Why Do Crocs Have Straps?

Ever wondered why crocs have straps? The straps of my favorite Crocs help to secure my legs against the Crocs by clinging on to me even when I am running. Although no one knows the perfect scenario to wear your crocs, it feels just better to wear the straps all the time especially when it almost feels as if they aren’t even there.

Why Do Crocs Have Straps

Crocs are usually built for comfort where you can easily toss into the corner with just a flick and because it is trendy.  There are basically two modes of wearing my croc shoes; with or without a strap. Crocs have straps because, at some point, I will need them to cling to my feet. It is another method of wearing croc shoes.

They call it the strapped method or the sports mode which allows me to work with zest and purpose.

What are the Crocs straps called?

Why Do Crocs Have Straps

Some call it “sports modeâ€, I call it “adventure strapâ€. Although there is no defined name to call a croc strap it can easily be identified as an extension at the back of your shoe wear responsible for clinging to your feet.

It makes your crocs look more like a sandal and is usually made of the same material as the shoes themselves.

Like any other shoe strap, my croc strap is easy to put on and put off by simply dropping it to your heel level to make everything hold or raising it up to relax mode (depending on the design like Crocband Platform Clogs).

When my straps are down, it is barely noticeable because crocs straps are built to be inconspicuously simple.

A croc strap is attached to the body by the use of rivets. These small screws can be made of plastic, or rubber depending on the design.

The part determined how my straps stay on my heels, either by been tight or loose and they can be replaced when broken.

Croc straps are also a form of design or “charms†for my shoe wear especially when they are done pretty well. This makes me conclude that they can also be called charms as they work both ways.

When in relaxed mode, they form a crown or fine lining on top of my shoe while in sports mode, they make a cool design strap at the back.

In what situations do you use the crocs straps?

There are so many situations I encountered when I realized that the straps on my croc shoes always come in handy. Crocs can be most times cringy or unconventional when worn in some public places even as it is one very trendy pair of shoes.

Nevertheless, once the straps are put on, it becomes quite fashionable to some extent. Many of the style or colors been sold like the Adult Classic Lined Clog have good straps that when put worn, it looks like cheap designer sandals. Better right?

I also use my straps for comfort at all times. Crocs are very comfortable shoes in terms of texture and weight. Once I wear them, I feel like a caveman, hiding from the world of comfort my whole life.

After long hours at work in leather, there is nothing more soothing than coming home and sinking my feet in my favorite crocs. I use it almost every time and they are very comfortable for me and my family (Yes I got each of them a pair, so the footsteps in the house should get quieter)

Anytime I get to the park, or I’m running late for the gym, I realize my crocs are still on my feet despite the scampering around. The straps keep me hanging on to my shoes despite it is practically weightless and comfy. I told you I got some for my nephews, right? These Crocs Kids’ Classic Clog is my favorite.

I always make sure they got their straps on because I wouldn’t want to be buying a hundred in the coming month.

My straps are the important element of my crocs and will never hesitate to replace them or even go as far as getting a new pair when they are damaged. Wearing the straps is definitely fashionable and there will be an assured sense of comfort.

How to tighten crocs straps

When they are brand new, my crocs will feel a lot tighter but as they expand they begin to feel a lot less. For most croc shoes, the material of the crocs and the straps are similar and the straps also begin to expand as well. The slackening of my straps can also be a result of overuse.

This is caused by either the rivet or the straps themselves. The rivet is what holds my straps together on both sides. It is essential I know this because I do not want to be in a rush to buy a new pair of crocs when I could easily solve the slackening issue myself and without any tools and little effort.

Use metallic bolts to hold your straps tightly

In the first case been caused by my rivet, it could either be that it has broken and needs to be replaced. Most people order some metallic Chicago bolts at about 10mm in size.

By shoving it into the hole, you can then use the bolt to tighten in the inside to keep everything tact. DO not worry about using a screwdriver, the material of your crocs is very soft and it can all be done in a space of some seconds.

In the second case caused by the strap itself, there is a possibility that your straps have slackened and there is no more secure fit.

You can shrink your crocs in an oven

By solving this, we have to shrink the material. Meaning I have to remove the straps and make them smaller so they will feel tighter on my feet. Removing them is actually easier than putting them back.

Switch on the oven and set it to 20 minutes after placing the straps in. After the shrinking and the straps are fixed back on, you will easily notice the feel is way firmer than before.

How to wear croc straps

Why Do Crocs Have Straps

I wear my crocs either with the straps across my feet or behind by Achilles. These are the only two methods of wearing crocs.

The first method, as I have earlier mentioned is the clog mode where you can easily dispose of them in a corner by flicking your foot. The other mode is by applying the straps to make your experience more secure and say professional.

They say moods, attitude, and personality usually determine your dress sense. Well, I agree because we can’t actually put on our shoes without being in a particular mood…simply put.

In wearing my croc straps, I usually seek full functionality in terms of going about my daily activities with a good sense of comfort, security, and assertion without the fear of losing them.

When the straps are up, I am simply seeking some stylish blend with my outfits which are always a good idea for shorts and skirts.

Another scenario is with socks. As a fashionista, people ask me whether a good idea to wear their crocs with stockings is. I say it is a great idea! Just don’t wear thick socks on straps!

Are there crocs without straps?

Why Do Crocs Have Straps

Yes of course. As much as I need straps for my crocs, there are some types that possess none. These types look and serve more like a slipper than a pair of shoes given the absence of support.

Also, crocs like this can be recommended for outdoor activities, and sometimes, fashion because outfits are only displayed outdoors! This is due to their smart design as they are flexible, waterproof, good toe protection. They are also lightweight, compact, and very durable too.

There is the Croc Clog and Freesail Clog which are also unisex as well. They look more like rubber shoes as the design doesn’t need a strap. They are made of unique rubber that is extremely slip-resistant and very easy to clean. Although not too fashionable, they make for a good pair of outdoor shoes.

Another example is the Offroad Sport Clog with removable straps which is suitable for some outdoor activities like beach and poolside visits, gardening, and gym shoes.

Take a look at the LiteRide Pacer Croc sneakers for women. I fell in love with this footwear because of its unique design. No straps because it is a sneaker. It is also comfortable, fashionable, soft, and lightweight for an on-the-go lifestyle.


There are situations where the straps of my crocs begin to lengthen and wearing them becomes uncomfortable and easy to slip from my feet. Using a loosen strap on my croc shoes makes it everything it is not supposed to be.

Crocs footwears have become part of the modern-day trend where big and “ugly†things are now the new cool. For me, if my crocs compliment my dress code or outlook, I never hesitate to put them on!

There are many colors, and design to lay my hands on that fits perfectly.

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