Can You Wear Sandals On Roller Coasters?

Yes, sandals can be worn when going roller coaster riding. Although they are some rules and guidelines concerning the type of sandals worn and roller coaster rides that accept them.

Those roller coaster rides which do not encounter any upside-down ride interval, angular twist, and turns usually don’t require you to take off your sandals when you ride them as the risk of your shoes falling off is low.

However, those coaster rides with long, high speed, and upside-down paths only permit sandals with firm straps that properly secure your feet.

Can You Wear Sandals On Roller Coasters

What you should consider before wearing sandals on roller coasters?

Once you have decided to visit the theme park for a ride of fun on the roller coaster you should give good attention to the kind of clothing you wear, in this case, your footwear.

Roller coaster rides are fun and involve plenty of thrills and excitement, this usually involves high daring speeds in roller coaster cars along twisted and long tracks.

Putting on sandals for this activity means you have to carefully select a pair that is suitable for roller-coaster riding. Firstly, any sandals worn should properly be buckled to your feet and all the strapping mechanism in their correct position.

Sandals are known to be worn for their lightweight qualities and the freedom they give your feet as you move, making them a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts.

Also, make sure that you put the weather condition and time of the year during your visit into consideration. During cold weather conditions, It wouldn’t be ideal to wear sandals as they won’t provide sufficient protection from the cold elements for your feet.

But if you visit during hot or wet seasons some sandals are perfect for you, with open spaces that allow air to cool your feet and also dry quickly from wet conditions keeping you comfortable all day. Among many other factors to consider here some useful tips below.

They must be broken in

As you visit the roller coaster park on the weekends or for holidays with family be sure to always wear old pair of sandals or those that have already been broken in by you.

New sandals would be stiff and rent ideal for theme park and roller coaster rides as blisters and soreness can appear on your feet as you walk and move around the park.

Once you have purchased new sandals or shoes make sure you wear them at home and walk around in them first before wearing them for your roller coaster adventure

They must exude Comfort and comfortability

You can’t do without a pair of comfortable walking sandals when you visit the theme park for some roller coaster ride. As you walk around and taking the sights you should ensure that your sandals don’t feel like a burden on your feet.

You would most likely walk for long hours and getting comfortable sandals is the difference between a happy roller coaster ride and one filled with pain and discomfort on your feet.

They must be Lightweight

Every sandal footwear of your choice should be made out of lightweight materials. You don’t want to walk around the park dragging heavy cumbersome shoes, get flexible and lightweight sandals and your experience would be memorable for years to come.

They must be Breathable

You need your feet to wiggle freely and most importantly sandals that are breathable. You don’t want wet, soggy, or smelly shoes from spending your day at the theme park for roller coaster rides. So get breathable sandals with straps design that makes enough room for air, always dry by keeping water off, and let your feet breathe as you walk in them.

Disadvantages of wearing sandals in roller coasters

Some conditions are not ideal for sandals to be worn as footwear. Though some people would argue that sandals provide them with ease and comfort, they aren’t suitable for long-term usage. Sandals are excellent for breathable feet and giving your foot area to wiggle and be free.

During some roller coaster rides you would be asked to take off sandals that aren’t properly secured to your feet because going through high-speed death-defying roller coaster rides can be a thrill but you can easily lose clothing or other items in the process.

Some drawbacks of wearing sandals during roller coasters rides are mentioned below;

Inadequate foot support

A lot of sandals provide proper support for your feet with good arch and comfortable soles. However, some brands especially those that come cheap are made with substandard materials that hurt more than protect your feet.

Going on roller coaster rides involves long hours walking or standing in line to get t your turn, and this means proper shoes should be worn that spreads your weight around and reduce the stress and fatigue from your feet. Sandals may not offer this kind of protection and you will feel tired even before the fun has started.

Little protection

Sandals are great footwear on some occasions or circumstances but at other times they want to meet up to the recommended requirement of the situation.

Sandals have little protection for your feet as they do not cover them properly and leave them open to exposure and harm from fallen objects or spilling liquids. In situations involving running or walking on surfaces that aren’t smooth enough you might find that your sandals aren’t up to the task.

During roller coaster rides some twisting turns can have your feet dangling up in the air and swaying around, and without proper footwear, you might harm your feet from having them hitting on objects or even slipping off when you are high up in the air.

Sores and bruise risk

Sometimes wearing sandals can cause feet to be bruised by the straps and buckle on your sandals. In order to secure your feet properly, you might be tempted to secure them too tightly and during your roller coaster rides, they would become more uncomfortable due to the wild movement of the roller coaster.

The sudden and rapid movement of the rides can cut off circulation at your feet and cause them to swell against your straps.

Best sandals to wear on roller coasters

 Clarks women’s Aria Jacory Wedge sandal

Can You Wear Sandals On Roller Coasters?

This is a top choice brand when it comes to the best pair of sandals out there. Designed with a 1.5-inch heel, it is easy to pair them with any formal or informal clothing of your choice.

They have a rubber heel that is thick and soft enough to give you adequate protection as you enjoy your roller coaster rides and reduce shock or pressure to your feet during your rides.

Their straps are flexible and provide sufficient protection to your feet as you move up and down the roller coaster. The stretchy strap doesn’t feel too tight or cause bruises or swollen feet during the intense roller coaster ride.

Why I love these sandals:

  • Large rubber sole for adequate shock absorption and protection.
  • Stretchy strap mechanisms

Teva tirra sandals

Can You Wear Sandals On Roller Coasters

Teva brand of sandals is very unique in its designs and structure. With strap handles that rivals most other products they are well suited for roller coaster rides.

Roller coaster rides allow sandals that are properly strapped to your feet without the fear of falling off during the intense and twisting paths of the roller cars.

Teva Terra sandals are good options for those who enjoy the comfort of flat-soled footwear, with its heels standing at half an inch tall. Its production models come with very attractive colors numbering up to 28 with a shock pad embedded in heels and insoles for extra comfort.


  • Durable
  • Variety of colors
  • Padded insoles
  • Good strap mechanism
  • Wide bottoms


  • One too many straps

Steve madden Jimmie Espadrille sandals


Steve Madden sandals Come in a stylish and fashion-forward design that looks simple but features a high-quality rubber outsole for excellent traction.

Its footbed is deep and very comfortable accepting your feet without stress or pain. The molded cork footbed gives additional support to you as you walk and the slip resisting soles are a perfect choice for wet or slippery conditions.

It has a unique and simple strap design that secures your feet no matter the condition you find yourself in.


  • Lightweight
  • Flexible and skin-friendly fabric


  • Might feel bulky


Can You Wear Sandals On Roller Coasters

Visiting the theme park and going on a roller coaster ride is a very important and fun thing to do. These opportunities create bonding time with families and friends and are also a great way to safely engage in high adrenaline adventures.

Safety and comfort are essential attributes to have as you go roller coaster ride so make sure you wear recommended clothing and footwear

Roller coasters usually don’t have a problem with you wearing sandals for a ride, except if they are sandals without a strapping mechanism or those with slip-on designs.

You will be asked to remove these types of sandals if you want to go on some rides.

Sandals that are allowed should be lightweight, secured properly, and provide you with all-around comfort during your thrilling coaster rides.

And also learn to pick out brands that are reputable for durable and comfortable sandals so you can get the most out of your purchase and simultaneously have a very memorable experience enjoying yourself.

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