Long Converse: 10 Knee High Converse-Like Shoes

Knee-high shoes that adopt the Converse design were quite popular but were eventually overshadowed by newer fashion trends. However, they remain a timeless fashion piece that can make a tremendous statement, depending on how you intend to style them. Well, no matter what you wear, the structure of Converse knee-high shoes gives your outfit an … Read more

11 Converse Alternatives Made In USA

Converse are shoes that are worn all over the world. Their irreplaceable and remarkable feature of being conversable makes them undeniably the best pairs of shoes anyone who enjoys comfort and class in one will definitely feel congenial buying. These pairs of shoes come in different colors and designs. The converse shoes are carefully manufactured … Read more

Feiyue vs Converse: Which is Better?

The major difference is that Converse shoes ensure that your feet are comfortable and offer arch support to people with flat feet while Feiyue shoes offer the transfer of lateral force, flexibility, and durability. While Converse offers comfortability, Feiyue offers more flexibility. This is very evident in the make of the shoes and when you … Read more