How Long Should Clarks Shoes Last?

If well maintained, and barring any manufacturing defects, your Clarks shoes should last for 5 years. I have been using my Clarks Men’s Wallabee Chukka Boot since 2012 and they are still as good as new.

The longevity of a shoe depends on a number of factors like maintenance and quality of shoes, and since we know Clarks makes what’s arguably one of the best shoes on the market.

How Long Should Clarks Shoe Last?

It all boils down to maintenance habits, a pair of quality Clarks shoes can last a lifetime if taken care of properly and meticulously.

After you spend a substantial amount in purchasing an expensive shoe it is only fitting to put in the time and dedication in making it last, else it would just be a complete waste of money.

I don’t know about you, but if I purchase a pair of shoes I love, I would want them to go the distance, metaphorically speaking of course.

How to make your Clarks shoes last

There are certain items you can get and steps to be taken in other to make your Clarks shoes last long, years, or maybe even Decades depending on how well you follow instructions.

Use Shoe Trees to keep your Clarks shoe in shape

How Long Should Clarks Shoe Last?

You may be thinking is this a shoe in the shape of a tree? Or is this a tree you hang shoes on?

No. However some are made from wood. A shoe tree (like this one on Amazon) is a device that is in the shape of human feet. Made from different materials that go into your shoes after use to help them retain their shape and form.

When we wear our shoes all day, our feet sweat a lot and this sweat is soaked up in the leather of our shoes, and this softens it.

When we take the shoes off, it is already distorted from our feet flexing through them all day.

If we allow them moisture dry while the shoes are still distorted, it retains the shape and causes wrinkles and Creases to the leather.

After wearing your shoes all day you ought to insert the shoe tree in your shoes to stretch the leather back to its original shape, as this will get rid of the creases and help the shoe retain its shape.

The wooden shoe trees are the most ideal, but there are other types. The wooden shoe tree absorbs moisture from your shoes after sweating all day and as an added bonus.

Shoe tree made from cedarwood has a natural aromatic smell and when you use them.

They leave your shoes dry and fresh, odor-free.

Use Dust Bags to protect from dust

How Long Should Clarks Shoe Last?

As the name implies, these are bags that prevent dust from ruining your shoes, Dustbags (like this one on Amazon) also help keep your shoes clean and tidy.

They prevent your shoes from getting scrapes and cuts when you leave them out in the open, they also keep your shoes from being exposed to excess sunlight.

Excess Sunlight will cause your leather shoes to begin to fade after a while. When you are traveling, dustbags are ideal for carrying your shoes in your bag, as they can get scratched by your belt buckle or any sharp rigid object it comes in contact with.

If you can not get a dustbag, there are other alternatives such as an old pillowcase.

The ideal dust bag has to be porous enough to let air in. If you use materials like plastic bags or leather, they will trap moisture from the shoe in the bag and that will inevitably ruin the shoe.

Stop handling your Clarks shoes roughly

How Long Should Clarks Shoe Last

There are certain acts we engage in with our shoes that will inevitably make them begin to wear after a short period of time.

Acts like, how you take off your shoes, most times when taking off our shoes because we have had a stressful and long day we become impatient while undressing and just kick the shoes off our feet in total disregard.

That is certainly going to cause damage to our shoes, and you need to take your time, untie your laces, and gradually take them off.

Another act is putting on our shoes without the use of shoehorns. A shoehorn (like this one on Amazon) is a tool, usually flat that we use to support our heels to easily enter our shoes.

Without the use of shoehorns, the back of the shoe gradually stretches and loses its shape.

After spending half your paycheck on the shoes you’ve been admiring for months, you end up taking it for granted simply because you’re impatient.

Your impatience and lack of tact will cost you, so just take your time, treat your shoe with respect.

Shine or Clean your Shoes regularly

This is an aspect that people always underestimate because either they don’t clean the shoes often enough.

They also use the wrong cleaning agent for the shoes, so you need to know your shoe. Research best practices for cleaning and shining shoes, which will make things a lot easy.

If this isn’t obvious, let me explain. When you do not clean your shoes regularly and allow the dirt and dust to settle on your shoes.

This will slowly compromise the material of your shoes and will cause them to begin to crack and lose their color.

So, you need to know the kind of material your shoes are made from and get the appropriate cleaning equipment (like this one) for them.

If you use the wrong kind of cleaning agent, it can also cause discoloration and ruin your shoes.

