10 Best Crocs for Flat Feet (Reviewed in 2022)

Before I take you into the review of the very best Crocs for flat feet. Here is a table highlighting my top Crocs for flat feet, so you can go ahead and make your purchase. Here are 10 great Crocs for flat feet Name Category Crocs Baya fuzzy slippers Best for warmth Crocs Rx relief … Read more

Are Crocs Bogota Waterproof?

Unlike many crocs styles, the Bogota design is characterized by genuine leather uppers for a rugged, masculine look. One of the questions asked by many buyers of this design is whether or not the leather upper, and other parts of the footwear, are waterproof. The Croslite sole of Crocs Bogota is waterproof, and they dry … Read more

Crocband Flip vs Crocs Reviva: Comparison

The main difference between the Crocband flip and the Reviva Crocs is that Crocs Reviva comes with footbeds that help to massage your feet as you take every step in them. The Crocband flip on the other hand does not have such spa-like effect that is found in the Reviva crocs. The peculiar bounce feature … Read more

How to Make Rubber Jibbitz for Crocs (3 DIY Ways)

Have you ever worn crocs that are super cute and attractive? Jibbitz can give your crocs the wow look you’ve been looking for, especially when you fill your croc holes with them. Official Jibbitz are quite expensive and do not have varieties of options that may suit your style, so you might want to consider … Read more

Croslite vs Eva: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Croslite and Eva is that Croslite is actually made from EVA and synthesized into another product while Eva is a type of polymer that is naturally a stretchy substance made by mixing the compounds, ethylene, vinyl, and acetate.  Croslite is a reformed state of EVA and has better qualities. It is … Read more