Are Crocs Good for Kayaking?

If there is one question that comes up over and over again when people are getting prepare for kayaks, that question is:

“…are Crocs really good for Kayaking?”

Well, the answer is Yes. Crocs have a great grip on your legs whether you are using the straps or not. You can also take them off easily without stress at all.

Crocs are fast-growing water shops that are very much comfortable for kayaking. The great thing about crocs is the fact that they are available in different styles that many people find to be beneficial for aquatic activities, especially Kayaking.

Are Crocs Good for Kayaking?

Major reasons why you should consider Crocs as a great water shoe for Kayaking?

Yes, there are thousands of water shoes out there. Why then do you need to pick Crocs as your best choice for kayaking?

There are really great features that Crocs have which make them great water shoes for Kayaking.

And at the end of this article, I will be showing you some great benefits you stand to get if you use Crocs for Kayaking. So, I would advise you to read this to the end.

Now let’s take a look at a few of the wonderful features that you should consider when choosing a Crocs for Kayaking.

The Vent Holes

When kayaking, you really don’t want to be in a condition where your shoe is totally filled with water and is becoming heavy. This can make you uncomfortable and also cause a repulsive odor from the feet.

You would really want to consider using Crocs because they solve this problem pretty well. The vent holes in Crocs totally allow the water to flow out through them instead of staying right there in the shoe giving you a great experience.

The Strap on the Back

There are actually some Crocs without a strap on their back but I would really advise that you should consider using the ones with the straps on their back. An example is the Crocs Men’s and Women’s Crocband.

But why?

To answer that, take a look at this.

Are Crocs Good for Kayaking?

The strap firmly keeps your feet in the shoe and actually reduces your chances of losing the shoe.

So doesn’t it sound like a great idea to use the Crocs with a strap on the back?

Your answer obviously should be a Yes..!

The material Crocs are made of

Crocs are made up of Croslite; a lightweight material and some are made of textile, which makes them float on water.

So take a look at a situation where the water shoe unknowingly fell off your legs into the water body. You certainly can recover it easily since it is just right there floating on the water.

This material also accounts for the lightweight that Crocs have and the fact that they are lightweight water shop makes them even more comfortable to use.

Multipurpose (Versatile)

When going for kayaking, you would really want to consider using a shoe that fit into various purposes or you will have to be changing shoe when switching activities like from walking to Kayaking and many more.

So it would be a great idea to use Crocs because Crocs fit into merely all activities pretty well. You can wear them while walking around, and having a wonderful moment on the land, and also wear them while Kayaking.

No need to change shoes. Isn’t that awesome!


Crocs dry very fast under hot weather and within an hour, the water shoe is perfectly dry. So if you really need a shoe that dries fast, you might want to consider using Crocs.

Having taken a look at the best reasons why you should consider using Crocs for kayaking, You might be asking “…but there are different types of Crocs. Which one of them is the best for kayaking?”.

What Crocs are excellent for Kayaking?

Crocs Swiftwater Mesh Sandals

Are Crocs Good for Kayaking?

The Crocs Swiftwater Mesh Sandal is one of the best water shoes for kayaking and it is designed to give the user a good experience.

The mesh in the shoe allows for comfort and dries fast after contact with water. Crocs Swiftwater mesh sandals also have adjustable straps which you can adjust to your size and keep your feet perfectly fitted into the shoe.

The vent hole in this water shoe allows water to flow out of the shoe easily and keep them as light as it should be, giving you the best comfort you deserve.

The shoe has an odor control feature that helps to reduce the possibility of getting a repulsive odor from moist feet and this is one benefit you don’t want to miss out on.

The thing I love about this water shoe is that it is available for men, women and also children. Isn’t that great!

But I still want to cover this part of this water shoe.

The shoe fits well for most users but a few of them grips some people. People in this condition have to contend with somewhat awkward sensations when using the footwear which results in blisters sometimes.


