Why Do Crocs Have Holes in Them?

Crocs do have holes on the top as well as on their sides. They have these holes on them for many different reasons. One of such is to allow for proper airflow between the shoes and your legs.

Why Do Crocs Have Holes in Them?

A lot of persons have the tendencies to sweaty feet when they are wearing a pair of footwear, hence, the need for Crocs which have holes on them and allow for proper ventilation.

You know, having sweaty feet by extension leads to smelly feet; to avoid this, getting a pair of Crocs will pay off.

Other reasons for which holes exist on Crocs are;

  • To allow for the free movement of foreign objects out of the shoes

We cannot rule out the fact that foreign objects such as little stones or other handy objects could find their way into your footwear. But with holes on your Crocs, these foreign objects will find their way out soon afterwards.

  • For the free movement of water out of the shoes

Sometimes, water may find its way into your Crocs, perhaps when it rains or when you go on a beach walk. But with holes in your Crocs, the accumulated water would find its way out. Seamlessly!

Do you now see the need for the holes on your Crocs?

One more reason Crocs have holes on them is for decoration – you could decide to decorate the shoes with accessories that resonate with you. I’d talk more about these accessories at the course of this article, just follow through.

Now, How many holes do Crocs have really?

Why Do Crocs Have Holes in Them

A typical pair of Crocs footwear; not a bogus one, has holes numbering up to thirteen (13) on the top of each of it. This means that there are 26 holes put together in each pair of Crocs.

These 26 holes do not only help with ventilation and keeping moisture out, but they also allow you to personalize your pair of Crocs with your own unique combination of Jibbitz charms. Isn’t that amazing?

You’d usually find a different number of holes on different pairs of Crocs; this is because the fake ones do exist as well, suggesting that the fake ones have a different number of holes in them.

This means that you could decide to leave the holes open (just as they were) or decorate them with accessories that sit well with you from Jibbitz.

What are the holes in Crocs called?

You may not know that the holes found on Crocs have a name they are called. I bet you didn’t know! FYI, the holes in your Crocs are called Portholes. Yaasss! Portholes.

These Portholes in your Crocs as earlier mentioned, permit me to reiterate; allow for proper airflow and ventilation, allow for the free movement of foreign objects and water, as well as for customization just by fixing accessories that seem pleasing to you.

How do you make holes in Crocs?

Not all Crocs shoes have holes in them. This is obviously because there are different designs unique to each model. The problem really is that Crocs that do not have holes tend to leave you uncomfortable when worn as they do not make the comfy Classic Crocs without the holes; hence, the need to make holes in them.

If you have a model of Crocs that has no holes and you desire to make holes of them, I will show you how to make holes in them; follow through!

Use Rotary Punch

The Rotary punch (like this one on Amazon) offers you a straightforward solution when it comes to opening holes. Depending on the size of the hole you need to make, you may need a bigger or larger rotary punch.

To make use of this tool, first, locate the appropriately sized punch tube, and then rotate it into place. Meanwhile, you must have earlier marked the spots where you want to make the holes.

So, you position the tool centered over your marking, and then squeeze the handle… You have your hole already! Repeat the same thing for as many spots as you wish.

Hole Punch Pliers

The hole punch pliers also help in seamlessly making holes on your pair of Crocs. Just as mentioned earlier, the spots where the holes are to be made should be marked before the holes are punctured.

See these Hole Punch Pliers from Amazon. The SMARTCARRIE Hole Punch Pliers and the Mudder Store Hole Punch Pliers are suitable hole punch pliers you can try out.

Hand Press Grommet Machine

The Hand Press Grommet Machine is another tool that will help you make holes in your Crocs. Ensure that the Crocs are properly placed before going ahead to make the holes.

You however need to take precautions when using this tool as you may get yourself injured/bruised if not careful. Follow the same steps as earlier explained to make the holes.

TheNuanchu Hand Press Grommet Machine and the BEAMNOVA Hand Press Grommet Machine are great Hand press grommet machines you should try out.

