Astorflex vs Clarks Boots: Which Is A Better Desert Boot?

The major difference between Astorflex and Clark’s desert boots style is that the leather upper of Astorflex desert boots is vegetable-tanned.

This is what makes the leather upper a bit tough, rugged in appearance, and firm.

On the other hand, the leather upper of Clarks desert boot is chrome tanned, which is more of an advantage because the boots will feel a bit softer to touch, easy to maintain, and cheaper to produce all year round than the Astorflex desert boots.

Astorflex vs Clarks Boots

Both desert boots and shoes represent casual-looking footwear, designed with a soft crepe rubber but this desert boot review guide gives you a breakdown of the differences between each boot so that you can decide on which desert boot to splurge on instead.

Overview/First glance

Astorflex desert boot

Astorflex desert boot review starts with their notable Italian premium leather upper which is neatly stitched on the sole.

They are eco-friendly boots that cover your feet in their incredible inner soles that will make you smile as it is decorated with their tagline – “La scarpa buona” (the good shoe).

Another highlight about Astorflex desert boots is the amazing midsole cushioning, that you’ll need to get through your day seamlessly.

Transitioning to the crepe sole is a display of a perfectly natural-looking outsole that gives much comfort and protects your delicate feet.

Clarks Desert Boots

Clark’s desert boots are an epitome of a casual formal look. They are a timeless classic featuring their legendary stitch down construction method.

At first glance, the boots display a crepe sole and soft suede upper, which is coupled with their two-eyelet lace-up closure.

The inner of the boots carry a fine leather lining across the boot length, to add to the coziness and comfort you feel while wearing it.

The crepe outsole is designed to be as natural as possible providing your feet with the best traction it needs to accompany every step. Just like any other boot or shoe with a crepe sole, these boots don’t perform well on wet grounds.

Comparison Proper: Astorflex vs Clarks Boots

Astorflex vs Clarks Boots: Stitching

The stitching on Astorflex and Clark’s desert boots is incredibly clean and straight without any rough thread on the display.

Although no stitching is entirely perfect, at first sight, one would conclude that flaws on either of the boot threading are so unnoticeable.

Because both boots are stitched in such a way that water does enter the insole, they are water-resistant.

If you look closely at each desert boot, you will observe a line of welts connecting the sole to the upper. Thus, there seems to be no obvious difference between the stitching of Astorflex and Clark desert boots.

Both feature the stitch-down method of shoe construction, which is actually top-rated amongst shoe manufacturers.

Also, the type of stitching used (Goodyear welt) makes it very easy for the boots to be resoled when necessary.

And the good news is that nothing can impact the ability to resolve both your Astorflex and Clark desert boots.

So, it’s a DRAW!

Astorflex vs Clarks Boots: Leather

When it comes to the leather of suede desert boots, then the making process is really important as this determines how well the leather holds and will last.

And it is through the process of tanning that the raw leather materials (animal hide) are transformed into a more durable, high quality, and usable leather.

The leather upper of Clarks desert boot is chrome tanned. What this means is that they will feel a bit softer, flexible, look great, easy to dye/ maintain, and very cheap to produce the Clarks desert boots.

However, Astorflex boots are made to be eco-friendly because they employ the use of vegetable tanning while making the upper of either the suede or pure leather desert boots.

And this process is far more expensive and a time-taking process that eventually produces a bit tougher leather boots that can withstand the test of time as it ages better.

So, when it comes to the leather quality then Astorflex desert boot has it.

Astorflex vs Clarks Boots: Price

Affordability is surely a determining factor while shopping for boots, but the fact some boots are less pricey than others doesn’t make them low-quality.

That said, let’s compare both desert boot prices.

Clark’s boots are reasonably priced because of their massive popularity.

But that doesn’t mean that they have compromised the quality by using low-quality materials, instead they are more comfortable out of the box, requiring no lengthy break-in process.

Astorflex desert boots, on the other hand, are not only made with high-quality and durable materials, but they seem to go a bit further, by making use of slightly costly leathers and durable materials for the soles.

They’re absolutely splurge-worthy, as your next staple desert boot footwear. In fact, the high price tag is more like an incentive to you to encourage you to wear the boots more often.

When it comes to pricing, Astorflex boots are quite more expensive than Clark’s desert boots. So, Astorflex has it.

Astorflex vs Clarks Boots: Build Quality

The inner of Clarks desert boots are lined with soft leather, making them ideal for summer. They also come in a pure leather version (beeswax leather) which is oil-tanned (a version of chrome tanning).

The implication of this is to make the leather look natural even after a year of conditioning and use.  Also, the suede leather of Clark’s desert boot is available in dark khaki, gray, stone, and dark chestnut.

However, Astorflex desert boots are made to be biodegradable so as to reduce the impact on the environment.

Like Clark’s, they are crafted with high-grade Italian leather and a soft crepe outer sole. The grip of the outsole is good, with its soft footbed.

When it comes to quality then, both desert boots have it. It’s a DRAW!

Astorflex vs Clarks Boots: Insole

The insoles of desert boots are made to feel super comfortable as they provide that steady footbed to complement every footstep you make.

EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) is embedded in the insoles, and they act as the supporting footbed to the feet.

