Can You Wear Crocs In A Restaurant?

As an employee, there are some Crocs shoes you can wear to work in a restaurant. Crocs make solid-toed shoes with nonslip soles which are suitable for restaurant and kitchen use.

Regular soled Crocs are not recommended because they do not offer much grip. There are specific Crocs shoes that are designed for work in a restaurant, they are without holes and non-slip, also easy to clean, and last a long time.

Whatever your choice is, they need to be approved by the restaurant you are working at.

In addition, some restaurants will not let you wear regular Crocs to work because they have open heels. This is why Crocs have their special shoe design for restaurant and nurse workers.

This Crocs is not suitable for restaurant

In this post, we will be looking at the types of Crocs you can wear in a restaurant as an employee and the ones that are not ideal to wear. You will also learn why the shoe you wear in the kitchen matters a lot and where else you can wear Crocs.

The primary concern of most food-chain establishments regarding the shoe their workers wear is not only about appearance and uniformity. It also has to do with preventing slip and fall injuries.

So, if you want to wear Crocs to work at a restaurant, you want to make sure that you are wearing the ideal style of Crocs. There are some Crocs designs that are not suitable to be worn in a restaurant as an employee.

What are the types of Crocs you can wear in a restaurant?

The best suitable shoes for working at a restaurant are the most durable and comfortable ones in the market. They should be slip-resistant and have quality shoe material.

Working as a food preparation worker in the kitchen or in any area of a restaurant requires you to devote most of your time on your feet, on solid and slippery surfaces.

There are some Crocs shoes – Crocs restaurant shoes – that have been designed to and keep you comfortable while at work.

These Crocs shoes I am about to show you are built complete with Crocs proprietary Croslite material footbed. They are also lightweight shoes that are ideal for long periods of time.

First is this groundbreaking Crocs Neria Pro Ii Clog: It is a work clog best suitable for women and built with the right protection and comfort you need at every step of the way when working.

This is the type of crocs you will need for long days and nights. I also love it because it is super easy to clean. The shoes are fully molded and easy to clean by just using soap and water. This Neria pro clog is slip-resistant and offers a generous, roomy fit with heels that meet workplace standards.

It also features removable, washable footbed liners. Most significantly, the shoe has a thicker toe region to protect feet from spills. So it is not only non-slip shoes for women, it also serves as work shoes you can wear in any establishment functioning as kitchen shoes, nursing shoes, and chef shoes.

I also recommend this Crocs Men’s and Women’s On The Clock Clog is a Crocs design that is ideal to wear to work at a restaurant. It is what my cousin currently use to work. He tells me they are very comfortable.

What is more interesting about this shoe is that it has a small profile. The insole is fairly thick and provides a lot of cushions while you walk in the shoes for long shift hours.

He also tells me that the nonslip sole works great. And with the way they look, very easy to clean by just rinsing and wiping. It is a great shoe for working the floor of the hospital or the restaurant.

The only downside is that this one does not really breathe well, we have had people complaining about how badly their feet sweat. But thanks to the removable sole that is perforated which means it whisks away the moisture.

So you can simply remove the sole after wearing these shoes and allowing them to dry. The shoe is not like other Crocs you see out there. It is specially designed for work purposes.

Also, this Crocs Women’s Flats, Slip Resistant Work Shoes is another perfect Crocs design for baristas, restaurant servers, healthcare, and service industry workers who want the versatile styling of flats but with the reinforcements of true work shoes.

The shoe is fully molded and easy to clean by just using soap and water and allowing for a quick dry. While they are for women, they are incredibly lightweight and fun to wear. The shoe features Iconic Crocs Comfort making them the perfect pair of non-slip shoes for women.

It is slip-resistant and features enhanced arch support and a relaxed fit for added comfort. It is indeed a perfect shoe for a busy schedule.

There are quite a number of other Crocs shoes that are ideal to wear in a restaurant as an employee, but the three models listed above are tested and trusted and will work well for you.

Now, we say that there are some Crocs that should not be worn in a restaurant, what are these types of Crocs, and why? Let’s find out.

What are the types of Crocs you should not wear in a restaurant?

In the search for knowing which pair of Crocs is good for wearing to work in a restaurant, it is equally important to know which kind of Crocs to avoid.

There are some Crocs designs you should run away from if you are to wear Crocs to work in a restaurant. These designs are:

Crocs Sandals

Can You Wear Crocs In A Restaurant?

When you work in a restaurant or in any given kitchen area, the last thing you would want to wear on your feet is an exposed shoe. Crocs sandals design makes your feet exposed. And, an exposed foot is a vulnerable foot – vulnerable to injury.

