Lowe’s Employee Dress Code (For Shoes)

The Lowe’s company is an American retail firm that specializes in home improvement, what they do is to deliver the best home improvement product, the company claimed to give value and impressive services.

Warning!!! Don’t ever go secure a job with a company that does not have a dressing code. Means they really don’t care about your safety.

This means they care about you, but when some type of dressing is not prohibited, this shows that they are only conscious about being caring- focusing on the main business you are here to work with their firm, which is work and get paid.

Lowe's Employee Dress Code (For Shoes)

I know Lowe’s cares about employee safety. I am sure you have it in mind to work in Lowe’s.

Maybe you have been hired and you are trying to get information on Lowe’s dress code, the kind of shoe, cloth, and precautions that will help you, safeguard, your health and every part of your body.

So what is your task if you are going to be one of Lowe’s employees, as this is very important?

The task affects the type of dressing code that is acceptable by the company.

Your task depends on your department, although it is still important to play it safe, a Lowe’s cashier may necessary not need to wear a boot. A cover shoe is okay.

You may likely not need a thick jean, since you are not into tedious works like home furniture carving.

Let take it from the footwear. I just said you need a covered shoe, most importantly a boot.

The main thing here is that you need a rugged shoe. Getting a boot may not be too stylish, you will need something you can still wear outside work.

I was in my shoe boutique some month ago, when a customer came to get a shoe for the new job he got at Lowe’s company.

He showed me the company employee handbook and was so concerned about getting a shoe that can suitable for his job.

I have read the handbook before, this was when my cousin got a job there.

It was so funny, the way he was too anxious or should I say panic – too selective, he wanted to be sure he was getting the right shoe.

Relax. Once you get a job in Lowe’s, the type of shoe needed as an employee is not something to fret on.

If you can read and understand the employee manual, then I don’t see any reason you should take this as a big deal.

What type of shoes should you get?

It is simple, you only need a rugged and thick shoe to make this work, and this is to prevent your feet from being hurt.

You may also take into consideration and get a taller shoe, this will cover the upper part of your feet.

You don’t need something too stylish. Remember, you are in for work and not to impress.

You can only get something classy, everyone wants to look good, even your boss or supervisor.

Timberland boots ain’t a bad idea as work shoe at Lowe’s

Lowe's Employee Dress Code (For Shoes)

Timberland is a very product to look into, it is rugged and also stylish, and I can preview how smart it is going to look on your adorable feet.

You can choose to pick from any color, I can only advise you to get the black color, it is possible, you are not interested in the color black stuff. I also don’t fancy it.

Yet, it is very advisable, you don’t want to get red, pink, white and you get it messed up with stains, with black.

If you won’t be able to get rid of the stain totally, at least it won’t be obvious compared to stains on white timberland.

You can get the Timberland Men’s Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot or rather get the Timberland Women Ledge Mid Ankle Boot if you are a lady; these are shoes I can confidently recommend to you.

I have 5 Timberland shoes and I know how rugged they are, I also rock in the pretty city of Houston, they are made with waterproof material and also last long.

I have been using mine for more than 24 months now, and they still new and neat.

  • In summary of what is being said, you need a shoe that is thick, rugged, can cover your ankle
  • You also need something you can wear aside from work time, something you can wear to occasions.

You don’t have to spend money on shoes you will only be wearing to work alone. You should get a multi-purpose one.

For me, getting a black boot is better than any other color, the brown type can also be considered since they serve almost the same functions.

Lowe's Employee Dress Code (For Shoes)

Aside from your shoe, the Lowe’s dress code also emphasizes wearing thick jeans, the most advisable long ones, that ensure your ankles are covered properly.

Even when you have a boot that does that, your jean should also assist in covering your ankle. Not bad if there is a double assurance for your ankle.

By the look of those who work there, you should be able to deduce what Lowe’s dressing codes seem to be like.

Lowe's Employee Dress Code (For Shoes)

Let me use my cousin as a good example.

There was a day I had to pick him up on my way from work; I got there 20 minutes before the closing hour, so I had to be patient. It was an opportunity to observe the employee of the Lowe’s Company.

  • Although their dressing varies, the general mode of dressing is to wear a cover shoe – preferably a boot, a thick shirt.
  • This should not contain any offensive language or graphics on it, most people wear a plain shirt that has no logo or text on it.

Although I saw some folks wearing gloves and masks, I knew this in a way is to maintain safety.

After my cousin was done, he hopped in the car and we drove off. I knew I interpreted some people’s dressing the wrong way.

