Xtratuf vs Muck: Which Is Better?

The major difference between these two companies is the kind of outsole used to make their boots.

Xtratuf, as a brand, have made most of its boot using chevron outsoles which are known to be highly slip-resistant. Muck, on the other hand, regularly makes use of abrasion natural rubber to make its outsoles.

Xtratuf vs Muck

In some other products of Muck Boots, Vibram outsoles are used to manufacture them.

One of the many Xtratuf boots carrying the chevron outsoles is the Xtratuf Legacy Series.

These outsoles used by Muck are just as good and provide great amount of slip-resistance too like the chevron outsole used by Xtratuf. An example of Muck’s boot using the Vibram outsole is the Muck Men’s Winter Boot.

A lot of things might be similar in the boots made by these two companies, but the outsoles are never the same.

Why the need for this comparison?

It is with no doubt that boots made by both companies are of great quality. In fact, you can not mention ten (10) companies making neoprene boots without mentioning these two.

Both companies are being compared in order to help people who may need the boots but can not decide which of the company to patronize.

In this comparison, I will be talking about the many features of these boots and how you may find them useful.

What are Xtratuf’s Pros and Cons?

Xtratuff has built a brand as one of the best and most popular neoprene boot manufacturers in the world, but what are the benefits to enjoy from boots made by the brand? Also, what are the downsides?


  • 100% Waterproof
  • Slip-Resistant

100% Waterproof

One advantage you will surely when using a boot from Xtratuff is the waterproof ability of the boots.

Since these boots were essentially made for people who live and work on water, it is just necessary that the boots are able to keep off water. One of such Xtratuff boots that completely keeps water out is the Xtratuf Deck Boot.


Xtratuf takes slip resistance very seriously which is why it uses chevron outsole. The outsole helps to keep your feet anchored and sturdy to the ground, deck, or any surface you are standing on.

With an Xtratuff boot, you are protected from slipping, no matter how wet or slippery the surface is. An Xtratuff boot that provides you this benefit is the Xtratuf Wheelhouse Deck Boot.


As for the downsides, here are some:

  • High cost
  • Delay in shipment

High Cost

A number of the rubber boots produced by Xtratuff are very expensive. These boots are very well built and offer a lot of benefits with high quality, but the price you might have to pay to acquire one may be really high.

An example of a really expensive Xtratuff boot is the Xtratuf Women Legacy Boot which goes for as high as $139 for a pair.

Delay in shipment

One problem that I and a couple of other people have faced when trying to buy one of Xtratuff boots is the time it takes for our order to be shipped down.

While you will get the value of your money, you might need to exercise some patience before you start enjoying it. One tip: do not buy when you urgently need it.

What are Muck Pros and Cons?

Muck, since the brand was established in 1999, has been one of the top producers of neoprene boots and they have manufactured great products since that time.

These products have peculiar strengths and weaknesses, a few of them are;


  • Versatility
  • Warmth


One of the strong points of all Muck boots is their versatility. Boots from this brand can be worn at home, on the farm, or in a waterlogged area.

Muck has created a name for itself by making boots that you will always come back to wear because of how it fits comfortably into any chore. An example of a versatile boot from Muck is the Muck Men’s Chore Boot.


If you will be going to the Arctic or any cold zone then it is best that you prepare yourself against the harsh conditions.

No other boot-making brand makes boots that provide great warmth for your feet than Muck.

The Muck Arctic Sport Boot for example has a soft fleece lining that helps to keep cold air out and warm air in thereby allowing your feet get all the warmth they need.


  • For the downsides, Muck has a couple of them like;


A brand that has built its name from manufacturing high-quality slip-resistant waterproof neoprene boot would surely want to charge an amount commensurate to the value it provides.

This is exactly what Muck has done. Products from this brand are great, however, they can be quite pricey.

What similarities do Xtratuff and Muck share?

Xtratuff and Muck operate in the same industry, so it is not out of place for both brands to have a lot of similarities.

From the mode of operations to products, to designs, to features, both brands are very similar in a lot of ways, some of which are:

First Glance

When you take a look at most neoprene boots, you will realize that they tend to look alike, most especially products from Xtratuff and Muck.

You will find that boots like the Xtratuf Wheelhouse Navy boot and the Muck Excursion Pro boot look very much alike from first glance.

There is a striking resemblance in the upper design, with the heights being a major difference.

Overall Quality

The quality of boots produced by both companies can not be questioned. Both brands have become internationally known, in fact, Xtratuf seems to be the most popular thing in Alaska after ice.

If boots by both companies were inferior, they would not be as popular and widely sought after like they are now.

Material Used

The biggest similarity these two companies share has to be the material they use in making their boots, which is Neoprene. This is the major raw material both companies use in making their boots.

They use this material because it is softer and more flexible than normal rubber. Neoprene is waterproof and self-insulating which protects ones foot from water and mud.

The Xtratuf Legacy Series boot and the Muck Edgewater Classic Boot are just two examples of boots made of Neoprene by Xtratuff and Muck.


An excellent part of the boots made by Xtratuf and Muck is that the soles offer great slip-resistance. The materials and type of outsole used by both brands may be different but they are, nonetheless, of great quality.

Xtratuf is known to always use chevron outsoles, while Muck makes use of Vibram outsoles, but you are guaranteed to get great complete slip protection from both.

The Xtratuff Shrimp boot and the Muck Arctic Boot are examples of boots that are sure to protect you from slipping.


If you are searching for boots that are durable and can withstand heavy usage, then boots from Xtratuff and Muck are one of the best out there.

With heavy and constant usage and proper maintenance, you can get boots from both brands to last well beyond three (3) years


Due to the high quality that both brands command, it is not surprising that the cost to get a pair of them is high. On the average, boots from both companies are on the high side.

The Muck Wetland Field boot and the Xtratuf Legacy Lace boot are examples of high-end boots made by these companies and they cost $174 each.


In every boot produced by Xtratuf and Muck, you will find that it comes with a removable insole that is there to add an extra padding and comfort.

Both of these brands are similar in the way they use insoles to provide cushioning and also to make the boots fit more snugly to your feet.

Sizing and Fit

In terms of sizing, both brands manufacture their boots in whole sizes. So, if you wear a half size, you would have to order a size up.

Why you should choose Xtratuf?

There are a million and one reasons why you should choose Xtratuf boots over other brands but the most compelling reason has to be the comfort you will enjoy when you wear one.

Xtratuf makes its boots using latex neoprene which is softer, lighter and way more flexible than rubber or even an average neoprene.

Wearing Xtratuff boots will ensure you are very comfortable because the boot will be less heavy and feel much softer on your feet.

Why you should choose Muck?

As for Muck, one reason you should choose them is for the aesthetics. When compared with other companies that make neoprene boots, Muck always makes the more beautiful boots.

While beauty is not essentially what is considered when purchasing these types of boots, you can not deny that you still want to look pretty – at least before you get into the mud.

If you are big on style and looks, then Muck is the brand to choose.

Which is better: My verdict

We have already established early on in this article that both Xtratuf and Muck are producers of the best neoprene boots out there, so my opinion here does not mean the other is not good enough. It is just a choice.

For me, I would choose Muck over Xtratuf and that is simply because I would enjoy all the functionality available in Xtratuff boots and still get a beautiful design for tops.

I find Muck boots to be aesthetically pleasing more than Xtratuff which is a huge factor in my decision.


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