How Much do Crocs Stretch?

Generally, Crocs stretch if worn for a long time. Crocs usually stretch between half an inch to a full inch in length after you must have broken into it and worn it for quite some time. There are a lot of factors that determine the lengths or widths on which they stretch. Some of the … Read more

How Long Do Fuzzy Crocs Last?

How long any material lasts, apart from product quantity, also boils down to usage – the care with which they are handled. Fuzzy Crocs, if used properly, can last for as long as five years. This is because they are very comfortable and functional. They can easily be cleaned. Water has little or no negative … Read more

Fake Crocs: 10 Typical Examples (Look-Alikes)

With the growing acceptance of crocs and its public demand, people are beginning to seek cheaper alternatives with great quality. Yeah, Crocs! The casual footwear has this beautiful fashionable finishing with holes that permits airflow. Here are my 10 Crocs Look-Alikes and why you may love them Heuyen Men Sports Crocs PCBSGQLZ Unicorn Cartoon Children … Read more

Are Crocs Good After Bunion Surgery?

Croc is a comfortable shoe with open toes, thus it does not fall under the category of shoes that can worsen the bunion. According to some footballers, Crocs bring long-term relief from foot pain, this is because of the wide toe box and the good arch support they possess unlike other smaller size shoes or … Read more