Can You Wear Eye Contacts On A Roller Coaster?

Surely, you can wear eye contact on a roller coaster as they won’t fall off. They are stuck on your eyeballs, so there is no likelihood of them falling off.

I will advise you to hold on to your glasses though, as wearing the contacts for long may stress your eyes.

Is it really safe to wear eye contacts on a roller coaster?

Can You Wear Eye Contacts On A Roller Coaster

Just like how woodpeckers close their eyes while pecking trees to keep them from falling, it’s just the same way you can remove your contact lens from your eyes to keep them from shifting.

Though you will have that mixed feeling of it falling, but be rest assured, as you will not lose your lenses by riding the coaster.

The only thing that can happen is that coupled with a quick ride, a breeze on your face, and a splash of water here and there. Your eyes will definitely be irritated and dry and your lenses can get a little dry as well. And it’s just like being in a room with AC on.

What you can do after that ride, is to open and close your eyes a few times, either tear the liquid to contact your contact lenses, or you have some solution.

However, to ensure safety you have to work on installing your contact lenses properly, to prevent them from falling or getting lost in the eye, no matter how fast the ride can be.

So, if you insist on wearing contacts in the theme park, at least bring glasses in case your eyes get tired or very irritated. That way, you’ll be able to pull them off quickly and easily.

Take a good look at your glasses and communication options and what will benefit you the most. The health of your eyes is important and getting a good look at your surroundings is important for having fun and enjoying your day.

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How Do You Keep Your Glasses On A Roller Coaster?

Although if you have very small eyes, you will definitely want to have your glasses on to see what happens. But how would you feel if you lose them in the process of screaming and having fun on the roller coaster?

Bad right?

Someone once asked a question, what to do with his pair of glasses on while roller coasting and he was like- ‘’Do you remove or wear them, and if so on what ride’’?

So, if you are asking a similar question like the one above or a different one- Is it okay to put glasses on a roller coaster? Is there a chance that they will fly while boarding?

If so, can you leave your glasses on the operator and pick it up?

Then maybe, there are some basic tricks you probably should try out if you insist on wearing your glasses during roller-coasting.

  • Try making a kind of necklace (Not a chain but a plastic one), using a safety pin, and attach it to the end of your shirt. This should give you confidence that you won’t lose it on the go.
  • Also, you can try out the neoprene tape as this should tightly hold your glasses to your face in many coaster-type traps. The most popular of this is the type I use is called Croakies. This will make the glasses not move about in the air and not fall on your neck.
  • Maybe before taking that first-ever trip to Disney World, I can suggest that you go to your eye doctor and tighten your frames so that they are beautiful as you are. Because if we’re to put ‘em on while roller coasting, you probably might end up using your hands to cover your glasses which is a dumb idea. And it’s not going to be all that fun as you wanted it to be. So, if you are still nostalgic about this, consider going with an old pair, just in case it happens.
  • You can actually wear your glasses on every ride. But be sure to take them off on the big descent of Splash Mountain because they are going to get really wet and you probably don’t want that for your lenses.

Can You Wear Jewelry On A Roller Coaster?

While there is nothing wrong with wearing jewelry on a roller coaster, be sure to go for something that doesn’t dangle and is very conservative.

Plugs, tunnels, dangle earrings, necklace, choker, chains… every single thing you probably can think of right now to wear and go for a Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster is going to ruin your vacation.

Maybe you don’t know about this, but I’ll tell you a brief story of someone I heard who went to have fun while roller-coasting.

Unfortunately for her, she had her dangle earrings on, and while she was still in the air, the earring got stuck to her sweaters and just dragged a portion of her ear out. And this really left her ear in a bad condition, plus she lost the earring as well.

So, if you are going roller coasting take good consideration of your outfits, stick to the conservative style of earring.

Should I Wear My Glasses To Six Flags?

So, if you ask a question like the one above or different- Is it okay to put on glasses on a six-flag coaster? Is there a chance that they will fly while riding? If so, can you leave your glasses on the operator and pick them up?

I highly recommend you take off your glasses for any fun ride at Six Flags. The other best option is to bring your glass case and remove it before boarding the trip, so there is no chance of getting it lost during the ride.

Can You Wear Glasses On A Space Mountain?

I will advise that you put away your glasses for safety purposes and not wear them on the Space mountain at all.

However, if you are insistent on wearing your glasses on, and as long as your glasses fit well on the face on the space mountain, wearing them should not be a problem.

Some people, who rode space mountain many times with their glasses on, did it easily through this way:

  • Do not turn your head (because looking to the side can cause “wind” to blow your glasses off).
  • Keep your hands down (loose arms can knock on glass).

I highly recommend removing your glasses for any fun ride at Walt Disney World. The best option is to bring your eyeglass case and remove it before boarding the trip, so there is no chance of getting lost during the ride.

