not see during regular working hours.

This action would give you an edge by giving you a deeper understanding of the organization and its structure.

With this, you begin to find yourself willing to do more and even giving yourself a better chance for promotion or management responsibilities bestowed upon you in the long run.

You can start from the security when you come into work, a smile ‘’hello’’ with a smile, followed by cashiers, porters, cooks, and cleaners.

Share information

No one likes snubs and loners who don’t want to belong in any work environment. On your first day, make sure you share some information about yourself and your background too so others know who and where you come from.

Doing this creates a stronger bond with everyone you interact with as you become more relatable and approachable.

Your colleagues would also find it easy to trust and build a friendship with you, even sharing experiences and job pro tips you will find useful.

Also, by letting your employers and colleagues know more about you and your experience allows management to see your potentials and qualities.

Always smile

A great workplace hack is to always have a smile on your face at all times. Smiling makes you look approachable in any situation and customers are always happy to see a smiling face.

Let your bosses know that no matter the hour of shift be it early, late or rush hours you always have a smile plastered to your face.

This increases workplace confidence and allows both customers and coworkers alike to have a good impression of you, and as the saying goes.

First impression matters. On your first day make sure you wear a smile as part of your uniform, this is a key to a very successful run at your new McDonalds restaurants.


Working your first shift at a McDonald’s chain of restaurants can seem daunting at first, and if you aren’t prepared mentally and physically things would seem difficult.

On your first day be sure to go early and find means to study all you can about your required job role from your employers, and colleges alike. Don’t be shy to interact and ask questions.

This saves you from making mistakes and even allowing you to grow at a much quicker pace than normal, giving you confidence s you continue with your job.

Also, keep cordial and good relationships with your coworkers.

You will soon find out that your coworkers are your new family as you spend long work hours with them.

It is best for you to always be on good terms with them and also management building healthy union between you two.

Never underestimate the power of smiling always, both to customers and coworkers alike this makes you approachable and people find it easy to talk to you. Be friendly with the chef and staff, taking time out to interact and share ideas and information.

Be proactive too, by always keeping busy with work that is available to be done. keep a mental note of table arrangement and chair settings, this will guide you in performing your duties excellently and also study the menu list each day to know what food and drinks are available.

Doing all this can seem cumbersome but it is noteworthy to take this all into account because management is always rating your performances and acting in a professional and responsible capacity sets you up for promotions and even bigger responsibilities.

I hope this helps you on your way to being the best in your new job at McDonald’s and I wish you a wonderful first day. Cheers!

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