Why Do Converse Look Bad On Me?

Your Converse may look bad on you due to so many reasons that include oversize, mismatch of colors, and of course mis-blend of clothing.

Converse shoes are very versatile to be worn anywhere including runways and on basketball courts, but when they are inappropriately worn, they will definitely look bad and sometimes unattractive on you.

Why Do Converse Look Bad On Me?

Another firm reason I might find is the fact that you have worn it along with some “inappropriate†outfit. Converse a good but not that kind of shoe that will blend with anything you wear. It is a scenario that is very easy to notice, and sometimes, in a bad way.

The major reasons why your Converse may look bad on you

We are going to be taking a deep dive into some of the most cogent reasons why your Converse shoes look bad. Let’s go…

Mismatch of Outfit blend in color

One of the most common and the most overlooked issues of looking bad in Converse is the fact that you wore it with an un-matching outfit. Converse shoes have this eerie way of popping out of your outfit whether in a good way or in a bad way.

I don’t know why this is so, but if you ask me, I’ll put my money on the fact that the lacing is quite very conspicuous. The advantage of this shoe then becomes its disadvantage when you look at it critically (no puns intended). I love Converse sneakers but when you wear them inappropriately, they will definitely ruin your outfit without you noticing.

I have seen where people wear them with shorts and although they look good, the type of top worn can ruin the whole thing. Imagine wearing a bright-colored t-shirt with a bright-colored Converse. There’s only one verdict; it’s ugly. The shorts or type of pant you wear doesn’t matter anymore.

Another issue of the color blend is closely related to the one we have just discovered. When I try to play it cool by using some duller shades of color, my outfit still seems to be underwhelming.

Although this scenario occurs with all kinds of shoes, the fact still stands that blending dull colors with Converse is still a bad idea and the only solution is keeping some balance in contrast. Bright color shoes? Wear dull color tees and vice versa.

Why Do Converse Look Bad On Me?
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Mismatch of Outfit blend (style)

When trying to blend the right style of clothes in the fashion world, it becomes similar to rocket science, and this is not an exaggerated joke. Take, for instance, not many know the importance of accessories like stockings and laces in Converse. There are also cases of cropping and resizing.

These things matter a lot when trying to use a Converse effectively. As a man, I always make sure the top of my high-top Converse is not touching the base of the kind of pants I am putting on, be it khakis, sweat pants, or baggies.

In the case of baggy jeans, it always looks cute on ladies and it is one of the trendiest dress codes for the past two years. There is one grievous mistake some ladies make though, and that is covering up the whole shoe.

This is okay with any other shoes, but Converse? NO. Converse are very conspicuous sneakers and when you try to cover them, they will always look bad. The most logical solution is cropping the base of your baggies so it exposes some pretty cool high-tops. Some long stockings are okay as well especially if you own a low-top.

Why Do Converse Look Bad On Me?
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Size problem

This one is pretty straightforward. Another reason your Converse are looking bad on you is that they are simply oversized. Any oversized pair of sneakers will always look gaudy and awkward. Be very careful about choosing your shoe size as Converse are quite tricky when it comes to sizes.

Chuck Taylors are quite generous with the physical makeup of their shoes and the solution here is to pick a size one lower than yours so as to make it more compact and fitting. Picking a shoe size that fits your feet perfectly. When I mean perfectly, I mean the feeling is compact and very fit.

Deformed sole

Like any other types of rubber-soled sneakers, when faced with overuse, it tends to lose its shape. It is only natural because they are old. It is important you notice this so you can get new ones. Most rubber materials may not stand the test of time, especially with age, as most begin to shrink, warp or expand.

There are many sub-standard Converse being sold on bootleg stores. So is important you at least know the source of where you are buying your new Chuck Taylors Converse.


As I have just said, age is always the enemy of every good product. But when you look back at how it has truly served, it is satisfying. There will come a time when it will no longer stand out like before.

This issue is a bit psychological. I used my high-top Converse for about four years before it started to look awkward. I wouldn’t say “bad†in this case, but it wasn’t as crisp and shiny as it was before no matter how much I cleaned and maintained it.


We live in a trendy era and sometimes ago, someone told me Chuck Taylor Converse is no longer in vogue. Although I do not agree, (check out the Lugged All-Stars ), this claim is enough to make any shoe look bad on you especially with the new trend of clothing styles and outfits pouring into the fashion world.

Like I have said numerous times in this passage, Converse does not go well with all kinds of outfits and users need to be very critical here. This shoe is a classic and its vintage look will surely turn heads, but either for the right or wrong reasons. It is always up to you.

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What to do when your Converse looks bad on you

  • Check if you really need a pair of Converse in your wardrobe
  • Understand the need to match your sneakers with the right color
  • Tweak your style to ensure your Converse blends with it
  • Know when it is right to give it up and buy another
  • Deformed soles should be fixed

As a Converse lover, it is a bit frustrating when my outfit is ruined by nothing else but my shoes. There are many reasons we have learned as to why they may look bad. But there are solutions to these problems and we are also going to looking at how to solve them.

The first and most important way is looking at your wardrobe and asking yourself this question; do I really need a pair of Chuck Taylors?

These shoes still remain one of the best brands out there in terms of quality, durability, and of course style. But it seems it is becoming harder to blend it with modern-day outfits. But when done right, your Converse will continue to still be part of your signature dress code.

Do Converse look bad on big feet?

Yes, Converse shoes look bad on big feet especially when it is oversized. Although most people with large feet actually feel comfortable with Converse shoes due to the large toe area.

But Converse shoes are narrow on the sides and this becomes a major problem for folks with big feet. This applies also, to many other sneaker brands, and choosing the right size has always been a plague.

How do you deal with Converse looking bad on big feet?

The most easiest and effective way of tackling this issue is by buying one size smaller than yours. For example, if your foot size is 10, why not instead, get a pair of size 9 or 9.5. Some folks even go as far as dropping 2 sized down to an 8 or 8.5. Most times, it works like magic while sometimes it doesn’t.

Sometimes, you might not feel comfortable when it is tight and the material changes form and the only option is to something much larger. This is not a problem even though it will still look awkward, but make sure you chose the right outfit and color blend to even things up. I will always recommend high-tops for larger feet.

Sometimes, it might not be the case of sizes, but maybe an issue of outfit blend or color mismatch. These are fundamental issues that are usually overlooked but can be solved by just knowing your shoe size and knowing what kind of outfit works for you.


Many folks are caught up in a web of trying to figure out why their Converse shoes may look bad. Sometimes I say this may just be a bit of an overreaction and this can be further explained by criticizing your own outlook for feedback from a friend.

Your Chuck Taylors may not really look bad, it might just be all in your head, but if it isn’t, it is a normal phenomenon. Not all shoes will look good on our feet but if you love Converse, take a look at your outfit for a second.

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