10 Best Glue for Climbing Shoes (Reviewed in 2023)

There’s a lot about rock climbing that affects the shoes. For one thing, climbers have to wear small shoes that fit snugly.

The shoes become tighter with time and cause the rubber to separate from the upper part of the shoe, or cause tears.

Best Glue for Climbing Shoes

Some of this damage can be repaired with glue. Below are ten of the best glues for climbing shoes and tips on how to use them.

Top picks

  1. Best Instant Bonding Glue: Boot Fix Glue
  2. Toughest Cure: Gorilla Glue
  3. Best Permanent Bonding: Shoe-Fix Shoe Glue
  4. Most Versatile: Shoe Goo
  5. Best Transparent Finish: Loctite Super Glue

Here’s a review of my top 10 glue for climbing shoes

Shoe-Fix Shoe Glue

Best Glue for Climbing Shoes

First on this list is this professional-grade glue that works without clamping. Most shoe glue on the market requires that you clamp the parts you are applying them to. Not clamping the parts together usually results in a partial repair.

The Shoe-Fix Shoe Glue is not just any kind of glue. It is manufactured by a company that’s been in the business of repairing shoes for decades hence they know exactly what your climbing shoe needs.

Shoe-Fix is a super glue, a cyanoacrylate, specifically designed for shoes. And it’s easy to use.

  • Just unscrew the cap
  • Remove all moisture, dirt, oil
  • Apply to sole, or side you want to bond
  • Quickly assemble the parts together and hold this way for 10 to 45 seconds.
  • Wipe off any excess

Gear Aid Aquaseal

Best Glue for Climbing Shoes

This is one of the best glue anyone can use to repair their shoes. The Aquaseal +SR was previously known as Freesole.

This glue was created specifically to help you get your shoe back into shape and keep it that way. It is so effective that it outlives the shoe itself.

If your climbing shoe is delaminating, this glue can repair it, and keep it waterproofed. Another great thing about the Aquaseal +SR is you can use it to protect the toes of your climbing shoe, rebuild the torn soles.

You can even climb with confidence again after using the glue. It doesn’t matter where the shoe was torn; in the sole, in the seams.

It also leaves a clear finish after applying it and is also flexible. Aquaseal dries as a strong rubber and lasts for years.

This is how to use it:

  • Clean the surface you want to glue
  • Apply a line of glue along the edge of the sole
  • Clamp the parts together with a clothespin
  • Clean off the excess with a dry cloth
  • Leave it overnight

Shoe Goo

Best Glue for Climbing Shoes

Shoe Goo is one of the rubber adhesives that’s designed. The glue is designed for a variety of shoes and materials.

For your climbing shoe, you have a glue you can trust. And it comes in black color too so that you can use it on your dark-colored climbing shoe.

Shoe Goo is a contact adhesive and sealant. If there’s a hole in the sole of your climbing shoe, which usually happens, you can seal it permanently with Shoe Goo.

It also works well for worn-out soles. Climbing shoes can lose some integrity in their insoles too because most climbers don’t wear socks.

Shoe Goo can permanently repair or keep your insoles in place. You can even apply Shoe Goo to a new climbing shoe, just for insurance.

One of the factors that make Shoe Goo one of the best glue to have in your shoe care kit is, it can actually be used to repair holes in the sole of your shoe and it is flexible.

Here’s how to use it for holes:

  • Clean the spot where the hole is in your climbing shoe
  • Make sure it’s dry
  • Cut a piece of leather patch big enough to cover the hole
  • Turn out the side where the hole is so that it is visible
  • Apply Shoe Goo to the patch
  • Place the patch with the Goo on it on the hole
  • Place some weight on the patch to hold it in place
  • Leave it to cure overnight

Aleene’s Leather & Suede Craft Glue

Best Glue for Climbing Shoes

Climbing shoes often feature durable leather uppers, for this reason, the best glues are the ones designed to repair leather.

Aleene’s Leather and Suede Craft Glue is just the solution to the tear or delamination in your shoe’s sole.

When the glue dries, it stays clear and flexible. You can wear your repaired shoe with confidence after using this glue.

It can also be used for suede uppers. One factor that makes Aleene’s glue one of the best is it doesn’t sock through into the leather or suede.

If your climbing shoe has leather or suede in the uppers, there’s a chance it is expensive. Instead of throwing the shoe out and buying a new one, this glue allows you to repair it and it will become as good as new again.

This is how to use Aleene’s Leather and Suede Craft Glue to repair your climbing shoe:

  • Clean the surface you want to repair
  • Open the cap on the glue
  • Run a line of the clear glue along with the spot you want to repair
  • Press the two surfaces together
  • Use a clamp to hold it together
  • Wait for 24 hours

E6000 High Viscosity Adhesive

Best Glue for Climbing Shoes

This glue is designed to meet industrial standards. But since we are talking about repairing climbing shoes, you can trust that this glue will more than solve your shoe issues.

The E6000 glue will bond almost all materials and the leather and rubber of your climbing shoe is a walk in the park. It will bond it and remain flexible so you can continue to enjoy your shoe.

This glue is twice stronger and sixty times more flexible than polyurethane. One of the best things I love about E6000 glue is you can paint on it. Yes, you may be thinking of pimping your climbing shoe by painting it, go ahead.

