Can I Melt My Crocs?

Yes, you can. Crocs have the potential to melt under extreme temperatures of about 150 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is because Crocs are manufactured using a patented closed-cell resin known as Croslite which can melt when exposed to the heat of high intensity.

Also, immersing your favorite Crocs foam clogs into direct fire or setting it ablaze will surely burn it or melt it into nothingness.

Can I Melt My Crocs

Croslite, which Crocs are made of, is a very powerful synthetic-like material that can do well in extreme temperatures. The only form of changes it will undergo is shrinking or changing of structure where you begin to notice some dents and it becomes too disfigured to wear.

How can I dispose of Crocs?

There are a lot of ways to dispose of your Crocs and tossing them in the trash can is not one of them. They can be recycled because of their unique properties.

That is the Croslite material. Despite being an awesome shoe, I one day, get tired of using them and then proceed to get another new pair.

They do not decompose or biodegrade over time which makes them easy to recycle. Over the years, I have owned a lot of Crocs and I haven’t thrown anyone away, instead, I am going to tell you some ways in which you can safely dispose of them.

Make some art with them

When I chose to dispose of my Crocs, I simply use them as decoratives in my offices or homes instead of throwing them away. Most of them possess some really nice color textures for decoration like the Color Classic Clogs.

All I have to do is wash them and add some colors. They can be cut to various sizes too. This can also be done in orphanages where kids have the opportunity to showcase their creativity too.

I haven’t donated my old Crocs for that purpose yet, but I am looking forward to it.

Useful in the garden

Have you ever wished there was a cheap and accessible object to use for holing your young plants in the garden? I have been in that scenario many times and ever since I came across this hack, it has been a gem.

can i melt my crocs
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Crocs are very light in nature especially the Coast Clogs and the classics. They can easily hold the fragile plants together without hurting them.

In case of rainfall and the fear of the shoe getting all wet, moisture, and heavy, Crocs do not hold water for long and get dry in minutes.

This is another smart I recycle my Crocs. Because they are practically lightweight, they can easily hold fragile plants together in the garden. Here, there is no need to bother about your plants getting crushed by your shoe. Crocs are light and even though beaten by rain, they’ll dry up before you know it.

For storing my pencils and pens

Have you ever thought of your old Crocs being a very good pencil holder sitting nicely on your desk? Well, I have seen many of my colleagues try this trend in their office desks. Old Crocs mustn’t be disposed of in the garbage so easily.

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You will have to agree with me that pencil holders always come in handy. My kids especially will have this value. Crocs, due to their lightweight, colorful designs and shape, can make for a very good pencil holder to be kept on the table and then your pencils safer than ever.

I could even donate them

For effective disposal, donating your Crocs can really be one of the best decisions you can ever make. There are so many charity organizations to reach out to in order to touch lives with your gently-used Clock Clogs.

Resell at thrift stores

Another brilliant way of disposing of your Crocs is the thrift stores. Make a few extra bucks by reselling gently used Crocs for cheap. It is always better than destroying them or taking them out to the trash.

How to fix warped Crocs

A warped Crocs looks very much different from the original state and it becomes unusable. In order to fix your warped Crocs, you will need a good amount of heat to make the Croslite material a bit more flexible.

After that, you can keep stretching until you have noticed the material is fixed.

The most common cause of warped Crocs is careless storage. For example, the first time I got my Crocs warped was when I clumsily packed up my bags during a vacation. There was no much space in the assigned luggage and I literally stuffed the shoe in a small space. I was in a hurry and didn’t bother.

When I got to my destination and was unpacking, I realized my Bistro Black has been twisted beyond recognition. Although the clogs were not as solid as Crocband Clogs, they still got warped and I felt it was over. But after a brief research, I learned that I could actually fix them.

Believe me, when my Crocs got warped it was worse than expected because the material felts even harder than its normal shape.

Hot water

Get a pot of water and turn on the cooker. Do not worry about getting your shoes in the worst state. Croslite materials do well in heat and only change the texture to a more flexible state.

About 100 degrees of boiling water will do this trick. Use your steel spoon or a spatula to stir while the water is boiling so the heat reaches every part of the shoe.

When fixing a warped Crocs, it means that the whole shoe has twisted so everywhere needs some heat. It’s like reshaping the shoe from the beginning.

After this, immediately grab like 3 to 4 pairs of socks and put them on. The reason I recommend so many stockings is because you will need all that protection from burns.

Yes, you will be putting in that steamy shoe without wasting much time. I needed to get it to reshape with my feet and it was a whole lot easier than when it was dry. Keyword; heat.

I couldn’t feel the heat much because I wore three thick stockings and walked around the house in those warm shoes. The first attempt did not get my Crocs back to their normal state but there was some progress.

I repeated this process three times and voila! They wear back in shape! Keep repeating this process until you have discovered some real changes.

