What Color Crocs Should I Get?

If at all you find yourself in a situation where you need to make a decision on the color of Crocs to go for, you should check your personality type and see which color will suit you the most.

Weird people who always love to look different love to go for the yellow color. For those who are always outgoing, cool, and fun to be around, a red color will suit them. Ladies who are so outgoing and love rap, these kinds of ladies can comfortably go for the hot pink color.

They are huge fans of Nicki Minaj and they also fell in love with it the more when the picture of her putting on her pink Crocs went viral on social media.

I am pretty sure that you have been in a situation where you were bad at choosing a color of Crocs for yourself, and you found it difficult because you were probably presented with a lot of colors.

You are confused, right?

Well, I will help you make the right decision on the color of Crocs you should choose. One thing that you need to know about choosing the right color of Crocs is that the kind of color you end up choosing largely depends on the person’s temperament.

What I will do is that I will pick a temperament and then explain the color that goes well with that temperament.

If you are a weird person and always want to stand out from the crowd – Yellow color of Crocs goes well

This applies a whole lot to those people who are so weird and will always want to stand out from the crowd.

Those who usually go for a color like yellow are usually weird people.

The Yellow color of Crocs literally stands out from the crowd and there is a reason why weird people go for this color.

Most times the reason is that they are usually called too quiet and because of that you want to show that you are not completely weird or ‘too quiet’ as they may say, so you want to wear something that will make you want to be in the limelight or you want to stand out from the rest.

This happens a lot to those who people see as weird or too quiet. You will barely see people who go for Yellow crocs.

Yellow is cool to those weird people who want to look different from the crowd, if you are one of them or you have found yourself in this situation, then you should have known by now which color suits you the most.

You are a very cool person and fun to be around – Red color of Crocs.

The red color is a very bright color that communicates a great amount of energy and life. Some also feel that it is a very lustful and sexy color.

If you are the type that you always want to prove to people how cool you are and how fun you are to be with, then red is the color that you are to go for.

These kinds of people are usually the life of the party. Anywhere they go they have a way of turning up in the place and letting everyone know that you are around.

Red is a very good color to go for if you are this type of person, most times people do not get bored or tired of you easily, this is because you have a charm that makes people want to be around you all the time.

Having this kind of temperament and choosing a red color of Crocs is really good and it says a lot about you. The brightness of the color and the brightness of your personality.

You are a very basic person – go for Baby pink or lilac Crocs

As much as you may not like to admit it, the truth is that you are a very basic personal and you are not so much of a fun person, this color will suit you.

You have a small circle but you always are the loudest in your small group. Most times you prefer to go out and have a drink on your own.

This is what a basic person really does and the color of Crocs that may likely suit you the most is baby pink or lilac, it is more of a calm color and not as bright as that of the red that was explained earlier.

If you discover that you are this type of person, if you want to go shopping for a particular color of Crocs, you should consider going for a baby pink or lilac color, this would suit your personality.

You love and demand attention – An orange color Crocs

With this personality trait, you are quite similar to the very cool and fun to be around person that loves the red colour.

Both red and Orange are actually very bright colors and the temperaments that fit these colors are also very similar.

If you are always the life of the party, you draw and at the same time, you demand attention a whole lot. You are a bit not happy when you do not get the attention you crave most times.

These kinds of people should go for the orange color because orange is a very bright color and it is a kind of color that shows exactly your personality trait.

People who are usually fun and lively love bright things and bright colors.

You are a very outgoing lady that loves rap and also a huge fan of Nicki Minaj – A hot pink color of Crocs goes well

This applies mostly to those ladies out there who are very outgoing and find it so easy to mix around with new people or people you are just meeting for the first time.

Anywhere you go you are always lively, you care less about what people think and you are not ashamed to be your real self even in the presence of people you’re just meeting for the first time.

Let me guess, you are a very huge fan of Nicki Minaj and you follow her on social media a lot. You must have seen her rock her hot pink Crocs on social media on the picture she posted that went viral.

It stirred up a lot of comments as well. The hot pink color of Crocs suits you so well if the personality I described here is truly you, the next time you are going to get a Croc, you should go for the hot pink!

You love juvenile things a lot and you are not bothered about what others think about this trait – A glitter Crocs would suit you

Most times you see that it is mostly children who love to wear glitter Crocs

These days, not only children love this glitter Crocs, you will often find adults wearing it, and just like I have described above.

If you are the kind of person that is obsessed with juvenile things a whole lot and you are not bothered about what others might think about this, then a glitter Crocs would be good for you.

This is because the glitter that the Crocs come with will give you this kind of juvenile vibes that makes you feel like a very young person once again.

This kind of person cares less about other people’s opinions on his choice of preference. It may look a little awkward that an adult likes juvenile things, the truth is that there are people like that and just like I have said, these kinds of people do not care about other people’s opinions.

You are a person full of energy & always like to look bright at parties – A lime green color of Crocs

If you are this person so full of energy and you do not like dull moments, then you should consider going for a lime green color of Crocs.

When you go for night shows or night parties, you like to wear outfits that glitters, an example is neon green.

When you wear this like green color to a night party or night shows, it shows a lot about you that you love things that bring so much energy.

When the lime green shines, you will definitely fall in love with it. You should check yourself and if truly you are the kind of person described above, then a lime green color will suit you so well.

You are this kind of principled person with a “dad” Kind of vibes – A dark green color or Crocs would be great

If you are this kind of person that lives his life based on principles and you have this kind of “dad” way of living your life. You are cool and easygoing, the dark green color of crocs will suit you so well.

You also do not find it interesting going to clubs, you hardly even go clubbing, anytime any of your friends invite you to any club or for a night time out, you always turn down their invite, then you should go for the dark green color of Crocs.

When you want to have a time out, you would rather go on your own to a bar and probably watch your favorite football match while taking a bottle of beer all by yourself.

If this personality describes you then you should know by now that going for dark green color of Crocs will so much suit your personality.

You are such a simple person that other people misunderstand and think you are so boring – A black color of Crocs would do

Black Crocs are not really seen as a very fashionable color of Crocs. That is why when people see you wearing the black color of Crocs, they usually feel like you are so boring and may need to get a life.

Only if they could understand that you are just a simple person trying to look simple in your outfit. Why people see the back color as off is because it is worn mostly by chefs and anyone else who is not a chef that is seen wearing this black color of Crocs.

It will seem as though you are a boring person who does not care so much about fashion or looking stylish.

You are not so interested in Crocs, you just want something simple that you can put on and slap some jewelry on top – A white Crocs would suit you

These kinds of people are not so interested in Crocs, what they want is that they are just looking for something easy to put on and what they can wear even on casual occasions without having to stress themselves too much.

If you are this kind of person, a white Crocs would go a long way for you, especially if you are the type that would love to slap some jewel on it to also make it look more attractive, the white color of the crocs will help project the jewelry to make it more prominent.

Most times, these kinds of people did not intend to buy Crocs at the beginning, they only saw how good it was on someone else and they decided to get one that they can rock.

Just like I mentioned earlier, they are not so interested in buying crocs, they wanted something simple that they can easily wear out, and seeing Crocs on someone that looks so good, they made a decision to go for it.


Just like I have mentioned earlier, the kind of color of Crocs you end up choosing depends on your temperament and personality.

Now that you have seen a variety of colors and personalities that match the colors, you should be able to make your choice by now based on your personality.

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