J Crew Desert Boots vs Clarks: Which Is Better?

The major difference between J Crew Desert Boots and Clarks Boots is their outsoles.

Clark Boots are more casual-looking boots, made to have a crepe rubber outsole, which is a combination of rubber and pure colloidal latex. This will make the boots flexible and comfy in a way that suits modern users.

J Crew Desert Boots vs Clarks

The outsoles of J Crew Desert Boots are quite the opposite. They are made from natural rubbers which are firmer and less flexible with the intention of being more versatile and long-lasting in use than the Clarks boots.

These qualities, coupled with their distinct look, make each boot worth considering as your next desert boot.

So, in this guide, you will have a breakdown of the differences between each boot, to help you decide which desert boot is right for you.


Although both desert boots are made in similar design i.e. to be ankle-height boots with a lace-up feature, and a khaki-colored suede or leather upper but they come with a different outsole.

While the J Crew Desert silhouette gets full attention because of its simple, full-grain leather upper which their artisans use mostly for the shoe uppers.

The rubber soles make them similar to sneakers and the rounded toe makes the boot effortlessly casual.

But the good thing about J Crew Desert boots is that these leathers are heavily oiled so you don’t need to worry a lot about maintaining them regularly.                  

The highlight of Clarks Desert boots is their fashionable uppers made from premium leather materials that are neatly stitched together.

Also, the understated stitching form seamlessly with the suede leather upper gives that classic-looking boots for your evening wear provide a lot of cushions, though you’ll need to give these boots a rest every so often.

Moving to the crepe sole, the simplicity of its construction which looks natural but high-end makes them soft and delicate but they are able to provide a lot of traction when needed.

J Crew Desert Boots vs Clarks: Comparison Proper

J Crew Desert Boots vs Clarks: Stitching

Both desert boots feature an exposed lacing around the edge, with another raised stitching design on the ankle.

The throat of both is covered with a rolled edge and fairly straight stitching. However, the inside of the boots has smooth leather that runs throughout the length of the boot with its matching colored heel pad.

Also, a little bit of suede is placed at the very end as this will provide a bit of extra padding from the upper stitching in the rear end of the shoe.

They follow a simplified stitch down construction method which means that the upper on the boots are faired out, and stitched right down to the midsole.

After which the midsole is then glued to the outsole. So, it’s a DRAW. Both boots have better and the same stitching when it comes to stitching.

J Crew Desert Boots vs Clarks: Leather 

While Clark desert boots come mostly in a suede leather upper, J Crew boots come from a purely leather upper.

But there have been some upgrades and trials between both brands, where different uppers have been switched to suit the needs of consumers.

So, as you may have it, the leather could be suede, purely leather, or an entirely different material.

And since both boots are designed to function as fashion boots, the uppers of J Crew and Clarks have a smooth leather interior lining that cuts across the entire length of the ankle boots.

This quality makes both boots stand out as high-quality boots designed to last for long.

So, it’s a DRAW here!

J Crew Desert Boots vs Clarks: Price

Although both boots are quite pricey, the obvious reason is that they are high-quality desert boots that are way better than the cheaper synthetic ones.

But they are the top Desert boot shoe to rely on as the final resort when it comes to pricing.

Because of how durable and versatile wearing desert boots can be, these desert boots have proven to be worth every penny.

J Crew Desert boots are priced at $250 on the high while Clarks are selling at $251.

And that’s why they remain the most reliable casual and classic boots for the avid desert boot lover guy. So, it’s a DRAW.

J Crew Desert Boots vs Clarks: Build Quality

It’s true that both desert boots have been constructed with the finest leather uppers and unique outsole that any true desert boots should possess.

Not to mention the well-crafted stitching that beats the odds of a stylish fashion boot. But one feature makes the other clearly stand out.

Clark Desert Boots are made to be biodegradable in order to improve the overall usage of the boots in the environment. Although they are crafted with a high-grade leather soft crepe outer sole, these boots wear out quickly.

However, J Crew Desert Boots have a wear-resistant rubber sole that corresponds to the frequent outdoor lifestyle.

And the outsole of the boot is waterproofed to prevent slipping off on wet surfaces.

So, when it comes to quality then, J Crew Desert boots have it.

J Crew Desert Boots vs Clarks: Insole  

The insoles of the desert boots are EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) insoles, which is a foam-like materials made to be super comfortable as they act as the supporting footbed to the feet.

EVA insoles are a popular choice that most shoe manufacturers use because they are lightweight and provide a reasonable level of cushioning.

Both the insoles of J Crew and Clarks boots are removable and well padded with EVA midsole, which acts as a good shock absorber and support without compromising one’s stance while walking.

The insoles are made with light leather materials with a color similar to the leather upper or non-shady colors.

J Crew Desert Boots vs Clarks: Outsole

Depending on the design, the outsole of desert boots can be a layer of natural rubber, crepe, and leather, a combination or synthetic.

But the fact that crepe is not rubber makes the outsole of J Crew boots entirely different from Clarks. And here’s why.

Crepe on the outsole of Clark desert boots looks elegant and gives you a natural feel as you walk.

