Do Converse Rip Easily?

Converse sneakers do not rip easily. Converse is made of durable cloth material. There are some Converse sneakers that are made from quality leather as well. Converse is known to be a brand of high quality, durable and comfortable shoes. It is impossible for Converse sneakers to rip easily because of their make-up.

I have seen many people complain about their experiences with Converse sneakers and how it is unsatisfactory. They went ahead to talk about how their converse sneakers ripped apart within months of wearing them.

Do Converse Rip Easily?

I cannot fully admit that the fault came from the company; I also cannot fully admit that the fault came from your carelessness or excessive pressure on your converse sneakers.

However, from my experience with converse sneakers which is more than 8 years, I can say with all assurance that converse sneakers do not rip easily.

This does not take away the fact that Converse sneakers have the tendency to rip under certain situations and circumstances, however, the chances of seeing ripped Converse sneakers within a total of 100 customers are 12.

Converse are strong and made with durable and quality material. It is impossible for Converse sneakers to rip easily.

What can cause your Converse to rip

I have stated a very important fact that Converse sneakers do not rip easily. In this section, I would list out some reasons why Converse sneakers can rip.

Converse sneakers would rip when you try to force your feet into smaller sized converse sneakers

This is what you should always pay attention to whenever you want to make a purchase. It is always very important for you to not get carried away by the pictures you see when it comes to buying shoes.

You must choose footwear that is comfortable for you when it comes to sizing. Most times, people buy a shoe that is smaller in size and when they eventually realize this, they feel reluctant to return it and start wearing it.

Converse sneakers can break in and expand after consistent use. However, this does not mean it can make a small-sized shoe wider enough to make your feet comfortable.

Buying a shoe that is smaller in size would definitely make you squeeze your feet into the sneaker which would place too much pressure on the sneaker and cause it to begin to rip apart gradually.

Have you ever snuffed your feet into a smaller-sized Converse sneaker and heard the sound of a tear? Most people have experienced this. However, because they could not find where exactly the rip was made, they assumed it was not a problem until the ripple effect caused much worse damage.

You cannot continue to stuff your feet into a smaller-sized Converse sneaker and expect it to last. This is one of the major reasons why Converse sneakers rip apart.

This is the most common reason why Converse sneakers rip. Majority of those who experienced a rip in their Converse sneakers attested to this fact. A small-sized Converse sneaker does damage to the Converse sneakers because your feet and toes would continue to put a lot of pressure on the Converse sneakers.

Your feet would try to expand the breadth while your toes would try to elongate the length. These pressures would cause the sneaker to rip apart from both angles very easily. This would even happen much quicker if you wear this Converse sneaker consistently over a period of time.

Wearing tight socks

In line with the first point made, wearing extremely tight socks might cause your Converse sneaker to rip. If you select your size, but you buy extremely heavy socks to wear, you would end up putting pressure on your Converse sneaker.

The socks would take up space just like your feet and toes are taking up space. This would make the case look like the first point mentioned above. It can lead to a rip as well.

Improper care and handling of your Converse

There is a very bad habit we sometimes exhibit. I had an experience one day that taught me a vital lesson. I tried to hurriedly wear my sneaker while it was still being tied firmly.

The ropes were tied so firmly and I tried to force my way into the sneaker. I suddenly noticed a red mark on my right feet which was a result of the excess pressure I exerted on my sneaker and feet.

If my feet could react that way, then I am sure the Converse sneaker would not survive such harsh conditions. Generally speaking, there is no footwear that can survive such harsh conditions.

One of the reasons why Converse sneakers rip is because of how you wear them. Trying to stuff your feet into your Converse sneakers while the lace is tied can make your Converse sneakers rip.

Wear and tear

Your walking posture also matters. If you walk with shoes bent to opposing sides, then you are subjecting your Converse sneakers to pressure that can rip them apart.

A wrong walking posture can also result in falling or tripping. Constant falling down with your Converse sneakers can also subject it to ripping apart.

Time is an important factor to be considered. As long as Converse sneakers promise to last, there would come a moment when the materials would start getting weak.

If you have been using your Converse sneakers over time, then it is expected to rip. The accumulated effects of walking or performing other activities with it would cause it to rip.

If this is the reason why Converse sneakers ripped, then there is nothing to worry about. It is a GOOD RIP because your Converse sneaker has served its time.

There are some Converse sneakers that rips easily more than the other. This is true because not all Converse sneakers are made of the same quality. The producer makes these sneakers for specific purposes. I would not fashion an athletic sneaker similar to a casual walking sneaker.