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Should I Wear My Contacts Every day?

No, don’t do that. A consequence of you wearing your contact lenses as early in the morning to midnight is Blepharitis. This is an inflammation of the eyelids caused by an exacerbated long-term wearing of contacts every day.

Blepharitis causes redness of the whites of the eye as the burning valves to scratch the face. People wearing contact lenses are at greater risk for Blepharitis, as the eyes are more likely to be dry and are often irritated.

Anyways, it is recommended that they are removed and cleaned every night, and replaced every month. Then you can apply a solution recommended by your optometrist before placing them on them.

But the most important thing is to try to reduce the use of the lens for up to eight hours a day and keep your hands clean.

Avoid the habit of wearing lenses from waking up to sleep. When you get home from work, switch to mirrors to allow the oxygen supply to return to normal.

Or, if you have a fun event, do it differently.

Will Your Phone Fall Out Of Your Pocket On A Roller Coaster?

Your phone can fall out of your pocket on a roller coaster if kept in loosely fitting outfits or in areas where there is a likelihood of them slipping off and falling.

So, try wearing skinny jeans or a shirt with a shut or zipped pocket. Or better still have your belly or bum bag around your waist or those fancy pack just to secure both your glasses, money, and phone as well.

Maybe you are like me, who loves to capture every single captivating moment that happened to you while on a vacation and you probably need to take your phone along with you while on the roller coaster, but you don’t know if the phone might trip off and cause harm to the next rider.

But what about the sound of your phone falling and crashing onto the ground with no single life in it, how would you feel?

If you are unsure, ask yourself: ‘Would you like to risk it and perhaps pay a few hundred to thousands of dollars for a new phone, or pay $2 for two hours to put it in the cupboard?

I don’t think any phone can survive a roller coaster crash, so you’ll actually be recovering a broken smashed phone [that’s if you find it though].

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Can You Wear Bum Bags In Rides?

Bum bags are okay to be worn on rides, but ensure that your bum bags have good solid clasps so they can hold on to you firmly and not get thrown off your body during rides.

Unfortunately, not all rides allow for bags no matter how small. There are some rides that allow small bags such as fanny pockets and small opposite body bags but nothing bigger.

So, be sure to check out rules and regulations before jumping on rides with your bum bag.

There are 3 main rides at Universal Studios that do not allow any type of bag or item for your rider.

This is due to the nature of the ride and the speed with which it moves, items can quickly be unloaded in bags and pockets and fall off.

These rides include the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit and the Incredible Hulk Roller Coaster.

There is another ride that will ask you to put your bag in the closet and remove things from your pockets before boarding.

While you are able to stand in line until the start of the journey, you will be stopped by an employee when you arrive at the platform announcing that bags are not allowed.

However, you can take your bag with you when you go to the baby changing area and someone else is carrying your bag while you are away.

Slight, slow-moving, and non-slip walking can allow fanny pockets to be worn. This can depend on the ride and the perception of the staff.

If you need your medical supplies in your fanny package you can let the employee know how you got in.

Can You Take A Bag On A Roller Coaster?

Yes, you can, but it will depend on the nature of the ride, how big your bag is, and the attendant as well.

But if are you thinking of bringing bags on a ride to Disney World, whether as a theme park pro, or a first-time visitor, you may need to choose a bag that is smaller.

No matter what type of bag you may have, you may have heard or heard of the shocking news of what happens when you bring bags of that.

It sounds simple at first glance, but you spend a lot of time waiting for the lock and then waiting again to pick up your bags.

Many rides have a great place to store your backpack. Putting aside the questions of where to put it in the passenger compartments, do you really want to carry something heavy while walking in the Florida sun?

You can keep your bag working while you ride on a roller coaster, between your feet, or wrapped around the leg.

Can you bring a bag on Tower Of Terror?

Do you know what the Tower of Terror ride feels like? Or maybe you don’t. Well, the Tower of Terror is more than just a downward spiral. More like a free-fall drop.

So, bags are not usually allowed because they can easily be thrown away. But should in case you carried your bag along, make sure to keep them safely between your feet or hold them on your lap, as they will fly upwards during the descent sequence.

So, if you are going on holiday to Walt Disney World, and you plan on riding something terrifying as the Tower of Terror, make sure to come along with a small bum bag or just leave it behind by finding a safe place to keep your bag without bringing it on the tower of terror.


So, this is it!

If you insist on wearing contacts in the theme park, at least bring glasses in case your eyes get tired or very irritated. That way, you’ll be able to pull them off quickly and easily.

The health of your eyes is important and looking good around you is important for having fun and enjoying your day.

And if you are going to roll with rollers think carefully about your clothes, stick to the traditional style of the earring.

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