So, I asked a few questions, and there I got to know more.

As a worker in Lowe’s, he made me know everything that entails in their mode of dressing. So, let us look into this.

The common goal of this dress code is to ensure safety in every department in Lowe’s Company.

Of course, you don’t expect the cashier to have an industrial mask, it is of no use if he or she is not prone to inhaling dust that was produced by dangerous industrial machines.

You will also see some with gloves, in some departments in the Lowe’s Company, the dress code involves a thicker texture of gloves while compared to other co-workers in the department.

Let take for instance the dressing code in McDonald’s; a fast-food company in America, the way some of the workers dress is as a result of each department they find themselves.

Although the type of shoe which workers wear in MacDonald may be general, every member of each department needs to safeguard their feet, this is why every worker in Lowe’s should wear the appropriate shoe.

The illustration above help to explain better why there is a common dress code for Lowe’s employee, but here when it comes to sensitive department – the department that may be dangerous if care is not taken, then you will need other substance.


For instance, workers who have to perform tedious work with their hands will need a thick glove, in some cases thicker than others. This is to make sure the fingers are not being exposed to something dangerous.

A place where you make furniture, it is not a piece of news that you are going to be using something like a saw, in some local furniture store nail and hammer are being used-although technology has a great influence on how home furniture is being produced.

The Lowes Company should be using a complex technology while producing the home appliance product, then did I see workers who still put on gloves?

The reason for this is that some technological machines may be even more complex to handle by an employee, you have to be careful, some part of the machine cannot be held with a mere handle.

In order to avoid spoiling that nice texture you have, you need to use a glove with respect to the temperature of the machine you will be operating.

I can recall, my cousin uses a Miller Electronic MIG/Stick Welding Glover in order to safeguard his hand.

This glove is one of the thickest, with a thickness of 11 inches, and a comfortable glove I have ever seen, I use it whenever I am going for a mountain ride with my bike.

It is made with durable leather that resists temperatures below 90 degrees Celsius.


You should wear something simple, it must not include an offensive logo or text, make sure it is a long-sleeve- it should be thick and free.

So in this respect, I will advise you to check out cloth-like H2H Men’s Casual Long Sleeve Hood, it is one of the best I can recommend for guys majorly because of its texture.

Ladies can get something similar to Gildan Heavy 100% cotton long sleeve,


Earrings are not recommended, this is for your safety. And if you think you can’t do without them, then a very portable one is advisable.

You should not put on a long or big earring.


Nothing serious about the Lowes hairstyle policy, they accept your hairstyle anyway, as long as your hair is neat, they allow hair irrespective of race, gender, age, or being.


Tattoos are allowed, but make sure it is not an offensive tattoo.

If your tattoo is offensive, then make sure you get something to cover it; I don’t know where it is drawn on you if it is your arm. Getting a long sleeve will be a better option.

Face Shield

The mask my cousin serves multiple functions, it is a face shield. He uses Jackson Safety MAXVIEW Face Shield, this is a premium shield, it is tinted and one of the strongest.

It deliver exceptional optical clarity and panoramic view, I have seen some face field whereby it gives a blur vision when it is being used.

When I used my cousin’s face shield, that was when I saw the difference between those I have been using and the ones he used in Lowes.

For proper visual, I will highly recommend you to use the Jackson Safety MAXVIEW face shield, you know it is very dangerous when you use a field shield and you find it difficult to see clearly.


Also getting a jean is important, I will advise you to get a long and free jean trouser, the Levi’s Men’s 505 Regular jeans is appropriate if you are a guy.

I will advise you not to get skinny jeans. This can expose your skin to a fast reaction on your body. The WallFlower Women Curvy Bootcut jeans is a perfect choice for ladies, it is free and thick…

These two jeans were recommended because it is what the Lowes Company expect their employee to wear. A jean that is tall enough to prevent damage, this jean is also thick, a long-lasting one to be precise.


It doesn’t matter if I am a fashion freak or not, what is most important here is to get the dress code that is acceptable by the company.

There is no point in being a fashion freak and not having valid information.

You should not try to break the dressing code of a company that is trying to make sure every employee is safe.

Not every company has a dressing code like Lowes, some feel the main reason you are working with them is to get paid.

So, before you apply for a job at Lowes, be sure you have most of these recommended wears because these are what I have used before, they are durable, comfortable to use, and affordable.

The best thing a can recommend for you is what I have intensive knowledge of, and this can not be gotten if you are not familiar with these products.

Lowes dress code ensures your safety, and so do these wears.

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