10 Best Pants for Zookeepers (Reviewed in 2023)

If you work as a zookeeper and you need new gear, here are some ideal pants for your consideration.

1 MAGCOMSEN Men’s Hiking Pants
  • Convertible
  • Water-Resistant
2 CRYSULLY Men’s Cotton Multi-Pockets Work Pants
  • Cotton Material
  • No Belt


Jessie Kidden Mens Hiking Pants
  • Water-Resistant
  • Nylon Material
4 CQR Men’s Hiking Pants
  • Water Repellent
5 BALEAF Women’s Hiking Cargo Pants
  • Water-Resistant
  • Elastic closure
6 Lily Chan Men’s Lightweight Cargo Trouser Hiking Pants
  • Zipper Closure
  • 100% Cotton Material
7 CQR Men’s Flex Stretch Tactical Pants
  • Water Repellent
  • Wrinkle-Resistant
8 OCHENTA Women’s Casual Military Cargo Pants
  • 98% Cotton + 2% Spandex
  • Utility Pockets
9 BASUDAM Men’s Cargo Hiking Pants
  • Water-Resistant
  • 90% Nylon + 10% Spandex
10 RIJING Cargo Pants
  • Drawstring Closure
  • Cotton with Spandex material

MAGCOMSEN Men’s Hiking Pants


This trousers is made from a blend of Nylon & Spandex Fabric which makes it water Repellent and elastic. So no matter what activities you may engage in, you will have a full range of motion without worrying about your Pants ripping.

The material also makes it easy for the Trousers to dry easily whenever you wash them.

The nylon material is very Lightweight and Durable, you can move around with ease and not feel burdened by your clothes.

This pair of Trousers is suitable for all seasons; Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring.

All year round you are guaranteed comfort with these pants. You can easily convert these pairs of Trousers from Pants to Shorts in one zip.

All you have to do is unzip and detach it at the knee where it is connected and you’re good to go.

All the Zippers on this pair of Trousers are highly durable and no matter the frequency of zipping and unzipping it is not going to fail.

It has 5 durable zipper pockets which means you have a lot of space to carry a number of items with you while you make your rounds in the Zoo.

These are considered ultra high function outdoor pants, which are perfect for most outdoor and “adventurous†activities like Hiking, Camping, Climbing, Fishing, etc. which makes them the perfect pair of Pants for Zookeeping.

CRYSULLY Men’s Cotton Multi-Pockets Work Pants


This pair of Trousers is made from a 100% Cotton material which makes them soft and comfortable when you wear it. The cotton material also gives it a lightweight aesthetic.

The fly has a zip and button closure which is the typical design type for most cargo pants, it is regularly fitted with a straight leg which means it’s not a skinny Trouser nor is it considered baggy. It has belt loops in case it does fit properly, you can wear a belt for a proper and comfortable fit.

Jessie Kidden Mens Hiking Pants


This pair of trousers have an ideal comfort-fit with a part elastic waistband for many body types, therefore no matter your size, you are guaranteed comfort.

These are also water repellent, this means they’re not completely water-resistant, however, when it comes in contact with water it dries off almost instantly.

This pair of Trousers are also wear-resistant which gives it the ability to withstand whatever form of abuse you throw at it while working.

This pair of hiking pants feature a classic cargo silhouette with a straight-leg design for comfortable and loose, which can adapt to a wide range of movement and give you flexibility without tearing or ripping.

These pairs of Trousers are also convertible from Pants to Shorts which makes them suitable in the hot and cool-season change from Summer to Winter.

These 2-in-1 pants will help reduce the number of clothes you pack when traveling.

These cargo pants feature multiple pockets for convenience and functionality while on the Job, to pockets are wide and deep enough to hold a number of items at the same time.

Careful not to overstock them so they don’t rip through.

A great feature about these pants is the fact that it dries quickly when you wash it, this makes them ideal for an adventure in the wild. Whether you are going Camping or a Fishing trip.

CQR Men’s Hiking Pants


The CQR Outdoor Adventure Pants are constructed for all forms of outdoor activities and sports, this feature makes them the Ideal pair of trousers for a job that requires you to be out in the mud, sand, or grass with animals. Zookeeping.

The several Multi-purpose cargo pockets are useful for carrying various tools and equipment on the go whenever you’re mobile without having to carry a bag, this will help lighten your load a bit and make your rounds easier.

The material it’s made of which is a mix of Cotton, Nylon and Spandex makes the Trousers elastic and comfortable, allowing you to move freely and confidently without fear that you’ll rip your pants.

The material is also moisture absorbent and has a Two-way air circulation

Ventilated Flap Mesh in the back of the knees for maximum cooling of your legs on humid days.

BALEAF Women’s Hiking Cargo Pants


These pair of Trousers are made of a lightweight material that is non-restrictive and will let move comfortably unburdened, which also makes it breathable as it allows proper airflow along with the spaces where your legs are.

An important feature is a fact that these pair are water-resistant and which gives them the ability to quick-dry, these hiking pants are guaranteed to keep you cool and feeling fresh all day while on the Job.

