10 Best Shoes for Driving Manual Vehicles (in 2023)

It is a lot more difficult driving a manual gear transmission vehicle than it is driving an automatic.

Mainly for the fact that, unlike the automatic transmission where the gears switch back and forth as you accelerate and decelerate the vehicle, you have to switch between gears to increase or decrease your speed, by stepping on three pedals under the steering wheel.

For a task as tedious as this, you need to have the right footwear to ease the process and make it go smoothly.

In order not to waste money purchasing a subpar pair of shoes that would not cut it, why not take a moment and do a bit of light reading while I explain to you the best pair of shoes to get for a great driving experience.

Top 10 shoes for driving manual cars

1 Lacoste Men’s Piloter Tassel Loafers Driving Style width=”169″>Rubber Soles with leather Uppers, not water-resistant. 4/5
2 Clarks Men’s Ashmont Race Leather and synthetic materials, Arch support. 4/5
3 Cole Haan Women’s Driver Driving Style Loafer Rubber Soles and Outsole. 4/5


Aerosoles Women’s OverDrive Slip-On Loafer Leather Uppers, Rubber Sole, and Foam bed Insoles. 4/5
5 Simpson 28110BK The Hightop Slip Resistant, Ultra Sensitive Soles, and Fire Retardant. 5/5
6 Tod’s Ferrari Gommino Driving Shoes Leather material, rubber sole, slip-resistant. 4.5/5
7 Mio Marino Men’s Loafers and Slip-On Suede Uppers, Rubber Soles, and Cushioned Insoles. 4/5
8 PUMA Men’s Vedano Hook and Loop Sneaker 100% Leather, Sturdy Soles, and Non-slip rubber Outsole. 4.5/5
9 RaceQuip Race Shoe Suede leather Uppers, Flame retardant, Padded and full Arch support. 5/5
10 Cole Haan Men’s Gunnison Driver Moccasin Leather Uppers, Leather and Rubber Soles, Slip-resistant. 4.5/5

Best Shoes for Driving Manual Vehicles

Lacoste Men’s Piloter Tassel Loafers Driving Style

These pair of loafers provide the best mobility for your feet, with the shoe being low enough that it is not being restrictive to your ankles.

This will allow you to move your foot freely when your heels are on the floor as your foot pivots across the pedals.

It is a comfortable pair of shoe and will ease your driving experience and not make your feet cramp up when you drive for an extended period of time.

The versatility allows you to wear them whenever you want, however you need.

Clarks Men’s Ashmont Race

The arch and heel support of these pairs allow maximum balance and stability of your feet while driving.

The sturdy rubber sole has an anti-slip function which allows your feet to stay on the pedals even if slippery for whatever reason.

The streamlined shape allows you to step on the pedals without worrying about accidentally stepping on two pedals at the same time.

The shoe provides adequate ankle mobility since it is not restrictive and as an added bonus.

They can be worn as everyday casual shoes to work or social events.

Cole Haan Women’s Driver Driving Style Loafer

The Suede leather, sleek design, and animal print make these pair of Loafers not only ideal for driving but extremely stylish.

These are a versatile pair of shoes that can be worn to whatever function or event you want to attend, you don’t need to worry about changing shoes before or after driving.

They go with casual outfits as well.

The rubber sole and streamlined outsole give adequate traction to the pedals and will ensure your legs maintain a grip while you’re switching gears and no matter the terrain you are driving.

The traction keeps your foot on the pedals, you can’t go wrong with a pair like this.

Aerosoles Women’s OverDrive Slip-On Loafer

These pair of loafers are easy to use and you don’t have to stress yourself much by changing in and out of your shoes whenever you are about to get behind the wheel

The Versatility of these pair is a feature to be reckoned with. The thin Sole also provides pressure sensitivity for your foot, so you know you are applying the right amount of pressure to the pedals.

They are also sturdy enough to withstand grinding, wear and tear as you walk around in them.

Simpson 28110BK The Hightop

From the Sturdy but thin Outsole to give to pressure sensitivity and streamlined so sleek so you don’t get in your own way when driving, the rounded heel base gives your heel adequate support and pivot control as you switch gears.

It also has a stylish look so you don’t look like you’re being extra, it can also go with casual outfits.

As an added advantage, they are also flame retardant, in case you are in an accident and your vehicle engulfs in flames. I know it sounds Grimm but better safe than sorry, right?

Whether you’re a professional driver or not, this pair of shoes will do the job.

Tod’s Ferrari Gommino Driving Shoes

Tod’s have been around for eons, making the best and most affordable driving shoes on the market.

They have a sturdy rubber sole that allows you used them for your daily activity.

Not only while driving, but the pair also is ultra-flexible, and the round toe design lets you move your feet freely between pedals for efficient driving.

They are very comfortable shoes, whether driving or not.

If you favor versatility over anything else, these pair of Loafers will give you a bang for your buck, you are sure to enjoy these pair.

