What is the Difference between Dawgs and Hounds

I usually take long walks with my siblings at home and after such walks, my legs are practically aching despite the fact that I do wear super big flip flops that were supposed to be soft and make my walking experience enjoyable.

But, that is not the case anymore, two well-known brands after much research had decided to open a footwear line that is just really about being ridiculously comfortable and still cute.

So Yes, I am talking about The Dawg and the Hounds.

Apart from the fact that these footwear are super comfy with their good arch support, they have also been a great help to people with foot issues like Plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, to actually walk without feeling too much pain, or pain at all.

Did I also mention that they are almost indestructible?

There have been major arguments about the difference between the two since they produce almost the same designs and their main mojo is the comfortability they effortlessly deliver to their customers.

First things first, What is a Dawgs Brand? Or a Hounds Walgreens brand?

Hounds is a private label footwear brand manufactured by the Dawgs company for sale on Walgreens, while Dawgs manufactures the Dawgs brand, an EVA material-based footwear brand for worldwide sale.

Dawgs Company produces both the Hounds and Dawgs footwear.

What is the Difference between Dawgs and Hounds What is the Difference between Dawgs and Hounds

Major differences between Dawgs and Hounds

Though it is almost way too hard to notice any difference between the two products, here are some distinguishable features that can’t be overlooked amongst the two brands.

  • Hounds are cheaper than Dawgs
  • Hounds are more comfortable than Dawgs
  • Dawgs are smaller sizes and tighter footwear
  • Less shipping Hassles

Now, let’s discuss some of the pointers I introduced above.

Hounds are cheaper than Dawgs

Walgreen’s Hound products are cheaper than Dawgs and most people believe that Dawgs is a complete rip-off when you can get the same quality product as the Hounds.

Hounds are more comfortable than Dawgs

Hound shoes are also rated to be like the most comfortable shoes ever, and it is very cushy and comfortable sandals.

A point supported by people who found the Hounds to be softer with more cushion than the Dawgs.

Also, the shock absorption was mentioned too and it seems the Hounds were also different and better than the Dawgs whereas The Dawgs were said to be more firm, same design, and hurt their feet.

Dawgs are smaller sizes and tighter footwear

Now, I must include that this was like a huge discovery of what actually made the Hounds and The Dawgs so different.

Seems like the Dawgs footwear were much smaller than the Hounds and hence tighter.

The Hounds were made for people bearing people with bigger feet in mind apparently but the Dawgs favors the opposite size.

Shipping with Hounds takes lesser time than Dawgs’

Another difference between the two products was the delivery. While the Hounds were said to be delivered stress-free and without hassles, the Dawgs were being given an opposite review by users.

Similarities between the Hounds and Dawgs

Now inasmuch as we have discussed their differences, these two shoe lines are apparently from the same brand so they also have lots and lots of similarities.

  • They are similar in style and design
  • They are great fashion footwear too
  • They have similar features
  • Same materials are utilized
  • They are lightweight shoes

Now, these are some of the very similar things I noticed from both shoe lines, coupled with thousands of reviews from happy clients that corroborated my facts.

This is expected though since we are talking about one original brand responsible for the manufacturing of both footwears lines.

They are similar in style and design

The design of the Dawgs and Hounds shoes are similar with similar styles as well.

The Dawgs company has the capacity to ensure they manufacture and process EVA-footwear that everyone loves.

They are great fashion footwear too

The Dawgs and Hounds have different sizes, colors, and styles available. This makes them loved by young and old alike. You can dorn your Dawgs and Hounds.

The designs were made after listening to people’s needs in many activities and work environments, including the medical and culinary fields.

So, obviously, both lines were made as go-to footwear for people who love comfortable shoes. So same aim. Same goals.

Similar features

Their massaging footbeds are ultra-soft, EVA materials for super comfort, easy to clean, with removable liners.

These are all features that can be found in both The Walgreen’s Hounds and the Dawgs.

Same materials are utilized

Both shoe lines make use of the Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Sole, The same EVA materials for super comfort, Foams for super comfort, etc.

They are lightweight shoes

Their products are ridiculously practical, from their footwear to their comfortable boot. The heels are just perfect for walking long hours too what more? They are also very warm and dry inside, and lightweight also. They also clean up amazingly well too.

The consistency of these footwear brands, Admittedly, is one of the most similar things about them. We are talking about making footwear that is ridiculously comfortable and also cute.

And they have been intentional about delivering, from their beach clogs, flips, slides, even boots, their claim on maintaining full-time personnel on all production lines to ensure their product maintains the highest standard is inarguable.

They have really stood the test of time and are intent on doing more.

The Big Question: Hounds or Dawgs?

Now when choosing footwear especially when you have both footwear lines in mind because of how soft and comfortable they are.

It can be conflicting and confusing because we are talking about two fashion lines from a single original brand which is the Dawgs.

But not to downplay a brand or shove my favorite right down on your throat, I will strongly suggest you should pick a brand with your size in mind.

If you are a bigfoot then of course the Walgreen’s Hounds should be your first choice and if not the Dawgs can still serve your feet.

At the end of the day, it is about the comfort they both have to offer anyways and they both are hands down delivering that to millions of satisfied shoppers.

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