And shoes with crepe rubber soles are better off at keeping the mud away as they have a crumpled texture coupled with their natural porous material.

Other features you will love about crepe rubber soles are that they insulate really well, no more sweaty feet. Also, the bounce and flexibility of crepe soles, combined with its suede leather upper make them such high-end desert boots.

The rubber outsole on J Crew boots does more aside from being aesthetically pleasing. They are better and offer more when it comes to shock absorption which is an added protection against the elements of nature.

The layer of bulk rubber they give will act as shock absorbers which will help your feet with more grips but at the same time retain the ankle support of the leather upper.

So, it’s a DRAW. Both boots work according to their nature thus they tend to offer the right balance of comfort and flexibility while adding to the sturdiness and style of their leather upper.

J Crew Desert Boots vs Clarks: Fit and sizing 

Both desert boots are made to run true to size for a better fit, or even slightly large but this depends on the sizing though.

So, if you are planning on wearing thicker socks with the boots, you may need to rethink as they may not fit in well or may become too tight for you.

And since both boots are designed to function as comfortable casual and fashionable shoes, the leather and suede uppers wrap around the shape of the feet. This will leave you with a great fit and style.

It wouldn’t be surprising if these boots fit loosely at first and then snugly later on, as they can stretch after some time and fit perfectly. So, it is a DRAW!

J Crew Desert Boots vs Clarks: Style

Clark Boots are designed to have that unique organic look from afar, so they are made to have a crepe outsole.

They actually come in a broader array of colors for styling than J Crew boots, and in plenty of different colors.

Because of this reason, Clark desert boots continue to stay on-trend as the design remains the same in a vibrant shot of color to get the most out of your casual wear.

J Crew boots, embedded a revolutionized sole design with rubber outsoles that feature an attractive neutral tan hue color that complements the upper leather material. They are mostly associated with sneakers and sports shoes.

One feature you will come to praise about these boots is that they have waterproof qualities and this makes them grip well and thus stand out from the Clarks which don’t do well on slippery grounds.

So, based on styling J Crew Desert Boots have it.

J Crew Desert Boot Pros and Cons


  • J Crew Desert Boots have a rubber outsole similar to the way sneakers look
  • The rubber sometimes is usually adorned with little dots or textured designs that help with traction
  • They are lightweight and sturdy boots which is a great feature when it comes to the bottom of your boots
  • The boots are more stable even on wet surface and hence offers better traction than the Clarks
  • J Crew Desert boots have waterproof rubber outsoles
  • The boots are so versatile and can be used for outdoor use
  • They are very comfortable boots to walk in with as the rubber outsole absorbs pressure as the foot strikes the ground when you walk


  • J Crew Desert boots are quite expensive than Clarks because rubber is more expensive than crepe
  • The boots make some sound or noise while walking, especially if wet
  • They don’t insulate well as the rubber soles are not naturally breathable
  • The outsoles become messy upon frequent wear as the rubber soles trap mud
  • The boots may wear off if rocks continue to get stuck in the tread of the rubber sole

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Clarks Boots Pros and Cons


  • Clark Desert boots are inexpensive because of the lower cost crepe rubber outsoles
  • The crepe rubber acts shock absorber and offers you that bouncy feel while walking
  • The crepe rubber makes them the perfect boots with the most comfortable outsole
  • The high-quality leather upper makes these boots lose fitting on your feet while walking
  • Clark desert boots are much quieter to walk in because of their crepe outsole
  • The boots have better insulation
  • Clark desert boots don’t track mud or dirt unlike J Crew boots made with rubber soles
  • The boots have an authentic appearance so they make the perfect casual boots
  • These boots function well as indoor use boots


  • The nature of the sole makes the boots get dirty easily
  • Clark Desert boots are not durable as they will eventually wear out hence can’t be used as everyday shoes
  • The crepe rubber soles maybe become uncomfortable and almost sticky because of their crinkly texture
  • The crepe soles make them more flimsy than rubber soles
  • The softness of their soles doesn’t provide much support to people with low arches
  • Clark Desert boots can’t be worn as active outdoor boots
  • The soles don’t hold up as well on wet surfaces

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The Takeaway: Overall Verdict 

You now know why these desert boots are a staple in every man’s wardrobe coupled with the fact they are eco-friendly. But the nature of their outsoles clearly differentiates the original J Crew Boots from Clark Desert boots.

However, if I were to choose between the two desert boots, then I would rather splurge on a pair of J Screw Boots because J Crew Desert Boots offer the best value when it comes to durability, comfort, and value.

Having a new pair of J Screw Desert Boots instead of Clark Desert boots will save you the expenses and stress of running to your cobbler every month to change the outsoles.

But on the flip side, Clark Desert Boots are designed to have that relaxing groove to help you transition from a more rustic fall color to a vibrant spring and summer color

And crepe sole boots are the perfect boots for such vibes, so if what you want is pure comfort and a supporting casual desert boot for the go, then Clarks is your best take. But do know that it’s normal for them to get very dirty quickly and worn out.

So, if you want to maximize your desert boots get yourself a pair of J Crew Desert boots in its available colors and if you don’t mind buying or replacing the outsoles thrice every year, get yourself a pair of Clark boots.


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