Melted Crocs: What Can Cause Crocs To Melt?

The general reason why Crocs melt is if it is exposed to extreme heat over a long period of time.

Crocs is made of rubber material which makes it very vulnerable to heat. You cannot place your Crocs around heat for a long period of time and not expect it to begin to melt gradually or instantly.

There are times when your Crocs gradually begins to shrink as you continue to expose it to heat constantly until It gets so shrunk and ugly that you can no longer wear it again.

Heat causes Crocs to melt because of the material used in producing it. To prevent your Crocs from melting, then you should stay away from heat.

However, there are several heat conditions that can lead to melted Crocs. It is not every heat condition that leads to melted Crocs.

For example, drying your Crocs in the sun after a wash would not lead to melting. When I talk of heat conditions, I am referring to the extreme heat conditions that would begin to compromise the chemical components of the rubber material that can cause it to begin to melt.

What can cause Crocs to melt

Exposing your Crocs to fire

Melted Crocs: What Can Cause Crocs To Melt?

This is not common among the many reasons why Crocs can melt.

However, it is the easiest way to melt your Crocs quickly.

Crocs are made of Croslite that is a closed-cell resin foam, which is composed of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate). Crocs can melt when it is exposed to a certain amount of temperature.

Certain researches show that Crocs cannot withstand heat as high as 200 – 35- degree Fahrenheit.

Once your Crocs meets fire, it would melt.

This is why it is important for you to keep your Crocs far away from fire.

Crocs are made of durable material, but this does not make them indestructible. Crocs can last long if you subject it to the right and proper condition.

I have seen many people who destroyed their Crocs just because they want to make it a little bit wider or they want to make it shrink.

There is nothing beneficial in trying to manipulate your Crocs this way. You might end up destroying your Crocs so badly.

Do not bring your Crocs near fire. It would melt completely because the material used to make Crocs is not fire-resistant.

It takes an average of 68 seconds for your Crocs to begin to melt if kept near fire or in a fire. Do not keep your Crocs near a fire; it is extremely detrimental for your Crocs.

The material used in producing Crocs can serve as fuel for fire. This is why it is advisable for you to keep your Crocs away from fire because they are not heat resistant.

Exposing your Crocs to the sun

Melted Crocs: What Can Cause Crocs To Melt?

When you expose your Crocs to the sun for a long period, you should expect it to begin to melt.

Most times, we make the mistake of leaving our Crocs in the sun for extended periods; this is not good for the texture of your Crocs.

It is very possible for parts of Crocs to begin to melt when exposed to extreme heat like the hot sun we experience in summer.

Leaving your Crocs out in the sun for long hours or long duration of time can cause your Crocs to begin to melt.

Just as you can see in the picture above, the Crocs seems to be peeling off from the sideways. This can be a result of constant exposure to heat.

One thing you must however note is that you might not see the effect of the exposure immediately.

As a matter of fact, it is not immediately you begin to see the effect of exposure to heat. The melting of shrinking would occur as you consistently begin to subject your Crocs to extremely hot conditions like the sun.

The ripple effect of the damage you are causing to your Crocs by exposing it to the hot sun begins to take its toll till the material of your Crocs does not have any resistance anymore and gives in.

Melted Crocs can be a result of constant exposure to the sun.

When you want to dry your Crocs shoes after a mild wet swipe, the maximum amount of time you should leave it in the sun is nothing more than 1 minute.

If the sun is at its peak, your Crocs should spend nothing less than 20 – 30 seconds in such extreme heat conditions.

Once it spends more than 30 seconds, it would soften and begin to shrink which would lead to partial melting and a distortion of its appearance.

The sun is one of the major elements that cause melted Crocs.

Standing on a hot surface for a long time

Melted Crocs: What Can Cause Crocs To Melt?

This is another bizarre picture. It is very hard for me to imagine how this is possible. However, it is hard to deny because I have heard from people who have experienced this.

