Danner vs Bates: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Danner boots and Bates is that Danner has more enduring craftsmanship and a comfortable fit, coupled with the lightweight feature.

This makes it a better boot to wear while hiking, while Bates is more of a brand that makes boots for those in uniform. Bates is not best for too much work.

Danner vs Bates

Unlike Danner boots that can be used for as much work as you want to use them for without having to worry about it getting damaged because that is what it is built for.

I will be doing a comparison between these two boots in this article, this will help you know which of these boots you are to go for when next you need one.

What are Danner boots?

Danner company was founded in 1897. It is a footwear company that later relocated to Oregon in 2001.

Danner footwear company deals solely in making high-quality shoes and boots. However, in 2012 the brand was publicly sold to a Japanese-based ABC-mart.

For over 100 years, Danner boots have not compromised the quality of their boots. This is one feature that has kept their customers and made them always come back to get more.

Their boots are crafted with care and it was built especially for those who go on unlikely paths, like when you are going for activities like hunting, working, military, etc.

The Gore-Tex cushioning system makes the boot comfortable for you all day long. It was also built to be lightweight so that you can carry it all day long without bothering it getting too heavy for you to carry.

This is one disadvantage that some boots have, they are so heavy that when you wear them for long you start to get uncomfortable.

However, Danner boots are unique because they are lightweight so you can wear them all day long. The only thing that may discourage people from buying Danner boots is that it is expensive.

However, despite the fact that the boots are expensive, it is actually a good investment. I would recommend you spend the extra bucks to get this boot because it will last for you.


  • Danner boots are tough
  • Danner boots are lightweight
  • Danner boots are durable
  • Danner boots have the Gore-Tex cushioning system
  • Danner boots are comfortable


  • Danner boots are expensive

What are Bates boots?

Bates footwear is the parent company of Bates boots which was founded by Andrew Jackson Bates. Bates focuses on making quality boots, especially for those in uniform.

What I mean by those in uniform, I mean police officers, military, construction workers, etc. One good thing about Bates boots is that they are very comfortable boots and also very easy to break in when you wear them.

You do not have to go through the hassle of breaking in your boots all over again, Bates boots have made the job easier.

Bates boots are durable, but the material build is not as tough as that of the Danner boots which I am comparing it with this article, that is why Bates boots are not the best type of boots for tough jobs like hunting, hiking, etc.

Bates boots are also cheaper and that is why many people who are on a budget choose to go for Bates boots.


  • Bates boots are comfortable boots
  • They break in easily
  • They are specifically for those in uniform
  • They are cheap and affordable
  • They offer good quality boots


  • They are not built for tough jobs

What are the similarities between Danner and Bates boots?

These two boots are really good boots that have some similarities. Some of the similarities that these boots have are:

  • They are both durable boots
  • They are both waterproof
  • They both have the Gore-Tex breathable Cushioning system

They are both durable boots

This is what a lot of people are looking for when they want to wear boots. Boots are supposed to protect you from all kinds of harm when you are working.

While they protect you from the harm they are supposed to last long for you so that you can use them for as long as you want till you are ready to change it.

The fact that Danner boots and Bates boots are durable, you will use them for long without having to spend money to buy new boots. This boot will help you save money as well which is an advantage.

They are both waterproof

The waterproofing feature is present in both Bates and Danner boots. What this does is that it prevents the boots from being damaged by water.

With this waterproof feature, you can even make use of the boots while it is raining, you will be confident enough that nothing will happen to the boots because of this waterproof feature.

You will have nothing to fear at all. You do not get to see waterproof features in other boots out there, this makes it a good feature in Bates and Danner boots.

They both have the Gore-Tex breathable Cushioning system

The Gore-Tex breathable Cushioning system is a very good feature that gives your boot enough room for air to come in, in order for you to not suffer from so much moisture, the breathability feature will keep your feet warm all day long.

When your feet are warm and free from moisture, you will become comfortable which makes you able to wear the boots for long.

This Gore-Tex breathable Cushioning system is a unique one that you will not find in many boots out there, that is what makes this particular one so unique.

No one likes to wear boots that make you end up having sweaty feet all over, it makes you uncomfortable.

Let’s get into the comparison between Danner and Bates boots

Danner and Bates boots: First glance

At first glance, you will notice the difference between the Danner and Bates boots in how they are built.