Own Multiple Clarks shoes

The better the quality of your shoes, the easier it is for them to last long when you maintain them. If you buy cheap low-quality shoes, no matter what you do to maintain them, they will eventually give way due to their shelf life.

You also need to own more than one pair of shoes, you can’t just keep wearing the same shoes every day and expect them to last.

Shoes need time to breathe and regain their original shape after use, so you need another pair to rotate daily.

Typically the more you use a pair of shoes, the quicker the sole wears out. So if you own two, the life span doubles, and if it’s more, you get the idea.

You can never go wrong owning more than one pair of shoes, you need to switch things up and treat yourself if you can afford to.

Why you need a pair of Clarks shoes in your collection

How Long Should Clarks Shoe Last?

C. & J. Clark International Ltd., simply known as Clarks is a shoe manufacturing brand that has been in business since the early 19th Century.

When it comes to quality Clarks is one of the most prominent brands on the market.

With over 150 years of experience in the shoe manufacturing sector, there is no question that Clarks have figured out the best formula when it comes to shoe quality and certainly knows what customers want and need.

If you were to research Clarks shoes and get online reviews, you would find that purchasing a pair of Clarks is a no-brainer. You don’t need me to tell you that Clarks shoes basically sell themselves.

Variety of Shoe choice

Does your workplace have a strict dress code, you need School shoes, or you need a pair of shoes for a white tie event? No matter the situation, Clarks has range.

Whatever your taste is or whatever shoes you’re looking to purchase, you can find them at Clarks.

They make shoes for every social or formal event. Does not matter what kind of outfit you have or the kind of shoe your workplace requires.

With Clarks, you have an assortment of choices to purchase, and they come in Men, Women, and Children’s sizes.


When you spend money on a pair of Expensive shoes, what do you expect? Durability, Luxury, and Beauty, right? Clarks shoes meet all these standards and more.

In maintaining the high standards of their brand, Clarks generally use the best materials when making shoes and spare no cost in the assembly either.

This makes their shoes durable and stylish, the leather is top-notch and has a luxurious finish to it.

Clarks shoes are so iconic that even Hollywood celebrities wear them regularly, which speaks volumes on the quality of their shoes does it not?


Financial intelligence is vital when making plans to add shoes to the ones you already have in your closet.

You may want to treat yourself to a new pair of shoes or simply looking for a gift for a loved one but you’re on a budget. There are Clarks shoes that are within your price range, so you go overboard when buying shoes.

As a brand that favors quality, Clarks shoes are affordable.

No matter what your budget is for a new pair of shoes, you can always find a pair within your range.

When it comes to spending money on an item we admire, sometimes we spare no cost because the value of an item is usually something we place by ourselves, so, whether on a budget or you just want multiple shoes at a discount, Clarks is an ideal brand.

From the insoles; soft cushioned and padded leathers to give maximum comfort to the sole of your feet, to the main body; flexible leather to absorb stress and stretch evenly when your feet are in your shoes, you’d never go wrong buying Clarks shoes.

Unique Designs

Have you ever worn a pair of shoes you really like and while you’re strolling across town running errands or whatever, you meet several people with similar designs or shoes as yours.

I don’t know about you but I like my shoes to be unique, and I like to delude myself into thinking I own the only pair of the shoe.

Clarks shoes usually have a sleek silhouette that’s flashy and eye-catching. There always come up with innovative and new designs for footwear that you would not find with other brands giving them a competitive edge.


No matter the outfit we put on when selecting shoes to match, we never want to trade comfort for style.

Do not end up wearing a great-looking pair of shoes and end up with blisters all over your feet because the shoes are so darn uncomfortable.

With Clarks, you get the best of both worlds.


How Long Should Clarks Shoe Last?

After spending so much money on a great pair of Clarks shoes you adore, the best way to find out how long they can last is to take matters into your hands by ensuring you take adequate steps in the maintenance of your shoes.

Whether it’s investing in a couple of pairs of cedarwood Shoe Tree for Crack, Crease, and Odor prevention while maintaining the original shape of your Clarks shoes, or investing your time to properly clean your shoes after every use with the convenient equipment that suits the material of your shoes.

You can simply own multiple pairs so you can swap between them daily and give them a long shelf life.

I once got a pair of “Hand-me-down†shoes from an uncle which he swore he had been using for over 15 years and these pair of shoes looked not older than 3 years.

That is what good shoe maintenance and care gives you, LONGEVITY for your Clarks shoes.

An Incredible pair of Clarks supplemented with an even more Incredible etiquette of shoe maintenance will make your shoe last for years to decades.

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