12 Best Break Dance Shoes (in 2023)

Created in the 1970s, Break Dancing which is also called breaking is an acrobatic dance style that involves athletic moves, complex footwork, a great deal of technique, tumbling, twisting, spinning headstands, and pantomime.

After checking all these footwear, I can say that they are truly great for your break dancing. Here’s a quick review of the best 11 shoes for breakdancing.

Best Break Dance Shoes

Break dance shoes Features
Capezio Women’s Fierce Dansneaker Best flexible sneaker for break dance
ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 7 Shoe Best shock-absorbing shoe for break dance
Smalavic Sneakers Best feet-supporting sneakers for break dance
Saucony Originals Men’s Jazz Sneaker Most versatile sneakers for break dance
Bloch Split Sole Dance Shoes Best non-marking shoe for break dance
Adidas Men’s Gazelle Trainers Best trainers for break dance
Capezio DS24 Rockit Dance Sneakers Best dance sneakers for break dance
Adidas Samba Classic Shoe Best soccer shoe for break dance
PUMA Classic Plus Sneakers Best unisex shoe for breakdance
Adidas Ultraboost 19 Best Adidas Athletic sneakers for break dance
Alexandra Collection High Top Dance Sneakers Best high top dance sneakers for break dance
Pastry Youth Glam Pie High-Top Dance Shoes Best breathable break dance shoes

What you should consider before buying that breakdance shoes

From down rock, top rock, and freezes to power moves, this dance involves flexible and free movement of the feet as well as acrobatic movements, so getting a shoe that fits these criteria should be top of your list if you want to enjoy break dancing.

In addition, wearing the wrong kind of shoe can lead to injuries in your knees, back, and even legs while you dance.

  • Flexibility
  • Lightweight
  • Shock absorption
  • Provide adequate feet support
  • Grip feet firmly


A breakdance shoe should be flexible to enable you to twist and spin with ease and should also provide maximum comfort.


It should also be light, soft, and also have a sole that offers adequate support.

Shock absorption

Breakdance shoes should be able to absorb pressure and shock while also preventing the feet from getting blisters and cramps.

Provide adequate feet support

It should also offer adequate support to the arch to help the feet handle pressure and offer added support to the ankle to help preserve your ligaments from injuries if you land roughly on your feet while dancing.

Grip your feet firmly

A breakdance shoe should have a lace closure for firm grip, and support. You should also endeavor to purchase a shoe built with durable materials which won’t get spoilt in a short period and led to you purchasing a new one.

However, choosing the perfect shoe for breakdance can be stressful and confusing, owning to the fact that there are a lot of excellent shoes from different brands available in the market.

Top 12 Break Dance shoes to consider

So in this article, we have saved you the stress by highlighting the best breakdance in 2022 which you can choose from.

Capezio Women’s Fierce Dansneaker

Best break dance shoes

The Capezio Fierce Dansneaker is exceptional dance footwear that is made with a suede upper, amazing, and stable arch support which helps you dance for a long period without any pains.

It is as light as a feather and has a snug fit which is coupled by a dual lace-up closure.

It also has a removable footbed and an Achilles notch which ensures your feet are comfortable all through your dancing period.

Furthermore, it has a flexible split sole which gives your feet a great grip on the floor and also makes it easier for you to balance properly when performing athletic moves while break dancing.

It is built with a Fierce Dansneaker feature which helps you turn and spin easily while break dancing and well-built padded linings and overall structure which makes dancing so much easier.

In addition, they are very supportive during high-impact dance moves and offer great support for your heels.

Made by the 135-year old Capezio brand which is named after its founder Salvatore Capezio, this shoe which is available in black and white colors has been used by several breakdancers (amateurs and professionals). It is also a versatile shoe that can also be worn for Zumba dancing.

However, its narrow structure has been a matter of concern, especially to those with wide feet. They also run a whole size small so make sure you order a size up.

If you are a size 10, you should endeavor to order a size 11 shoe.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 7 Shoe

Best break dance shoes

If you are looking for footwear that is stable and absorbs shock properly, then this masterpiece from ASICS is the perfect shoe for you. It is built with a thick rubber sole and is the perfect fit.

It is built with the ASICS trademark Gel Technology which absorbs shock remarkably, and also helps reduce impact. The perfect placement of the gel in this technology makes it have a positive effect on both the forefoot and rearfoot.

The inclusion of this technology in the forefoot is responsible for the absorption of shock on each step you take while dancing while its inclusion in the rearfoot helps reduce the impact on your feet while you dance.

It features a soft foam in its EVA midsole which provides your feet with extra comfort and cushioning. Its midsole also has an energetic build-up which helps your feet rebound when you perform athletic break dancing moves.

In addition, this footwear has a premium ORTHOLITE sockliner which ensures its breathability.

With this shoe, you don’t need to worry about getting a new one any time soon because it is highly durable. It is available in multiple colors which you can choose from.

Nevertheless, despite the applauds this shoe has received, they are has been numerous complaints of it being a knock-off.