The quality of material used in making converse sneakers differ because of the various reasons why they were made. For this reason, you might find that certain converse sneakers rip easily than others.

It does not mean that the sneaker is of less quality; as a matter of fact, it might simply mean that the sneaker has been exposed to a pressure IT WAS NOT BUILT to handle.

If you are looking for Converse sneakers that do not rip as easily as other Converse sneakers, then you are in the right place. The purpose of this article is to provide a lot of information and solution that would serve as a guide to direct you to the best Converse sneakers you would ever find in the market.

Below is the list of Converse sneakers that lasts longer than other Converse sneakers given the right condition of use.

Check them out by clicking the links below and make your selection among the amazing set of durable Converse sneakers you would ever find in the market.

I have used some of these sneakers and my recommendation is based on how much I loved them.

Converse sneakers that do not rip easily

I would list out the sneakers that do not rip easily compared to other Converse sneakers. These sneakers can be used by both males and females. Check it out NOW.

S/N Name of shoe Features Rating (1-5)
1 CONVERSE All-star space explorer sneaker for men Strongest converse sneaker that does not rip easily 4/5
2 CONVERSE Rival Shoot Sneaker for Men Converse sneaker that does not rip easily with the best external design 4/5
3 CONVERSE women’s seasonal low-top sneaker Converse sneaker that does not rip easily with the best true fit feature 4/5
  • CONVERSE All-star street space explorer sneaker for men: This is one of the strongest Converse sneakers I have used. It is made for men alone and cannot be used for women. Furthermore, it is made of rubber sole that is of high quality. The material is made of quality cloth which is firmly knitted into the sole. It has a leather attachment at the back for durability and style. This is one of the Converse sneakers that does not rip easily.


  • Converse Rival Shoot Sneaker for men: Apart from its elegance, this is one of the few Converse sneakers that is made of leather. The material makes it easy to clean and dry. Furthermore, the leather material is of quality and it’s water-resistant. The fact that it is made of leather makes it SUFFICIENT as one of the few Converse sneakers that do not rip easily compared to other Converse sneakers. It is also very affordable.


  • CONVERSE women’s seasonal low-top sneaker: One of the best decisions to make is to select Converse sneakers with the true fit feature. This is exactly what the CONVERSE women’s seasonal low-top sneaker offers to its users. It has a beautiful design make-up that makes you stand out among others. Furthermore, it comes with a double strap rubber sole which means additional comfort, additional durability, and additional stability. This Converse sneakers are also affordable and do not rip easily.

What to do when Converse Sneakers rip

Whenever your Converse sneakers rip, there are only two things that are required:

You can amend the part of the rip and continue wearing the Converse sneakers

Do Converse Rip Easily?

You can clip the excess string and sew it back together using a white string. It is okay to patch them up. Once you observe a rip in your Converse sneaker, it is advisable to do something about it as quickly as possible because once the rip is left unattended to, it continues to expand with every pressure.

It would get to a point where it has expanded beyond repair and would cause you extra dollars to get a new pair of Converse sneakers. Once you spot a rip, you can patch them and sew them up in order to prevent further damages and rips.

However, in order to do this, you must be really good at it because the wrong move might disfigure your converse sneakers and render it extremely useless or it might make the Converse sneakers rip back in no time. Ensure you are very good at patching it up back.

You can take it to a cobbler to fix it for you

If you cannot patch it up yourself, I recommend visiting a shoe repairer. Within a few hours or days depending on the damage, you should have your Converse sneakers back in full shape.

Buy a new one

The last thing to do when your Converse sneakers rip is to buy a new one. Patching them up works pretty fine. However, the patch does not take away the fact that your Converse sneaker is weak and can rip again anytime soon.

The best alternative is to get another pair of Converse sneakers. Either you have patched your converse sneakers up or not, I would highly recommend buying a new one either as an alternative in case of another rip to your old one or as a complete replacement.

Can you return a new Converse sneaker that is ripped?

Do Converse Rip Easily?

This question is relative. However, I would go straight to the point.

Converse sneakers offer a free 30 days return policy on any UNWORN converse shoes. If you have not used your Converse sneakers and you discover a rip, there is a provision to either be refunded or receive a new pair of Converse sneakers.

However, if you have used your Converse sneakers even if it’s for an hour, they cannot be returned because nobody can ascertain if the rip was caused by you or as a result of a production error.

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