  • Lightweight.
  • Tick sole aids portaging.
  • Firmly holds the feet.
  • Thin and breathable material.
  • Comfortable on the feet.


  • To some individuals, its design may likely cause blisters.


Crocs Classic Clog

Are Crocs Good for Kayaking?

While Crocs Swiftwater Mesh Sandal is a great water shoe for Kayaking, there is yet one water shoe you might want to check out. And that is Crocs Classic Clog.

Crocs classic clog has also been giving other people a comfortable experience when kayaking. It is lightweight and entirely fun to wear and like every other water shoe, it is water friendly which is one of the many reasons why it is the perfect footwear for kayaking.

Crocs Classic Clog also has holes in them to allow the free flow of water out of them and this helps it dry faster.

The straps at the back of the shoe give support to your feet and make them fit perfectly well into the shoe. The material it is made of also allows it to float on water and this makes it easy to recover them when they get lost in the water.

The only thing you might want to really check out about this shoe is its style. Crocs Classic Clog water shoes are not made stylish and a few people dislike them for that.


  • Gives a comfortable experience.
  • Incredible lightweight
  • Straps to firmly hold feet.
  • Water-friendly


  • Not available in a stylish design.
  • Does not have an adjustable strap.


Crocs Coast Clog

Another wonderful water shoe you would want to try while kayaking is Crocs Coast Clog.

The Crocs Coast Clog is a little bit similar to the Crocs Classic Clog. The only difference between them is the number of vent holes in them, in which Crocs Classic Clog has more of the vent hole than Crocs Coast Clog.

They are incredibly light and easy to wear anywhere, especially while Kayaking. They also give comfort to the feet when in use. The straps, as always, keeps the feet firmly fitted into the water shoe.

Floating on water is a thing with the Crocs brands. So yes! Coast clog also floats in water making it easier to recover.


  • Water-friendly.
  • Incredibly light and easy to wear.
  • Gives you the comfort you need.
  • Available with straps to fit.


  • This water shoe is similar to the Crocs Classic Clog so they are also not available in a stylish design.
  • They don’t have an adjustable strap.


Crocband full force clog

Crocband full force clog is a modern footwear made only to give you a comfortable rest during various activities like Kayaking. It is lightweight and flexible for kayaking.

It has straps also, which keep the feet fitted in the shoe. The style of this water shoe was inspired by the urban culture of sneakers’ head. Its thick sole and stitches were all ideas gotten from the sneakers’ head.

Crocband full force clog sure does float on water because it is lightweight and this is a great feature. The vent holes in it allow the flow of water out of the shoe and this is a thing you should know now about Crocs water shoes (they have vent holes).


  • Straps move back and forth for the clog to fit and secure the feet.
  • Convenient to work and rest comfortably in.
  • A thicker sole with stitches just like that of the sneakers’ head.
  • Lightweight.


Having taken a look at all the wonderful water shoes for kayaking that Crocs has to offer us for a smooth experience while kayaking. There still other water shoes that are good for kayaking and this article will not be complete if I don’t walk you through a few of them. So here they are:

Great Water shoes for kayaking

Sea to Summit Ultra Flex Water Booties

Sea to summit ultra flex water booties are wonderful water shoes with a secured Velcro closure system and are highly sensitive.

Its sole protects the feet so well and gives you the comfort which you rightly deserve. This water shoe is durable for various aquatic sports including Kayaking and many more.

It has a simple hook-and-loop fastener system that keeps the Flex Booties firmly attached to your feet even in high-activity watersports. Unlike Crocs, Sea to summit ultra flex water booties has no vent hole.

Though they are tightly fitted with the leg, there are still possibilities of water getting into them and the water remains in the shoe until the shoes are removed.

Due to the nature of the material used in manufacturing the sole of the shoe, the sole wears out quickly when working on surfaces other than sand.

Apart from that, Sea to summit ultra flex water booties is good water shoes. You should try them out.