Bates boots are majorly built for those in uniform, because of this, you will notice that they have high ankles.

Meaning it will protect your ankle from any form of injury while you wear the boot. Those who wear Bates boots are mostly police officers, those in the military, construction workers, etc.

Because of this type of job you need something that will be able to protect your ankle from different kinds of pain.

At first glance, Bates boots tend to be bigger and even larger in size compared to Danner boots. You will be able to tell when you see Bates boots and the same is applicable to Danner boots.

Danner and Bates boots: Function

When you want to compare both boots based on function, they both perform differently for different things, Danner boots are more of work boots and are best for any tedious activity like hiking, hunting, etc.

This is because they have more enduring craftsmanship and a comfortable fit. Boots like these are usually the best for difficult tasks.

However, Bates boots do not perform well as work boots or for difficult tasks, Bates boots are more of a uniform boot, for Police officers, those in the military, those in construction, etc.

From this comparison, you can deduce that you can achieve more with Danner boots than you can with Bates boots.

It is glaring that the clear winner here is Danner boots when it comes to functionality.

Winner: Danner boots

Danner and Bates boots: Waterproofing

When it comes to waterproofing, both boots have the waterproof feature, this means that you can either wear the Danner boots or Bates boots in wet places and it will not affect the boot at all.

If you wear either of the boots in rain, nothing will happen to it as well because of this same waterproof feature. Since they both have the waterproof feature, it will be wise to say that it is a tie.

Winner: Tie

Danner and Bates boots: Overall material quality

When Danner wants to manufacture their boots, they always ensure that they make use of the best materials they can lay their hands on.

Danner boots are made from high-quality premium leather, this high-quality premium leather is capable of enduring any form of tough handling.

Making it suitable for tough work like hiking, hunting, etc. While Bates boots are made from a mixture of nylon and leather.

They are durable, but you cannot compare them to that Danner boots that can withstand rough handling. Danner boots have a better material quality than Bates boots.

Winner: Danner boots

Danner and Bates boots: Comfort and fit

There are some new boots you purchase and you try them on, only to figure out that you need to break in the boots.

Bates boots shine when it comes to sizing and fit, Bates boots are originally built to be so comfortable for you each time you try them on. Not only that, but they are also easy to break in.

If the boots are tight for you when you purchase them, breaking in the boot will not be difficult at all.

This does not apply to Danner boots, you need to break in Danner boots when you first purchase them, they are not as easy to break in as Bates.

This is one thing that differentiates the two brands. The fact that Bates is built to be so comfortable and easy to break in is a big relief.

Winner: Bates boots

Danner and Bates boots: Fit

Danner boots fit true to size. This means that if you wear size 10 and you purchase size 10 Danner boots, it will be your exact size and you will not have to size up or size down.

This is a good thing because it saves you the stress of having to replace shoes because they are not your size.

The situation is different when it comes to Bates boots, Bates boots run small. This means that you have to go one size up so that the boot will size you well.

If not the boot will just be too small for you and you may not be able to wear it. You may end up returning the boot because it will be of no use if the boot is too small for you.

Danner and Bates boots: Price

Danner boots are made from High-quality premium leather material which makes the boot so tough and resistant to hurt.

Boots like these are not always cheap, this is because the materials are costly. Because Danner boots are of high quality, it costs a lot.

Danner Boots costs above $300 to get one for yourself. This is quite expensive, however, it is worth it. You will spend a lot to get the boot, but then it will still be worth it because it will last long for you.

This may be a disadvantage for those who are not able to afford this boot. Bates boots on the other hand are cheaper to purchase.

The material build is not as premium as that of Danner boots. Bates boots are a mixture of nylon and leather. You can get Bates boots for $150.

This makes it a better option for those who do not have enough money to spend on Danner boots.

Winner: Bates boots


Left for me, I personally prefer the Danner boots because they offer premium quality for the price they offer.

I would love to purchase something that will last really long for me, not minding the fact that I may have to spend more, I will be more willing to spend more when I know I am getting quality for what I am paying for.

You should choose based on what you want to use it for. If you are on a budget, Bates boots are the best for you.

Also, if you are a police officer, in the military or you are a uniform person that needs boots, Bates boots are best for you. If you go hunting or hiking frequently.



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