Do White Crocs Get Dirty Easily?

Yes, white Crocs get dirty, turn yellow, or brown, and generally, get discolored easily, so long you wear it and use it on surfaces all around you. The Crocs like any other white shoes will surely get dirty.

Do White Crocs Get Dirty Easily

White Crocs can get dirty easily unlike other colors of Crocs and this is simply due to the fact that it is white. White is a really bright color and any type of dirt will be highlighted on it more.

How easily your white Crocs get dirty would depend on the type of floor you wear them on. However, one thing I have experienced with wearing white Crocs is that they become dirty particularly on the bottom or sides, and wiping it with a damp cloth does not remove the stain as you would expect.

Notwithstanding, Crocs are made from a closed-cell foam so it is, therefore, a hundred percent possible to wash them back to their original white color.

How do you keep white Crocs clean?

Do White Crocs Get Dirty Easily?

Keeping Crocs clean is such an easy task to do, take that from a long time Croc wearer. Due to the fact that white Crocs do get dirty easily, they have to be cleaned regularly if you wear them often.

This will ensure that they will always be looking clean and fresh whenever you put them on. For regular white Crocs without lining, soapy water as I have come to realize is one of your main ingredients here.

Step 1: Rinse the body of the Crocs with plain water

Simply washing your white Crocs will do the trick of keeping them clean; here is how I go about it

First and for most before diving into the main task which is washing the Crocs, I usually use plain water to rinse the Crocs. By doing this, the majority of the first layer of dirt will be removed and will make it more clear to me which parts of my white Crocs need scrubbing the most.

Step 2: Mix your liquid soap with warm water

Get a bucket filled with warm water and add mild liquid soap or any mild dish or laundry detergent you own. I sometimes use a mild detergent like Woolite. Keep in mind to thoroughly mix the water. We are going to be using warm water because it will help to break down any dirt on the Crocs and does not damage your Crocs.

Step 3: Start Scrubbing with a soft brush

Once you begin scrubbing, let the Crocs soak in the bucket during the process. Leave them in the water the entire period you are scrubbing.

Step 4: You can use a scrub brush to scrub harder

Stubborn dirt can be scrubbed using a scrub brush or rag, this might take a while depending on how dirty your white Crocs are. A little tip I advise you to do is using a toothbrush that is no longer in use to scrub those tiny holes or places you can not reach.

Step 4: Rinse dirt residue off and air-dry

Once you are done removing all the dirt, your white Crocs should be sparkling clean. Rinse it off and dry with a towel or let them air dry (if you are drying them outside, do not leave them out in the sun for more than a few hours or they might shrink!)

How to clean Crocs with fuzz lining

Soak your fuzz lined Crocs in warm water

Let the fuzz-lined Crocs soak in warm water and shampoo for a while, move it around in the water to remove the dirt. You might need to scrub if it is too dirty.

Use absorbent powder to get rid of the odor and minor dirt

An absorbent powder will also help get rid of the odor and minor dirt. They do this by absorbing all the oils and stains from the lining while getting rid of the very strong smell. (I will advise you to use absorbents with a similar color to the lining of your crocs).

Some examples of absorbents I recommend that are easy to find are; dry oatmeal, wheat germ, cornmeal (all three are neutral and suitable foremost linings), salt, and baking soda works better for dyed Crocs.

How you can get stains out of white crocs?

I can relate so well with having tough stains on my Crocs that just would not go away easily. Due to the fact that the Crocs are white, most dirt on the Crocs very tough and would not come off by just simply scrubbing with warm water and soap.

I have tested quite a few methods for removing stains from my white Crocs and these are the quickest and effective methods that I am suggesting you follow.

Using baking soda

All you need for this method is baking soda, water, and an old toothbrush. Put the baking soda in a bowl and add water to a separate bowl. This method is super easy because you just have to dip the toothbrush into the water, dip it into the baking soda and simply scrub.

This method works so well for tough stains. Repeat this process for all parts of the Crocs making sure to get into those tight corners. This simple process makes a huge difference in the final appearance of my crocs because they always turn out looking close to brand new.

This method works for fuzz-lined Crocs but you just simply need to exchange the toothbrush with a paper towel. To clean fuzz-lined Crocs, dip the paper towel into the water and dip it also into the baking soda and then rub it on the outside of the Crocs to get all that brown dirt and stains off.

You want to try to avoid the holes to avoid bits of paper towel getting into it. This method works for other types of white footwear

Using a magic eraser

This is another way you can get rid of stains on Crocs especially if the dirt residues are not washing off. They are designed especially for tough stains and only need water to work.

