CVS Dress Code – The Ultimate Guide For New & Potential Employees

The standard dress code for CVS cashiers and front-of-store employees is to wear black or tan coloured pants and a store-provided CVS tee or polo shirt, while pharmacy technicians of the chain are obliged to wear hospital scrubs. 

However, gainfully employed pharmacists in CVS are to wear business casual clothes under their lab coats. 

CVS Dress Code

CVS employees are expected to wear uniforms while working. The particular type of clothing required is determined by the position, but all employees are expected to dress professionally.

Suppose you just got a job at CVS. In that case, the next thing you want to do is to get prepared for your first day at work. A crucial aspect of your preparation is identifying the dress code for your position at the store. 

While there are variations to the required outfit for employees across all CVS stores, standard dress codes must be observed. 

It appears to be general knowledge that all employees of CVS must wear neutral-coloured closed-toe shoes and a nametag.

But there is more information to this that you should know as someone looking to get hired there or someone who just secured a job. 

After deeper research, I have gathered all there is to know about dressing as a team member in CVS retail stores and recommended outfits for interviewees looking to get a job in the chain. 

CVS dress code policy in 2022 for outfit items 

CVS stores appeal to many customers because of how super organized they are, from the aisles full of every shopper item to the uniform of their staff. 

I read an article dated two years ago that mentioned that “CVS puts so many restrictions on the people who help make the magic happen.” 

This is apparent, particularly in the dress code employees are expected to adhere to. 

We are going to have an in-depth view of the store’s dress code and how it applies to various work outfit items such as:

  • Shorts
  • Jeans
  • Hoodies 
  • And, Shoes 


There are some individual establishments that allow their employees to work wearing formal shorts. This is usually under the consideration of adverse heat conditions. 

But if you are going to work in CVS stores, you are not allowed to wear shorts.

The CVS dress code policy stipulates that Staff is only required to wear trousers composed of synthetic fabric, such as cotton. 

Thankfully, most of their stores are well ventilated so that there is no inconvenience while working during certain weather conditions like summertime. 


Jeans are allowed as part of the CVS employee uniform. However, it has to tick some boxes. For example, aside from being neat, employees’ jeans must not have rips or tears. 

Also, CVS employees who wear jeans must ensure that the cloth fits well and is not too tight or too baggy.

If you dress in jeans as a worker in CVS, make sure they are appropriately hemmed to avoid disciplinary action; if you get lucky after violating these codes, you may just be asked to change appropriate clothing. 

So for every prospective or new CVS employee who wants to know whether you can wear jeans or not, the answer is Yes, provided it meets the above requirements. 

Meanwhile, the permission to dress in jeans as a staff in CVS stores largely depends on the leniency of store managers. 

Because in most stores, the CVS team member dress code is strictly adhered to, which restricts workers from wearing jeans, no matter the colour. 

So, in most CVS stores, their workers are only allowed to wear trousers made with a synthetic material such as cotton. 


It is a frequently asked question for hoodies: Can CVS employees wear hoodies? The short answer to this is No. 

This is because CVS employees are required to be professional in appearance, and Hoodies are not considered part of the CVS employee uniform. 

However, I have come across CVS employees at some stores that give contrary information. Some of them are allowed to wear fleeces, jackets, and cardigans. 

This is why I’d recommend you try to reach out to colleagues or the store manager about the policy of that particular store regarding hoodies and Jackets because there are exceptions. 

Two major conditions permit CVS stores employees to wear hoodies while at work:

  • Hoodie that has been provided by the company as part of a special promotional event or giveaway can be worn by employees. 
  • When stores are colder during the winter months, as long as the name tag is placed outside the hoodie. 

Aside from these conditions, CVS employees are not expected to wear hoodies while on duty.


The policy around shoes that can be worn as an employee in CVS stores appears to be flexible. This is because the leniency of the store manager most likely determines it. 

While some CVS stores have less rigid rules for employee footwear, the general rule is to wear non-slip and comfortable shoes, particularly dark or neutral-coloured closed-toe athletic shoes. 

When going to work in any CVS stores, no matter the positions, you want to avoid footwear like sandals, flip-flops, and any other open-toed shoes. 

Aside from organizational and formality purpose, CVS make provision of their footwear policy to ensure the safety of their staff.

CVS dress code for Interviewees

There is no officially recognized dress code for CVS Pharmacy interviewees. However, there are outfit tips you don’t want to ignore.

First, you want to avoid anything too flashy, revealing, and unfit. In other words, you want to dress professionally and conservatively.