NeoSport Wetsuits Premium Low Top Pull-On Boot

They are made of soft comfortable neoprene material which keeps your feet warm.

They are also constructed using glued and sewn seams to keep water out but this is only possible if you order a perfect fit to your feet (your perfect size). So you might want to consider this when making an order for this water shoe.

NewSport wetsuits premium low-top pull-on boots’ soles are perfectly layered to keep the feet warm when a cold condition exists. Its soles also work well on dry and wet surfaces.

They also have an integrated puncture-resistant sole insert which helps protect your feet from sharp objects while kayaking and provide soft and comfortable footing when walking on stones and rough surfaces.

Although these boots are excellently made for diving, they also perform great at other aquatic sports like kayaking and that is why I am recommending them to you.


ALEADER Mesh Slip-On

Aleader mesh slip-on water shoe is a breathable and durable air mesh shoe that allows the foot to breathe. Designed with high-quality fabric with the sole made of rubber material.

This water shoe has a great fluid flow system which enables fluids like water to drain out fast and leaves you with a moist free environment inside of it. It is also light in weight and gives you comfort when in use.

They also have a special water grip added to the outsole that ensures better traction on slippery surfaces and thereby keeping you safe. The thin drainage at the bottom does not allow sand to enter and that is something good about this water shoe.


KEEN Evofit One Water Sandal

The Keenevofit one water sandal is made with a versatile style that is capable of keeping you comfortable on your feet during aquatic activities including kayaking.

It has a removable footbed design that takes the feel-good quality further by making it easy to keep clean and get a customizable fit.

And like many other water shoes, Keen Evofit One Water Sandals dry quickly leaving you with moist-free feet. They also have a built-in odor control that helps prevents bad odor from the feet.

The one thing a few people complain of when using Keen Evofit one water sandal is its weight. It has a slightly heavyweight of about 2.3 pounds per pair and this to some people is a discomfort.


Teva Omnium Sandal

Teva Omnium sandals are waterproofed shoes and are great for kayaking. They are closed-toe sandals with grosgrain webbing overlays that make them comfortable.

Its ShocPad technology in the heel helps to absorb shocks. Teva Omnium Sandal also has a bungee lacing with quick-release buckled strap at vamp and hook-and-loop backstrap.

Teva Ominium Sandal is a part-sandal, part-shoe hybrid that is lightweight and breathable along with the added foot protection of a shoe. It also features three points of adjustability for enhanced fit and comfort.


Benefits of using Crocs for Kayaking

Are Crocs Good for Kayaking?

There are a whole lot of benefits you stand to get while using the Crocs water shoes when kayaking.

Here are a few of them:

  1. Gives you a comfortable experience while kayaking.
  2. Let out water through their vent holes and keep the feet dry thereby preventing any form of repulsive odor from moist feet.
  3. Keeps the feet firmly fitted with the shoe and it makes this possible with the help of the straps on its back.
  4. Are lightweight water shoes so aren’t as heavy as your traditional shoes.
  5. Float on water and this makes it easy to recover them when they fall into the water body.
  6. They are versatile, I mean multipurpose, fitting into various activities comfortably and you don’t have to switch to another shoe while switching activities.

Final Thoughts

Are Crocs Good for Kayaking?

When it comes to choosing a water shoe for Kayaking, you would really want to consider a lot of things like the style, weight, and also the price.

Because the need and taste of you and I are not the same, I can’t say that one of the above-listed water shoes is the best of all but if you would still like to have my take on that… Here you have it.

I believe the Crocs Swiftwater mesh would be a great choice. This water shoe is a comfortable one, has adjustable straps, is lightweight, and most of all, it is available in a stylish design making it suitable for almost any outing (depending on what you want).

Choosing Crocs Swift water Mesh water shoe would be a wonderful thing to do.

Now get your wonderful water shoe and go out there and get the best experience Kayaking.

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