This is one of the shocking ways in which your Crocs can dissolve and melt away. This is an embarrassing sight to behold as well.

Crocs can melt when you stand on a hot ground surface for long. The floor surface might be heated up as a result of the sun or any other heated components.

As long as you stand on that floor surface without moving your feet, the heat begins to work on the sole of your Crocs which begins to melt and stick to the ground. This does not mean that you cannot wear Crocs on a hot floor surface.

It is okay to wear your Crocs on a hot ground surface as long as you are WALKING and not standing. Walking creates room for air to blow underneath your sole which is necessary for keeping the rubber material firm and together.

Walking across the hot floor surface does not give room for the heat to have a continued effect on the sole of your Crocs. This makes it impossible for your Crocs to melt.

However, the moment you stand on a single spot, the heat begins to have an effect coupled with the fact that there is no room for air to pass through the sole of your shoe and the pressure you are putting on the sole by standing on it for so long.

All these factors would surely lead to melted Crocs which can keep you glued to that spot until a corrective measure is taken.

This can either be by removing the Crocs and wearing another shoe or forcing the Crocs off the ground which would have a gory sight just as we have seen in the picture.

Leaving your Crocs in the dryer for a long time

There is a particular trick for making your Crocs shrink which I would not recommend for anyone.

This trick involves placing your Crocs into the dryer so that it would become soft and afterward removing it and stuffing it with towels or newspapers so that it would expand.

After it has expanded, you would now wear it with thick socks.

This method might seem to have worked for some, but a lot of people have lost their precious Crocs while trying to perform this trick. Don’t leave your Crocs in the dryer for too long.

It would totally disintegrate your Crocs and even spoil your dryer.

A lot of people who are scared of having their Crocs melted by drying it in the sun have opted for a dryer.

Using a dryer to dry your Crocs is good and effective as long as the temperature of the dryer is kept under checks and balances.

No matter what you do, never expose your Crocs to excess heat from a dryer. It is possible for your Crocs to melt if you expose it to such extreme heat.

It is good to dry your Crocs using a dryer, but make sure it is nothing less than 30 seconds under an average heated temperature.

Your Crocs can melt when hot liquid substance drops on it

This is another way to get your Crocs melted. This is especially for those walking in foodservice organizations like McDonald’s, Starbucks, etc.

It is possible for hot coffee to spill on your Crocs while trying to serve a customer or other hot liquid substance while preparing food in the kitchen.

Hot liquid can also cause your Crocs to melt or shrink. This is why you need to be extra careful whenever you are using Crocs in the kitchen or at any food service store.

It is funny to hear that shoes can melt right? This is some truth that you’ll always deal with.

Most especially when it comes to rubber shoes, it is good to know that they can melt. This is why extra care is needed in order to maintain the quality of Crocs.

A lot of people treat their Crocs anyhow because of how durable Crocs is. However, there is nothing that is designed to last by magic.

You need to put in a little bit of work to care for your Crocs if you indeed want it to last as long as it’s supposed to. There is nothing special about Crocs if you are not going to care for it very well.

I have fallen victim to melted Crocs and I can tell you that it very ugly to have a melted Crocs shoe. The disfigured look is so appalling.

As a matter of fact, you cannot wear melted Crocs ever again because of how it gets twisted when it melts off.

The bottom line and most important fact is to keep your Crocs away from heat as much as possible. Don’t expose your Crocs to excess heat.

Excess heat reduces durability and affects its appearance and outlook.

One of the major reasons why a lot of Crocs shrink is not because they are not made of superior quality; it is because they have been exposed to too much heat temperature than they can bear.

Once this is taken care of and controlled, you would enjoy your Crocs for a long time.

Crocs are durable and can resist some heat temperature. However, leaving your Crocs in an extended heat temperature is detrimental.

This is why it is always advisable for you to keep your Crocs in a cool dry environment in order for it to retain its quality.

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