Get the magic eraser and dab inside water, rub the magic eraser over the stains of your white crocs till they completely disappear. You will be left with a super clean Crocs that is ready to wear,

How do I make my white Crocs shiny?

Crocs may lose their shine over the years of wearing and it might delight you to know that you can make white Crocs shine again. What I will recommend that is widely used ad works best is the Crocs shine. They are very effective for white Crocs. The crocs shine I used was ordered from amazon.

The Crocs shine is a pre-moistened sponge-type material that comes in a really cute plastic box.

How to use the Crocs Shine

Take off the lid of the Crocs shine and rub the shine over the whole top of the Crocs after you have washed the crocs with soap and water ( it is advisable not to do the bottom of the Crocs as this might result in slippage ). Once you are done, your white Crocs will look new and equally last for a very long time.

Do white Crocs turn yellow after age and use?

Part of what happens when your Crocs is worn on surfaces for a long time without it cleaned is it turning yellow. When you do not maintain your white Crocs well enough, it will not only get dirty but also turn yellow or brown.

Crocs may stay as white as you bought them unless you are doing something to your Crocs that are of the books. This is because discoloration people often talk about is not a problem with white Crocs unless if it is not maintained the right way.

That is why you have to use soapy water or some mild chemical agent like dish detergent of some kind to get them back to how they were.

Are white Crocs easy to clean?

With all we have talked about so far, it is a plain fact that white Crocs are easy to clean just like any other pair of Crocs even though they dirty fast as easily. Warm water and soap are my go-to cleaning materials for Crocs because a good wash will get them looking sparkling new.

I do not have to worry about stains as baking soda or a magic eraser will do the work for me. So if you are still on the fence about purchasing a pair of white Crocs, I suggest you buy one.

Can you paint white Crocs?

Sure, you can. Crocs brands come in different variety and it is fun to personalize your own by painting or decorating them, though painting them can be a little tricky to achieve. That is not to say you cannot paint Crocs especially white crocs because you can.

It is important too, first of all, to gather the best tool for your project and this will depend on the route you choose to follow to paint them. The best type of paint to use is one that would not crack, peel or fade when used on the Crocs material.

I have tested and researched different types of ways to paint Crocs like spray paint, hydro dipping, dying, hand-painted, and so on, so far acrylic paint was the best pick.

An advantage the white Crocs have over other colors of Crocs is that any color painted on it will pop out more. Below are some of the steps to painting white Crocs with different methods depending on your preferences or available materials.

How to paint Crocs

Hydro dipping

This is a fancy name for water transfer printing.

  • A pair of white Crocs give the best result because the colors pop out more. so you will begin by prepping the Crocs. (most people recommend using a brand new pair of Crocs to get a cleaner finish but you can use the one you already own)
  • If you do not want to dye every area of your Crocs, you can tape it areas you do not want to paint with masking tape strip of masking tape can be used to cover areas you want to keep clean
  • Before doing any other thing, clean the Crocs especially the area you want to paint with a moist paper towel or baby wipes. This will remove any dirt or dust that might be on the Crocs. Once you are done wiping, allow the Crocs to air dry or clean them dry with a towel
  • Preferably outdoors, take a plastic bin or bucket (plastic bin or buckets are easier to clean)that is way bigger than your Crocs (big enough for your Crocs to be submerged inside) and fill it with lukewarm water till it is almost full. This is so when you submerge the Crocs, the water and paint will not spill over
  • Using standard acrylic paint or leather paint, tilt the bottle at an angle after it must have been shaken for five to ten seconds, then hold the nozzle ten inches away from the water. Spray the paint in the middle of the water for five to ten seconds if you want multiple colors or for thirty to forty seconds for a single color. Make sure the spray can is tilted while doing this. For multiple colors keep in mind that the paint would not mix unless you use more than four colors
  • Wearing a glove, Gently Submerge your Crocs into the paint and repeat the process with the second pair. Allow your crocs to air dry for twenty-four hours before you touch them
  • Get a clear acrylic fixative and spray on your Crocs after it has air dried and this will keep it from chipping and fading over time.

Hand painting

For this to work very well you have to sand down your white Crocs and use leather paint. You can sand down the Crocs using sandpaper and just gently do this. You can also substitute by using a spray plastic primer to make sure the paint adheres to the Crocs. Both can be used together.

  • Grab your brushes or permanent marker and paint away, customizing amazing designs on your Crocs


White Crocs are an amazing pair of footwear to own because even though they dirty easily, they can be cleaned as easily too. We have explored the majority of things to do to your white Crocs From keeping them clean to remove stains, making them shine again, and painting them, white crocs are a must-have.

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