Mio Marino Men’s Loafers and Slip-On

These stylish Italian Suede leather stitch shoes are made to be versatile, for driving and everyday use, with a rubber Outsole that provides adequate traction while driving.

The Insole are well cushioned for maximum comfort. When you purchase a pair of these driving shoes you also get a water-proof Shoe bag.

They are of very high quality, durable, and Versatile.

The Slip-On feature allows you to slide the shoes on and off whenever you want to take them off.

I don’t know about you, but I love Slip-On shoes, it makes the task of removing your shoes easy and you can always put them back on with the same ease, definitely a go-to.

PUMA Men’s Vedano Hook and Loop Sneaker

The Puma’s has a solid construction and silhouette almost like it was made as a safety shoe, but do not let the right look fool you.

They are highly flexible, made with organic leather that makes the shoe soft enough to let you move your feet easily when you wear the shoes.

The soles are made of rubber which gives you traction while you walk or drive. This extremely versatile pair of shoes is a smart casual shoe that fits the Casual or Business Casual aesthetic.

The Puma can be worn over a variety of outfit choices. They guarantee functionality in your everyday life as you drive across town.

RaceQuip Race Shoe

The Soft leather suede outer layer, for a stylish aesthetic, is also made with flame retardant properties. This feature makes the pair ideal for extreme driving like Car racing.

In case there’s an accident, the ankles are padded so they do not restrict movement in the ankles, instead provide comfort while driving.

The molded rubber sole extends to the back to provide support for your heels, so you can pivot your free foot while stepping on the pedals

They are comfortable, stylish, easy to clean, and are very economical compared to other racing shoes on the market.

The soles are sturdy and slip-resistant so your legs stay on the pedal while driving, they also have a great pressure-sensitive feel to them.

Cole Haan Men’s Gunnison Driver Moccasin

These stylish driving shoes are 100% leather. The rubber soles are sturdy, yet give you a real-time feel of the pedals while driving.

They are a classic Moccasin; so lightweight that you barely feel it on your feet.

They are comfortable to wear, with or without socks and easy to take on and off, however, they are not really ideal for walking because the Soles are not built to withstand wear and tear as you walk across the concrete pavement.

What makes a great driving shoe?

Before purchasing driving shoes, there are important questions to ask and factors the shoes have to meet to be Ideal—

Sturdy and thin sole

When purchasing a shoe for driving it’s necessary to get a pair of shoes that have sturdy and durable material on the Sole, since you would be switching between pedals this will lead to wear and tear of the soles eventually.

So, it’s important to get a pair that will last. Also, the soles have to be thin enough for your feet to have a real-time feel of the Pedals.

So, you know the appropriate amount of pressure to apply to the individual pedals.

Durability is necessary for shoes, after purchasing a new pair you would want them to last a while.

Getting a low-quality pair of shoes will frustrate you because, after months of using it, you’ll discover the soles have thinned out due to wear and tear.


The shoe has to have a wide range of mobility. From the heels to let your feet sit on the floor of the car and pivot across the pedals adequately.

They also have to be made from a flexible material to allow your feet to move in them freely.

If your feet don’t move freely, it may slow your reaction time. While driving a manual car, you need mobility because switching back and forth between gears requires you to step on the pedals constantly.

Ease of use

The shoes have to be easy to use, and taking them off has to be effortless, like Slip-Ons.

Whenever you get in your car, wearing your shoes shouldn’t take a lot of time. The shoes also have to have adequate grip support for your feet so they don’t come off easily either.


When getting driving shoes, you should not trade off comfort for functionality, why not have both?

You need to get a pair that are comfortable and will give every part of your feet support and help you relax while driving.

The insoles should be soft and well-cushioned and the material should be flexible and allow free movement. Rigid material in shoes will cause blistering of your toes after driving.


The shape of the shoe, especially the Outsole should be streamlined and sleek, so it allows you to move your feet easily across the pedals.

If you get a bulky pair of shoes, you may accidentally step on two pedals at the same time and cause a crash.

So, get a pair that fit you properly, not too tight while maintaining the streamlined silhouette.


Whatever your opinion is on driving, whether you find it stressful or fun, or it’s your profession, we can’t deny the fact that driving is a necessary activity to move from point A to point B.

So, when embarking on a trip across town or the state, it’s best to get the appropriate footwear to make the journey easier, and the fact that you are driving a Manual transmission vehicle does not make it any easier.

I hope the variety of shoes outlined above in this article meets your standards, these are the best and most ideal pairs on the market.

They are affordable and great for comfort. You can find the versatile pair if that’s what you need, and a pair just for your vehicle if that’s your preference.

It all depends on how much you drive anyway.

Driving a manual transmission vehicle may be tedious, but getting any of the shoes stated above will change your perspective and ease your struggles— and always remember, when on the road, don’t drink and drive.

Drive Safe!

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