Also, EVA insoles are used mostly by manufacturers, because they are lightweight and provide a reasonable level of cushioning.

However, they may not fully support the arch of a person with flattened or no arches because of the lightness of the insole. 

The insoles are made with just the right amount of padding to keep you upright.

So, both insoles are made with a lighter material (leather to be precise) with the same or a color similar to the making of the leather upper of the boots generally.

So, when it comes to the insoles both desert boots have them. It’s a DRAW!

Astorflex vs Clarks Boots: Outsole

Both Astorflex and Clark’s desert boots have crepe outsoles that are designed to be very soft thus offering you tons of padding and cushioning to your feet.

And crepe soles easily wear out, but they just feel comfy and make walking enjoyable.

The crepe outsole of Clarks Desert boots looks really great and supports your feet as you walk along. The outsoles are better off at putting the mud away because it has a textured appearance combined with its porosity.

Another feature we like about the crepe rubber soles is that they insulate well, hence you don’t need to worry about sweaty feet again.

Also, because of how flexible crepe soles are, coupled with their suede or pure leather upper this makes them highly fashionable dress boots.

The bulkiness of the crepe acts as a shock absorber which will help your feet with added grip.

So, it’s a DRAW.

Astorflex vs Clarks Boots: Fit and sizing

One most important factor your desert boots should have is that they need to be comfortable. You probably don’t want to wear the boots till they fall apart while trekking.

Astorflex and Clark’s desert boots run true to size to fit you better, hence, they come in different sizes and styles, so you will have to know which size and fit are right for you.

And the good thing is that the leather upper tends to take the shape of the feet over time, leaving you with the right size and great fit.

Both desert boots require a bit of break-in process before you can comfortably walk in them, just like any other boot.

You don’t need to be surprised if these desert boots fit loosely on you at first and maybe snugly later on because they stretch after some time and fit correctly. So, it is a DRAW!

Astorflex vs Clarks Boots: Style

Clark’s desert boots have a lot of design options, probably because of how cheap and easy it is to obtain their raw material (leather).

Thus they occur in an array of colors to add to the perfect styling of your outfits.

An example of such is Clark desert Beeswax boots which are oil-tanned leather upper, a significant example of chrome tannage in action.

And one amazing thing about it is that it is weather-resistant leather and requires little conditioning to maintain all year round.

However, Astorflex boots can be styled the same way as they offer that unique look, to easily transition between a casual and formal outfit.

The leather upper also comes in a different design but they are more expensive and could go out of season for a while.

So, based on styling Clarks desert boots have it.

Pros of wearing Astroflex desert boots

  • They provide an excellent grip on a sandy environment
  • They are more durable and can last longer than Clark
  • They are expensive boots made with premium Italian leather upper
  • The padded insole of the boot helps to absorb shock
  • The crepe outsole has that hue to organic like look
  • The crepe rubber makes the boot the go-to casual/ formal shoe
  • The boots are loose-fitting on the feet
  • Astorflex desert boots are eco-friendly boots that won’t significantly harm the environment even after degrading
  • Just like Clark’s the outsole doesn’t trap mud

Cons of wearing Astroflex desert boots

  • Astorflex boots require more maintenance
  • They are not slip-resistant on wet surfaces
  • The boots get dirty easily
  • The boots have a long break-in process
  • The boots are more expensive because of their top-notch leather upper
  • The outsoles are soft and can’t be comfortable for people with low or no arch support

Pros of wearing Clarks desert boots

  • The boots feature an authentic look making them the perfect casual looking boots
  • These boots last long as long they are worn indoors and occasionally outdoors
  • They are inexpensive boots as their crepe rubber outsoles cost less
  • The boots have a bouncy feel while walking this helps to absorb shock
  • The boots are more insulated than Astorflex boots
  • The high-quality leather upper makes these boots loose fitting on your feet while walking
  • Because of the nature of their outsole, they don’t trap mud or dirt

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Cons of wearing Clarks desert boots

  • The boot discolor quickly
  • Clark desert boots lose its grip on wet surfaces
  • Because of the nature of their outsole, they easily get dirty
  • They are not durable boots as they wear out if used as everyday shoes
  • The boots are more flexible and hence flimsy than Astorflex boots
  • They have soft outsoles which offer less support to people with low arches problems
  • Clark Desert boots don’t level up as normal everyday work boots

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The Takeaway: Overall Verdict

So there you have it. Dear gents, you have been presented with the different features that the Astorflex and Clark’s desert boots have that make them different despite looking similar and offer the same benefits of usage and styling.

Astorflex boots offer more because they are not only durable but they offer the best value when it comes to their leather upper, which gives much more impression and value than Clarks desert boots.

Splurging on a new pair of Astorflex desert boots than on Clark desert boots is a more eco-friendly option despite being way more expensive.

But if want you need is a desert boot, that offers a more rugged look, then Astorflex boots are perfect. Only that it has a tough break-in process.

However, if you are the low-maintenance type and you don’t want to care for your desert boots every now and then, Clark desert boots are more relaxing looking as its leather model is great and requires less treatment to help you transition between a formal and casual outfit.

Ultimately, Astorflex and Clark’s desert boots have similar construction that makes them a worthy addition to your boot gallery.

So, the choice is yours as you now have this guide to make a well-informed buying decision.


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