The Stretch-woven fabric built-in UPF 50+ is designed to withstand harmful ultraviolet rays from a long and stressful day out in the sun.

These pants have four zip-closure security pockets which are super convenient and useful for carrying tools and equipment or whatever item you need while working.

The waistband is elastic with a drawstring for an Adjustable and Perfect fit for a range of body types.

These Athletic Pants with a Sporty aesthetic are great for Hiking and other Outdoor activities.

Lily Chan Men’s Lightweight Cargo Trouser Hiking Pants


Like most Cargo Pants there are multiple pockets constructed to put various tools and items in whenever you are on the Job which makes it easier to carry your equipment around.

The Pure cotton material these Trousers are made of has a super soft and comfortable feel on your skin, it is also sweat-absorbent and breathable, it will keep you feeling fresh and cool through your daily activities and tasks.

It is designed with a drawstring on the hem which is Adjustable and prevents the hem from opening which protects against grass, shrubs, and trees from scratching and piercing your skin while working.

With these pairs of trousers, you can adapt to various harsh environments and terrains because the durable nature of the pants protects you from injury.

No matter the Outdoor activity you want to engage in, these pairs of Pants have you covered. It can be worn in all seasons around the year.

CQR Men’s Flex Stretch Tactical Pants


The CQR Flex Operator pants are constructed with a hint of military and law enforcement aesthetic and design, the sturdy and straight-laced silhouette gives it a sort of stylish look which makes it a great pair to wear over Boots.

It is made from an Elastic Fabric which lets it stretch and this feature gives you a wide range of motion while working. Whether you’re climbing, reaching, or sprinting, these pairs of cargo pants will allow you to move freely and comfortably while maintaining their shape.

The Spandex Fabric is added which allows it to repel liquids, dirt, and other contaminants. This feature makes it an ideal pair for a Zookeeper because while dealing with animals you may have to clean out their living area and you will come in contact with feces.

With these pairs, you are sure to stay clean and spotless.

The Polyester Fabric makes it Fade, shrink, and wrinkle resistant which is an added advantage. These pairs come highly recommended.

OCHENTA Women’s Casual Military Cargo Pants


This loose-fitted, straight-leg, stretch fabric Cargo pants for women are an amazing pick for Zookeeping because they are lightweight and the sleek silhouette makes it a very stylish pair.

There are several utility pockets; 2 hand pockets, 2 back pockets, 4 side cargo pockets, with multiple pockets you have a lot of room for your hand tools and equipment while on the job.

Your personal items like phones and keys can be kept in the pockets and are buttoned for safekeeping. Including your PPEs like gloves and goggles.

The Baggy aesthetic provides adequate legroom which makes you comfortable and refreshed because it allows aeration. On humid days you are going to be comfortable and relaxed.

It is made with Ripstop fabric, which makes it highly durable and versatile. No matter the nature of Job or Outdoor activity you engage in, with these pairs of pants you are guaranteed long-lasting shelf life.

For an adventurous and outdoor lifestyle, these are the Pants for you.

BASUDAM Men’s Cargo Hiking Pants


The Fabric provides maximum flexibility and is very lightweight, when you have these pairs of pants on you can move freely and at your own pace without the cumbersome feeling of the restrictive nature of most Cargo pants.

You can stretch and reach for objects, even jump and run around without worrying about wear and tear in your pants.

These pairs of Trousers are made of durable and quick-drying nylon material, keeping you cool all day when it’s humid and you’re all sweaty.

The utility pockets come in handy whenever you have errands to run that require you to carry items that are pocket size, just slip the items in your pockets and you’re good to go.

The pockets are sturdy and can carry several loads, however, you should not carry too many items in order not to weaken the constitution of the seams.

RIJING Cargo Pants


The blend between Cotton and Spandex makes this pair of Trousers the Ideal fit for a long day out in the sun. The material will keep you comfortable all day because it’s very breathable and soft.

The Spandex makes it very flexible and stress-resistant, no matter the form or range of motion you engage in, with these pants you can move freely and confidently without worrying about a rip in the seams.

As is the theme with most cargo pants it has Six functional pockets which provide enough storage space for your tools whenever you are on the Job.

The Drawstring and Elastic Waist make it super easy to take them off and put the pants on, it also allows for a custom fit whenever you wear it.

Unlike most cargo pants these pants have a more casual and stylish aesthetic and can be worn to social activities or gatherings.


No matter the nature or type of work you engage in, it is always important to be prepared and properly dressed.

Not wearing the proper attire could be the difference between a quiet day at work and a trip to the ER.

Zookeeping is a job that requires you to be outdoors most of the day, in the sun, taking care of animals.

You need the right outfit to make your job easy, for the most Ideal pair of Pants you can get to make your daily task a little less tedious.

I have outlined several pairs of pants that meet the requirements of functionality, reliability, and comfort.

With any of these pairs you are guaranteed comfort, most of the selected pairs are water-resistant and dry quickly which makes them an ideal pick for a Job out in the sun.

The Fabric would absorb your sweat and keep you feeling refreshed while you work.

Purchase a pair of Pants and make your Job exponentially easier today.

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