The cloth dryer

My cloth dryer is another haven for excessive heat and this is what I need to get my warped shoes feeling fit again. I did set my dryer to medium for about 10 minutes in order to get them in a flexible state.

This method is usually based on the type of dryer you are using. While most dryers need around 125-140 degrees, some dryers need over 150 degrees of heat to achieve desired results.

I simply wrap my shoes with a very thick towel or mix them up with some clothes. The reason I do this is to create some moisture for the Croslite material. Just like the boiling water method, the shoe needs some moisture to get it into a soft and flexible state so it can be reshaped.

After 10 minutes or more (depending on the extent of the damage), take out the shoes with the towel. Use the towel for protection because the Crocs are going to be very hot. Grab like 3-4 pairs of socks and put them on then wear the shoes.

You will have to walk around the house for about 30 minutes with the Crocs on so you can reshape it to your feet. Cloth dryers are more powerful than a pot of boiling water so I am more cautious enough to stay around when it’s heating up so as not to get my Crocs burnt or melted.

The hairdryer

This is another home device that can get you some real heat for reshaping your Crocs.

The hairdryer will definitely power a good amount of heat you need to shrink your Crocs. The shrinking and the unshrinking process is anything but challenging and this method happens to be one of the easiest on my list.

Hairdryers emit consistent moisturized heat of up to over 170 degrees centigrade which is enough for shrinking your Crocs. I got this particular method from a DIY hack and it is as effective as the rest.

Switch on your dryer and keep working on your Crocs for 3 minutes. The material will continue to become smaller until the desired size is achieved.

How to fix bent Crocs

Although bent shoes are not as severe a problem as when it is all warped, the same methods are applied but they won’t be needing as much heat or intensity as when warped.

You can either use some hot water, a cloth dryer, or a hairdryer. They are the safest and most easy to use.

These are methods I have been able to try out in order to fix my Crocs whenever they change shape or become bent at some unusual angle. I have already taken you through how to go about them.

But before all that, we have to understand why your shoe got bent in the first place so we don’t have to encounter such scenarios again.

My Crocs got bent as a result of a heavy object being placed on top of it for a long time. This usually happens to neglected shoes but could happen to your current one when you get too careless.

Croslite material is amazingly sturdy and at the same time soft and comfortable but when put under some really intense weight pressure, it will surely lose its shape.

Another case is overuse. When my Freesail Clogs were getting old, I noticed that it was not as comfortable as they used to be. The back heel got a little lower with time and there was a huge dent on the front due to all that squatting over the years.

To fix bent Crocs, the process is quite easy than people see it. You put on your Crocs one morning and discover some awkward movements.

Sometimes it might take some time to notice depending on the extent of the damage. In this kind of case, the easiest way to know is when you begin to have some sore feet. Really? Sore feet on Crocs? Something definitely is wrong somewhere.

How to fix deformed Crocs

Deformed Crocs might be the worst state of all, and most times, they cannot be fixed. A deformed state, by dictionary meaning, is something that is no longer in its natural shape.

Although you can apply the aforementioned methods and still get it back to normal, it is an extremely rare case to do that.

A deformed Crocs might never get back to a wearable state because a lot of issues can be the cause aside from just twisting and bending. A deformed Crocs can be even torn with the presence of cracks or some chunks might be missing!

Are Crocs bad for the environment?

Simply put, Crocs are environmentally friendly and are not bad for our environment’s survival. They are extremely environmentally friendly and efficient as well.

They are not biodegradable so they won’t become waste when no longer in use but instead, effectively recyclable.

Crocs are also very durable and it will take a very long time to be thrown away. A lot of people claim that Crocs are not bad for the environment but still prefer leather shoes. My take is that they are the best environmentally-friendly shoes out there, period.

Taking all of their composition, value, and use into consideration, my point will always sound valid especially to those who won a pair.

I have stated that they do not only decompose but can be re-sold and also reused for so many homes and office equipment. In fact, they can be used for virtually anything especially when they can be cut and colored.


My Crocs can easily be destroyed by fire or any other destructible means. But this doesn’t need to be so. When we are tired of using them, we don’t need to dispose of them by throwing them into the garbage or destroying them.

Crocs shoes and the Croslite material can be very useful even without being on your feet and as I have said, can be very environmental-friendly.

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  1. This is a silly article. No one wants to keep pens and pencils in a used croc and most people will just throw away a deformed one. The fact that they are not biodegradable makes them bad for the environment no matter how you spin it.

  2. I was actually looking for a way to melt my crocs into a liquid and re-cast in a mold, maybe to make sole inserts for other shoes, not this nonsense. They don’t kill wildlife, sure, but the non-biodegradable nature of them means they’re about as nature-friendly as a piece of solid ceramic or a chunk of steel in the woods. The material from which they are made is so comfortable, I would LOVE to be able to put them in other shoes!


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