For men, I recommend that you consider wearing a dress shirt, tie, and slacks, while a nice blouse or jacket with dress pants or a skirt should go well for women. Also, if you are interviewing at CVS stores, make sure you put on closed-toe shoes.

Colour choice for your outfit on your interview day is left to your discretion, but I strongly recommend you go for neutral colours like black, navy blue, or grey.

Bottom line, if you are going for an interview at any CVS health retail store as a to-be employee, it is best to dress in a business casual outfit. 

Here is an image from the analysis gathered by Indeed encompassing opinions from candidates who have had interviews at CVS.

So if you are determined to secure the job, stick to business casual outfits.

CVS dressing policy for employees on Tattoo and Piercings

The majority of the employees I have met before writing this guide reported that their store managers have a rather relaxed attitude to tattoos.

This is not a surprise because CVS does not have an officially recognized policy on visible tattoos.

So as long as your tattoos are not offensive in any way, you shouldn’t have a problem working in CVS retail stores, no matter the position. 

However, keep in mind that some store managers may stipulate that employees cover up visible tattoos, which happens in most similar stores and establishments.

For example, Target employees are encouraged to express their individual identity, allowing them to have any piercings while at work, including earrings, nose rings, and many more.

But the opposite is the case in establishments like Festival foods, where Tattoos can’t show while on the clock.

As for piercings, employees at CVS stores are restricted from having excess jewellery on them while on the clock, but engagement rings and wedding rings are permitted.

Following this policy, some store managers only allow employees to wear a pair of studs in the ears.

Meanwhile, employees whose position is to work in front of the CVS store can get long earrings which are not advised, as they can get caught on shelving or other material. 

But generally speaking, the permission for piercing employees across CVS stores is similar to tattoos as it depends on the store manager’s attitude.

This means that there is no specific policy on tattoos provided by the company. Still, it has been considered a general rule of conduct to conceal any tattoos while on duty, including ones on the hands, neck, face, and other visible areas. 

This is because there have been cases of employees who have been subjected to disciplinary action due to visible tattoos while working. 

Relatively, there are no solid rules against employees with artificial nails or nail polish. Just as with tattoos and piercings, the permission largely depends on the leniency of the store manager. 

But it would be best if you consider leaving your artificial nails to reasonable heights so that it doesn’t appear unnecessarily attention-grabbing or prevent you from carrying out your task conveniently.

CVS hair dye policy for employees

The hair dye policy is another salient aspect of CVS dress codes for Employees that new workers should not take with a hand of levity.

CVS employees are not allowed to dye any colour other than their natural hair colour. This policy has been put in place to ensure that employees appear professional.

However, some employees have reported a rather different reaction from management after changing their hair color.

This is explainable because recently updated versions of the company’s employee handbook seem to have omitted this policy.

In other words, it is best to contact your colleagues or store manager to be sure of the level of toleration involved regarding hair dye.

This is crucial because there have been cases of employees who have dyed their hair colours that are not their natural hair colours and ended up terminated their jobs.

At the same time, some were allowed to keep their jobs after changing their hair colour back to the natural colour.

Bottom line, the leniency involved in hair dye across all CVS Pharmacy retail stores depends on the impact that such has on the store and the severity of the violation.

What about CVS store managers’ dress code?

Observe store managers across all CVS stores, and you will notice they are usually dressed in business casual clothes. 

The dress code for CVS store managers usually include a button-down shirt, slacks, and closed-toe shoes. The company’s books require that store managers and cashiers do not wear jeans to work. 

Is working at CVS hard?

It is a frequently asked question of most people looking for work in a CVS retail store: how hard it is to work there.

For one thing, working retail anywhere, no matter the establishment, is not full of roses. However, employees report that it is quite obvious at CVS. 

While the company poses as a great place to learn customer service, it has been observed that many CVS customers use staff in has emotional venting vacuum.

What are CVS employee benefits?

Benefits offerings for employees at CVS stores include:

  • Medical, prescription.
  • Dental, vision.
  • Company contribution to a health savings account (HSA).
  • An employee discount at CVS Pharmacy store and colleague stock purchase plan.

Reward also covers adoption benefits, life, accident and disability insurance, paid time off, and tuition reimbursement.

Final thoughts

CVS retail store employees are not allowed to dress to impress. But this is a common obligation across the employment conditions of similar establishments. 

Indeed, the required uniform isn’t the most glamorous thing that you’ll find in any employee’s closet.

If you are looking at getting hired at the drug store, or you just got a job there recently, you want to pay attention to the dress codes explained in the article above to prevent disciplinary action or job termination, at worse.


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