Why Doesn’t StockX Sell Revenge Storm

In the early days of September 2019, The Revenge X Storm Sneakers were taken off StockX to the shock and ostentation of many of the shoes’ customers all over the world.

Why Doesn't StockX Sell Revenge Storm

Many wondered why these shoes were taken off the site because they are really cool and expressive sneakers that fit into the fashion styles of chic and hip fashionistas worldwide (especially those of the younger generation).

StockX took The Revenge X Storm Sneakers off their site and inventory before explaining their reasons for doing so in a tweet put out by the management on the 15th of September, 2019.

The following words were tweeted from StockX’s official Twitter page on why StockX doesn’t sell Revenge storm anymore:

“At this time, we have decided to remove this item from our site due to legal reasons. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to support@stockx.com with details. Thanks!”

According to the tweet, and several follow-up motions and feedback by customers and the management, it is clear that the sneakers are no longer listed on StockX because of a breakdown in transactions and agreement between StockX and The Revenge X Storm Sneakers brand.

The situation is obviously one with legal complications that many are not privy to. Customers of these great sneakers just know that they can no longer get their Revenge X Storm Sneakers on StockX anymore.

These shoes have been removed from the site completely.

StockX is a sneaker resale company that prides itself as one of the best places to buy quality and genuine sneaker brands for an affordable resale price.

Resellers from all over the world can put their sneakers up for sale on StockX once their shoes have passed through a rigorous authentication process that is meant to make sure all the shoes are real, authentic, and in good condition.

The Revenge X Storm Sneakers are so popular that their customers have gone on various online platforms to express their displeasure and anger at the sudden development.

However, it is not clear if these shoes will return to the site for now.

StockX has yet to fully explain the situation concerning The Revenge X Storm Sneakers, but, the reason they have given in their tweet is one that many customers can truly understand.

The Revenge X Storm Sneakers are street-wear fashion sneakers that were created by Ian  Conner to look and feel like his favorite Vans sneakers.

Ian Conner loved his boyhood Vans sneakers so much that he created these comfy shoes to give a modern feel to an old and respected sneaker brand.

The urban street-wear fashion style is one that Ian Conner is well-aware of. Ian Conner has cemented his place as an icon in the fashion industry by being one of the top curators and advocates of hip styles and fashion brands that influence the wardrobes of people across many generations and dimensions.

In 2017, Ian Conner released The Revenge X Storm Sneakers which he made to be skate shoes that can be worn like the Vans Old Skool.

Ian Conner reflected his love for The Van Old Skool sneakers, his all-time favorite sneaker silhouette, right in his own brand of shoes.

The Revenge X Storm Sneakers is an accurate representation of stylish and comfortable street-wear fashion footwear.

Celebrities like Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, Young Thug, and Kylie Jenner have been seen sporting these amazing sneakers because of how cool and trendy they appear.

Why Doesn't StockX Sell Revenge Storm

Some of the features of The Revenge X Storm Sneakers are:

  • The Van Old Skool sneaker silhouette.
  • Low-Profile Upper.
  • Lightning bolt across the side panels.
  • Suede and Canvas Material in the Upper.
  • White-Contrast Stitching in the Upper.
  • “REVENGE” brand print on the tongue and outsole of the shoes.
  • “OFF THE SHITS” is printed on the back heel tab of the shoes.

Some people are of the opinion that The Revenge X Storm Sneakers were taken off StockX because the site has been selling fakes.

Ian and the management of the sneakers have been complaining about the sales of fake Revenge X Storms for a long time so it is probable that they finally took some action to curb the situation.

Ian is a creative that really appreciates his intellectual property and designs, so it is not a surprise when he complains about fake products “bearing” his logo and masking itself off as his designs are sold to customers that are not aware that they are being cheated.

Many customers have been sold fake versions of The Revenge X Storm Sneakers from StockX and this has led to a lot of confusion and bad service.

StockX insists that they don’t sell or resell fake shoes on their mobile and desktop sites and/or apps.

Sellers that provide shoes that are fake or in bad condition will have their products returned to them immediately after they are found out.

StockX says that all the shoes listed for sale on its site are first sent to the company for authentication by Image Detection AI before they can be considered good enough for sale.

Many people from all over the world use StockX to get their products online because of the ease and comfort of using the site.

If StockX is taking The Revenge X Storm Sneakers off their site because of legal reasons, it must mean that customers will have to surely find other sites to get their Revenge X Storm Sneakers for the meantime because these legal procedures could drag on for months on end.

In 2018, Ian Conner sold The Revenge X Storm Sneakers brand to Pacsun for 2.5 Million Dollars.

By the time the stylist, videographer, fashion designer, musician, and model sold The Revenge X Storm Sneakers brand, it was already considered an iconic brand by many people all over the world.

The Revenge X Storm Sneakers are really cool sneakers that showcase the individual styles and fashion outlooks of many people all over the world.

Right now, these sneakers are no longer sold on StockX for legal reasons best known to the management.

Other sites and apps will have to be accessed by customers who want to pay and order for their pairs of The Revenge X Storm Sneakers for the main time until the matter gets resolved.

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