Applying this product for shoe repair is easy. If it’s your climbing shoe, this is how to apply it to an opening in the sole:

  • Remove all dirt or dust
  • Open the cap of the E6000 glue
  • Squeeze a little fluid in, depending on the size of the opening
  • Cover cap of the glue
  • Press the opening together
  • Use a clamp to hold the site of repair together
  • Wait for 24 to 72 hours for it to cure

Gorilla Glue

Best Glue for Climbing Shoes

Original Gorilla Glue is an incredibly strong and versatile glue that’s originally formulated for the cohesion of wood, foam, glass, ceramic, concrete, and other materials. It’s on this list because it can as well repair your climbing shoe.

Gorilla Glue is a water-activated polyurethane formula that expands into whatever it is applied.

It is waterproof and safe for almost all materials. It can be used indoors or outdoors. It can be packed along with your stuff if you are traveling out of town for climbing trips. Those who have used Gorilla Glue would tell you it’s the strongest glue on earth.

For use with your leather upper climbing shoe or even synthetic ones, follow this instruction:

  • Clean surfaces of dust and grit
  • If the leather is crispy dry, damp the area first
  • Apply Gorilla Glue when you hold the two parts together
  • Use a clamp to hold the shoe together or a rubber band
  • If there’s no rubber band handy, use something heavy to hold the parts together
  • Clamp for 1 to 2 hours
  • Allow 24 hours to cure
  • Wipe the lid and nozzle of the bottle clean with a dry cloth
  • Store in a cool dry place

Barge 50-2128 All Purpose Cement

Best Glue for Climbing Shoes

Barge cement is a contact adhesive that is formulated to be used on just about anything including shoes.

Like a really good adhesive, this cement is waterproof, non-smearing, and flexible. One factor that makes this cement ideal is that it spreads easily but gives you a secure long-lasting bond.

Unlike some other adhesives, Barge cement can bond with just one coat. To use Barge cement to repair your climbing shoe, do this:

  • Clean the surface of the area you want to repair
  • Apply an even coat of the cement, and avoid puddling, on both sides e.g, the leather and rubber sole
  • Allow both sides to dry for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Press both sides together firmly, for better results use a clamp to hold it in place
  • Allow the glue to cure overnight

Boot Fix Glue

Best Glue for Climbing Shoes

This is the most powerful glue you can find. I recommend this glue for that moment when you need your shoes repaired fast.

If formulated to provide professional strength and a flexible finish. The Boot Fix glue is not like the regular glue that you wait for overnight or hours before it cures.

The glue is resistant to heat, cold, and moisture which makes it ideal for outdoor and indoor use. It can be carried when you travel for that climbing trip and need glue for emergencies.

This glue is made of cyanoacrylate which is specifically formulated for shoes. What makes Boot Fix special is that when it cures it remains flexible allowing you to have control over your shoe.

You’ll also love the fact that Boot Fix doesn’t need a clamp for it to cause a bond between materials.

So how do you use it? Follow these steps to use Boot Fix glue:

  • Complete clean the surface of the repair area
  • Unscrew the cap on the Boot Fix container
  • Apply a thin line of glue on the edge of the surface to be bonded
  • Immediately assemble the two sides together and hold
  • Give it 10 to 45 seconds to bond

If your climbing shoe is completely detached from its sole follow this instruction:

  • Set the sole and upper to the desired position and hold it
  • Then follow the steps outlined above

Scotch Super Glue Gel

Best Glue for Climbing Shoes

When your climbing shoe comes undone in the sole you will need glue that bonds fast and permanently.

You also need glue that doesn’t ruin your shoe in the process. That’s what you get from using Scotch Super Glue.

This glue doesn’t leave a mess behind, it comes with a precision design that allows the glue to go exactly where you want it to. The precision applicator delivers precision dispensing.

There’s no dripping out after you apply the glue like it happens in other glues. The glue is formulated for a wide range of applications including shoes.

The container features a long tip so you can stick it in the most hidden places in your shoe. The result you get is a clear, non-brittle finish, and a long-lasting bond. Here’s how to use this glue:

  • Clean the surface, make sure it’s dry
  • Apply Scotch Super Glue to one side only
  • Hold the parts together firmly
  • Use a paper towel or dry cloth to wipe off excess immediately
  • Replace the cap on the glue, screw tightly, and store away

Loctite Super Glue

Best Glue for Climbing Shoes

Loctite glue is an epoxy glue formulated for heavy-duty applications. This is why it is recommended for you.

Climbing Shoes go through intense stress as you climb which can make them wear out in the seams between the upper and the sole.

It has low viscosity and bonds with even the smoothest edged sole. It is resistant to moisture, low temperatures, and most chemicals.

It comes with a precision pinpoint to the nozzle which allows you to use the glue without dripping or oozing it on areas where it’s not needed.

It has a screw-on cap that cleans and seals the nozzle for clog-free storage. And this glue doesn’t require you to use clamps when trying to get it to adhere.

This is how to use the Loctite Super Glue:

  • Clean the surface and make sure it’s dry
  • To open the glue, turn the cap counterclockwise and lift off
  • Apply sparingly to one side of the parts
  • Press the two parts together for 15 to 30 seconds for the best results
  • Replace the cap and turn clockwise before storage


Your climbing shoe sole can give in the most unlikely places and time. Or it can suddenly get torn and show a gaping hole after an exciting climb.

Having any of these glues in your backpack is a great idea. There are different glues in this list, some take overnight to cure, and others do so almost instantly.

This list presents glues that work for everyone’s preference. And you can purchase any of them by clicking the names.


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