Do Crocs Get Softer Over Time?

Yes, Crocs are made out of a type of foam that softens when exposed to prolonged temperatures. In other words, they tend to soften and stretch over time, especially when they come in contact with high heat often. However, the softening possibility of crocs comes true to the types of clogs used in making the … Read more

Can You Boil Crocs (and Eat Them)?

Who would have thought that you could actually boil your Crocs? Of course, your Crocs shoes can be boiled and eaten even with some dessert! LOL. Imagine walking into a very nice eatery on a very sunny weekend. After settling down in your seat, the waiter wastes no time walking up to your empty table. … Read more

Why Do Crocs Have Bumps?

Crocs are a kind of slippers that allows your legs to breathe and air to circulate. The bumps under Crocs allow it to feel very comfortable and soft. The bump under crocs is a foam-like attachment to the base of these amazing slippers and it makes it soft enough. As opposed to other types of … Read more

Are Crocs Meant to be Loose?

Wondering whether Crocs meant to be loose? Crocs shoes are built to hug tightly to our feet without causing discomfort and this is usually possible because of the Croslite material which is soft, lightweight, moisture-resistant, and shock-absorbent. I fell in love with Crocs shoes mainly for the sheer comfort and when it feels loose, it … Read more

Can I Eat My Crocs Shoes?

Why would you want to eat your Crocs shoes? Haha! Well, let us get into the real meat of seeing whether Crocs are really edible. Although Crocs shoes are made of a non-toxic material called Croslite and are edible, I wouldn’t advise you to consume them. It is crocs, a shoe! Hey, I’m not a … Read more