Drill Bit

A friend of mine mentioned that you could make use of a drill bit or a drill press to come up with holes in your Crocs. You sure know what a drill bit is. Yeah?

With this tool, you can drill as many holes as possible on your Crocs (you may as well want to maintain the 13hole standard). As the name suggests, you’d only have to drill the holes open; it’s just as simple!

There’s however a little precaution: Make sure to hold your Crocs down firmly when drilling the holes, so as to avoid ruining your pair of Crocs if it catches the drill.

The WEN Drill Press and Dewalt Store Power Drill will be excellent machines you will need to try these out.

How do you cover the holes in your Crocs?

Your Crocs have holes in them, and you no longer like the fact they have holes, yeah? Rather than spending a lot more on a brand new pair of Crocs, you could cover the holes with adhesive or with a patch (patching the holes with fabric) – this is cheaper and quicker than purchasing a new pair, isn’t it?

Making use of adhesives may seem unpleasing to you because adhesives leave a milky wherever they dry. However, you could overlook this and move around with your Crocs, so long as the holes are covered yet. Here’s how to make use of adhesives;

Purchase an adhesive

After you must have purchased your adhesive (whichever brand you prefer; see my suggestions below), apply duct tape over the holes on the inside of the Crocs.

You should ensure that the holes are entirely covered. You could make use of electric tape if you do not have duct tape; what the tape does is give the adhesive filler something to stick to.

  • Squeeze the adhesive over the holes one after the other on the outside such that the glue completely covers the holes.
  • The adhesive may be really sticky after application, but after 1 – 3 minutes, it dries up / hardens. You then can spread the glue well with a stick or your finger; do not leave the stick or your finger on the glue for too long, else it gets stuck.
  • Leave the adhesive to fully dry overnight. Press down on the adhesive to ensure that it is firmly attached. You now have waterproof Crocs; you can do away with the duct tape already! If you do not give the adhesive ample time to dry, it will smear off soon afterward.

Here are adhesives I recommend that you use Gorilla Polyurethane Glue and Shoe Goo Repair Adhesive are great adhesives to try out.

What goes in the holes of Crocs?

Asides from the benefits attached with the holes found in Crocs shoes; some persons may find these holes uncomfortable like a friend of mine does. But more than just covering the holes, you need to make it look beautiful and attractive.

How do you achieve this? Basically, decorating and customizing your Crocs with the use of charms made by Jibbitz simply by placing the charms in the holes.

You just may be wondering what Jibbitz charms are. Well, Jibbitz charms are fun little images, letters, sayings, characters, and bits of pop culture which are usually mounted on a post to pop into the holes of your Crocs.

At this, you could personalize your pair of Crocs just as you deem fit. You could get these Jibbitz Charms on Amazon… The ones I love are 100PCS Shoes Charms for Crocs from Generic and Crocs Men’s and Women’s Jibbitz Shoe Charms.

There are many other ways you could personalize, customize, decorate or beautify your Crocs… Just blow open, your creativity! You may like to share with me in the comments, how you customized your own pair of Crocs.

Final Thoughts

Why Do Crocs Have Holes in Them?

While holes in your Crocs provide its wearers with proper ventilation, you may not be comfortable with them; hence the need to cover the holes. Rather than covering the holes with adhesives or even patching them, you could take them to a Cobbler who’d find his way around it, or you may rather cover them by beautifying them with Jibbitz Charms.

I hope that you found this piece worthwhile and most importantly, helpful. Did you singlehandedly make holes in your Crocs? How did you go about it? How did you cover the holes in your Crocs?

What went in the holes of your Crocs other than Jibbitz charms? How effective was it? I’d like to get answers to these questions in the comments section below.

If you have any thoughts to share with me; suggestions, questions, etc, the comments box is open. Overall, do not forget to share with me what you experienced after you followed the steps I recommended. I’d be awaiting you in the comments.

Thanks for engaging!

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