Smalavic Sneakers

Best break dance shoes

Smalavic Sneakers are shoes that are most often used in cheerleading and other physical exercises. It is built with a spin pad that enables you to spin and turn while dancing with ease and with a lace-up closure that ensures its firm grip on your feet.

It is built with a classy and stylish design which complements the breathability and extremely comfortable it offers. It is durable, long-lasting, and weighs as much as a feather.

These shoes provide massive support for your arch while you dance and also a great cushion for the absorption of shock on every step you take with its rubber split sole which is slip-resistant and can endure diverse surfaces and weather conditions.

In addition, the athletic build-up of this shoe and the firm grip and support it offers to your heel help you perform complex dance moves without hindrances and also give your feet an added feeling of security.

This beautiful shoe has been worn by professionals all over the world and would be a great shoe for your breakdance rehearsals and performances too.

Saucony Originals Men’s Jazz Sneaker

Best break dance shoes

This vintage sneaker from the Saucony Originals shoe brand is a comfortable and properly-cushioned shoe that will make your break dancing rehearsal and performance an unforgettable one.

Regarded as one of the best shoes from Saucony, this footwear was created for running but its amazing features have led to its versatility and its use in break dancing.

Its soft synthetic upper is built with lightweight materials such as nylon, hemp, and canvas with additional suede and leather overlays to give you a whole new experience when you have them on.

Its classic and well-constructed buildup gives maximum support to your arch and is complemented by the Saucony design on both sides. To ensure its firm grip on your feet, it is built with a lace-up closure and a perfect snug.

Its well-cushioned EVA midsole absorbs shock excellently and regulates friction perfectly while its soles are made with a thick and flexible rubber material which are durable and give you a great feel on each step you take while dancing.

Other stand-out features of this shoe model are its removable insole, breathability, rubber outsole, and thick heels.

It is available in different colors and patterns and can perfectly with jeans or any dance attire.

Bloch Split Sole Dance Shoes

Best break dance shoes

Without a doubt, Bloch Split Sole Dance Shoes are shoes you should check out if you are a beginner or professional in break dancing.

It is very stylish, and stable, and has a proper grip on the heel which is coupled with a DRT heel cushioning which helps your feet absorb shock.

It is built with a Dri-Lex style which allows air to circulate easily in your feet ensuring it is sweat-free and a circular pivot point at its bottom which helps in pivoting when break dancing. It also has a non-marking outsole which makes you spin and twist without feeling pain.

This footwear which bears a striking resemblance to the Capezio Fierce Dansneaker and the Capezio D24 Rock It Dance shoes are built with a lace-up closure which makes it grips your feet firmly and an upper is built with lightweight suede and mesh.

Furthermore, it is lightweight and super comfortable and offers commendable support to the arch. It also has a removable insole, a shock-absorbing midsole, and a smooth rubber split sole.

Made by the 90-year old renowned dance footwear production company which is named after its founder, Jacob Bloch, this shoe offers great overall support to the feet and the required traction to prevent you from sliding when dancing.

However, they run small in size so to get a perfect fit, endeavor to order a full-size up. You can also put on thick socks if they run too large to help your feet fit well in them.

Adidas Men’s Gazelle Trainers

Best break dance shoes

Adidas Men’s Gazelle Trainers are classic shoes with an old-school style. These shoes have been produced by Adidas for many years but they have never disappointed in the delivery of top quality.

They are built with remarkable arch support which makes your feet feel nice while you dance and walk in them and also has a flexible midsole which makes it easy for you to spin, and perform other athletic moves while break dancing.

Furthermore, it is super comfy and has a non-marking outsole and lace-up closure which helps it fit properly.

Its upper is made up of durable and lightweight mesh and has the traditional Adidas three stripes which add beauty to its looks.

It is built with rubber soles, irremovable insoles and is available in different colors and patterns you can choose from. It also comes with extra laces with different colors which you can style the shoe with.

Its cons, however, are the squeaking sound it makes when you wear it at first, the fading of its colors after a limited period, and the non-durability of the sole which makes it wear out in a short time.

Capezio DS24 Rockit Dance Sneakers

Best break dance shoes

Capezio DS24 Rockit Dance Sneakers are built with split soles which ensures the flexibility of your feet and lace-up closure with sport-like cotton laces which helps give you a firm grip and a snug fit.

Its arch is well-ventilated with perforations that will keep your feet calm and moisture-free while its upper is made by the combination of Nylex mesh, suede, and PU nubuck.

This stylish-looking footwear also has flex and spin points that will help you twist, turn and spin with ease, without feeling an atom of pain.

Its well-cushioned removable midsole, padded collar, and padded tongue also give your feet a smooth flow while its padded linings enhance the comfortability of your feet.

Furthermore, it has a padded Achilles notch and perforations in the outsole which aids in its breathability and the proper circulation of air.  They are as light as a feather, comfortable, easy to move in, and offer great support for weighty people, helping them to dance freely.