It is simply against the health code and measures in restaurants for employees to wear shoes that exposed the feet. A very good example of Crocs under this category is this Crocs Swiftwater river sandal.

It is not ideal to wear such to work in a restaurant.

Crocs Boat Shoes

Can You Wear Crocs In A Restaurant?

Boat shoes might be nonslip, but you need more than a nonslip shoe to wear when working in a restaurant. Some of the Crocs boat shoes will disappoint you on slick floors.

The Crocs classic boat shoes do not offer the needed arch support for long hours shift. They also have ample space to house kitchen debris.

Crocs Heels Designs

Can You Wear Crocs In A Restaurant?

Needless to say, you can not be comfortable on heels when carrying out the duties of an employee in a restaurant. Most establishments do not even approve the wearing of heels-designed shoes for their employees.

Shoes like the Crocs Cyprus heels are no-go areas for wearing to work in a restaurant. If you want to wear such Crocs at all cost, then you are setting yourself up for painful cuts and calluses.

Where else can your wear Crocs?

Can You Wear Crocs In A Restaurant?

Crocs are very good footwear. They are easy to clean, wear and maintain. Apart from wearing to work in a restaurant (which comes with strict selection), there are other places and instances that wearing Crocs will go down well.

You can wear Crocs for rainy days

Crocs are strip resistance which allows you to walk in the rain with a confident stride. Investing in a pair of Crocs now can save you from those embarrassing moments of a rainy day. They are also easy to clean, which means that whatever stain it has, just rinsing and wiping will do the magic.

Wearing your Crocs for all occasions

Take it or leave it, Crocs have so many designs that they fit for most occasions. There are varying degrees of Crocs style that you make your choice from.

This advantage of a wide selection of footwear makes it ideal to match with your outfit for any occasion, from the design of the sandals to even the boots, there is also a suitable pair of Crocs for that occasion.

For extreme sporting adventures

Yes, they may look very simple. They are. And even at that, these amazing footwear are made of special Croslite material that provides Crocs with its versatility and durability.

Crocs are suitable for extreme sporting adventures such as kayaking, hiking, biking, and even sky-diving. Ideal Crocs shoes feature non-absorbent material that will be easy to clean with just rinse and wipe to get the footwear ready for the next sporting adventure.

With your friends

Crocs are available for both kids and adults alike, you can color match with your friends and family for a photo shoot or for the fun of it. It is one of the best ways to rock Crocs.

Reasons for wearing the right shoes in the kitchen?

The shoes you wear while you work in a restaurant really matters a lot, not only to conform with the shoe dress code of the restaurant but also for safety reasons. You need a kind of shoe that will not only protect you from slipping by also keep you comfortable while being on your feet for hours on end.

Before I conclude this post, there are the key reasons why it is very important to choose the best suitable restaurant shoes.

Spills on the floor

For restaurant workers, but in the kitchen and on the counter, non-slip shoes are non-negotiable. As a matter of fact, I do not think it is in any restaurant dress code policy to wear shoes that are not non-slip.

While this important feature in shoes will protect you as a staff, it also protects the business.

No matter how organized restaurant management runs, it is inevitable to have some things ending up on the floor. Wearing the proper restaurant shoes will go a long way in ensuring your safety while you move around.

Protection from hazard

I know you are careful about cutting or burning your hands. But there is also the possibility of food dropping to the floor and burning feet and legs. This is why wearing the proper shoe when working in a restaurant or any given kitchen area can not be overemphasized.

It is very important to have sturdy shoes that can withstand a bit of impact because it does not take much to lose your grip and drop a heavy box or container on your feet.

For the right feet support

Lastly, it is no news that restaurant workers spend long hours on their feet. This makes arch support a critical feature that must come along with your shoe as a restaurant worker.

You should wear shoes that support the natural curve of your feet. Proper shoes to wear when working in a restaurant will improve comfort during long shifts and also prevent injury.

Final words

Can You Wear Crocs In A Restaurant?

If you work in a restaurant, Protection and quality support are two things that must not be missing in the overall design of your shoes. There are, of course, more than one ways to get burned or slip off the floor while working in a restaurant.

Wearing the wrong pair of shoes is certainly one of them. Crocs are very good footwear, and they have special styles that have been designed with restaurant workers in mind.

If you want to wear Crocs to your workplace, make sure you are investing in a quality pair that will carry you through many-a-shift just like the ones recommended on this post.

If you have any thought concerning these suggestions, feel free to share in the comment section.

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