These shoes run small in size, so you must ensure to order a size up. For example, if you wear a size 8, order a size 9 for a perfect fit.

Adidas Samba Classic Shoe

Best break dance shoes

Adidas Samba Classic Shoes are soccer shoes that are built for top performance and energy.

This stable and well-made footwear has been known for delivering excellent quality for more than 3 decades and still counting.

It has a very supportive and lightweight EVA midsole that enhances the comfortability of your feet while you dance and a rubber outsole that helps it grip your feet firmly. It also has removable insoles.

In addition, its tough leather upper is coupled with suede overlays for extra protection and support. It has a stylish look that is cemented by the traditional three stripes of Adidas and helps you walk confidently without fear of tripping.

Another feature that makes it stand out is its thin, rigid, durable, and flexible rubber soles which help you stay in control even on wet surfaces.

However, despite offering such great features at an affordable price, this shoe has setbacks which include questionable breathability, little or no cushion, and very high arch support which might hurt you if you have flat feet.

However, if you have flat feet and want to prevent this, you can simply prevent this by removing the shoe’s tongue.

They also run big so you must make sure you choose a size down if you want a perfect fit.

PUMA Classic Plus Sneakers

Best break dance shoes

This affordable and nicely shaped sneakers from PUMA, a renowned footwear and clothing brand come with a trendy, old-school look and a streetwise and retro style.

It has an athletic design that makes it great for break dancing moves and also sporting activities. It also has adequate padding in its collar and tongue and a well-cushioned midsole which ensures its comfortability.

Its upper is built with 100% suede fabric while its sole is built with thick rubber material. It is lightweight and has a lace-up closure which helps the shoe fit properly and is also structured to prevent the knee from straining.

The adequate support it provides for the feet is also a great feature that will help you remain stable while dancing.

They are unisex and are available in different colors which can fit different dance attire and casual wear. They also come with both white and black laces when you purchase a pair so that you can do whichever you please.

However, in its black and white design pair, the black color of the shoe flows down to the white stripe on the shoe, making it look green. It also has a very narrow design which makes it a bad option for people with wide feet.

Adidas Ultraboost 19

Best break dance shoes

It’s hard to say anything bad about these shoes. They are super bouncy which makes them great for break dancing moves and are built with enough width in their toe box to keep your feet in place while you dance.

They are built with durable synthetic, breathable, and supportive prime knit upper and continental rubber outsoles which are capable of handling the toughest weather condition. They also

They fit perfectly like a glove and have lace-up closure which also enhances their firm grip on your feet.

In addition to its beautiful design are its stretchy buildup, featherweight construction, and its ability to reduce pressure at every pressure point. They are also stable, sturdy, and extremely comfortable.

Furthermore, it also has a responsive cushioning and a commendable 20% increased energy return on each step which will keep your feet at their best at each dance rehearsal and performance.

Another feature that makes this footwear a perfect choice for break dancing is its exceptional BOOST Technology which is used on its midsole to also provide adequate Achilles support and enhance warmth.

If you have wide feet or high arches, then these shoes are the perfect choice for you, and even though the price tag might seem high but it is worth every penny.

This well-constructed masterpiece which provides overall support for the feet is also available in different colors which you can choose from.

Alexandra Collection High Top Dance Sneakers

Best break dance shoes

If you need a shoe that offers top performance and beauty then this is the right pick for you.

Alexandra High Top Dance Sneakers are fashionable shoes that are built with a properly-cushioned midsole for shock absorption and a double closure system with the velcro strap closure and the lace-up closure to ensure a firm grip and a perfect fit.

In addition to its upper which is made from polyurethane and patent leather material, is its anti-slip sole and an above-the-ankle design.

The comfortable feel it produces helps you perform all breakdance moves with ease.

It is versatile and can be used for dance rehearsals, performances, and casual wear. It is also lightweight, easy to clean, and long-lasting.

However, they run small, so endeavor to order one size up. It also doesn’t have any insoles, but you can add one for extra support.

They are available in many colors which you can choose from, for both kids and adults.

Pastry Youth Glam Pie High-Top Dance Shoes

Pastry Youth Glam Pie High-Top Dance Shoes are perfect illustrations of style and excellence. It has a glittering and shimmering buildup that makes you stand out on and off stage and an athletic style which will help you carry out break dancing moves without stress.

Its construction gives your feet enough space to move freely without restriction. It also has a memory foam footbed and padded collar for exceptional ankle support.

Its upper is made with leather material and is perforated to ensure breathability. It is further complemented with a commendable fabric lining.

Furthermore, it is built with a well-cushioned insole that ensures maximum comfort, a rubber outsole that helps protect your feet from injury even during friction, and a non-marking sole that is built for different environments, whether it is dancing on stage or indoors.

It is comfortable, flexible, supportive and enables you to move on the dance floor with ease. You don’t have to worry about its sizing either, because it fits perfectly.

It also comes with black and white laces and is available in six classy colors and design patterns for you to choose from.


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