Can You Wear Doc Martens in the Rain?

Yes, you can wear Doc Martens in the rain to a certain degree. They are definitely kind of waterproof, especially if your Doc Martens boots are new, which means the waterproofing material on the surface of the leather is still intact.

In that case, your Doc Martens boots can withstand 15 to 20 minutes of rain. The amount of time reduces with wear on the leather and the shoe generally.

Dr. Martens makes some of the best boots and shoes on the market. They have long attained the status of icons, up there with the best of them.

So, if you have one and you are wondering how much it can take when it comes to water, then you should read on.

Can all Doc Martens boots be worn in the rain?

Can You Wear Doc Martens in the Rain

No, not all Doc Martens boots can be worn in the rain. They do have the ones that are specially treated though to get you through a rainy day while keeping your feet dry.

These boots are built with a revolutionary welt that keeps water from seeping through the seams between the uppers and the outsoles. The leather is also specially treated so that water doesn’t percolate through the grain and find your feet.

Iowa waterproof boots are one of the Doc Martens that’ll allow you to slush through a rainy day without getting wet on your feet.

It has a breathable yet waterproof membrane that locks out moisture.

Iowa waterproof boots

Doc Martens 1460 Ankle Boots is also a waterproof boot in the line of Doc Martens shoes. The boot is built with a revolutionary twin heat-sealed welt.

This welt prevents water from getting into the air-cushioned sole. The leather is treated with oil which keeps water from passing through the grain into the boot.

Let me now take you into the world of Doc Martens’ waterproof boots. Please read on.

Five Doc Martens waterproof boots that are great for rain

S/n Name of Boot Features Price
1 Iowa Waterproof Poly Casual Boots DryWair membrane $148. 39
2 Junior 1460 Waterproof Leather Boots Crazy horse leather $70
3 1640 Men’s Lace-up Boot Goodyear welted $112
4 Arbor Women’s Steel Toe Work Boots Industrial grade tumbled leather $135.46

Iowa Waterproof Poly Casual Boots

Can You Wear Doc Martens in the Rain

When you wear these boots you know you are ready for whatever the day hurls at you. You’ll stop through any terrain and come out the other side, stronger.

The boot is built with a Crazy Horse Leather that comes with a waxy top to keep water and moisture out.

It enjoys unbeatable traction in the outsole because of the unique GripWair sole design. You are safe on slippery factory floors or street pavements.

Even when it rains you know you will not fall as you strut or run for cover. And if you like you can take your time to get out of the downpour.

The DyWair membrane locks out moisture from the boots all the while you are standing there in the rain.

Junior 1460 Waterproof Leather Boots

Can You Wear Doc Martens in the Rain

Come rain or shine, with these Doc Martens boots you will be fine through it all. This boot is for kids who love the wild, who love to plow through the day even when it’s raining.

It’s got an internal zip guard, bellows tongue, and a waterproof bootie membrane. The yellow welt stitch helps keep water out and the heel loop helps you put the boot on.

The uppers are covered in Crazy Horse Leather with a waxy oily finish to keep water from seeping into the leather.

Knowing that kids keep on growing in the feet, the cemented sole construction allows for flexibility. This boot is $70 here and comes recommended.

1640 Men’s Lace-up Boot

Can You Wear Doc Martens in the Rain

Decades after the first Doc Martens rolled off the line, they introduced a waterproof edition of the iconic boot.

This boot is from a time when industry workers needed protection on their feet and footwear companies like Doc Martens heeded the call to make the finest leather boots to ever cover a man’s feet.

The heat-sealed welt prevents water from getting into the boot, the air-cushioned sole keeps the feet comfy all day on the factory ground and everywhere.

To further keep the feet dry, the inside of the boot is encased in a DryWair membrane that provides breathability through the oily waterproof leather.

This boot provides protection from spills, puddles, and rain.

Arbor Women’s Steel Toe Work Boots

Can You Wear Doc Martens in the Rain

Doc Martens made these Chelsea work boots for women and it comes with a steel toe cap. The leather in the upper is industrial-grade tumbled leather.

The boots come with a combo of enhancements that makes them comfortable boots.

There’s a moisture-wicking lining and memory foam SoftWair sockliner which provide extra cushioning both at the heel and forefoot of the boot.

For underfoot airflow, there’s a raised grid pattern. If you’re a working woman in the electrical industry this shoe is for you as it protects against electrical hazards.

4 things to do after wearing your Doc Martens in the rain

Even boots become victims of the uncertainties of life. One of such uncertain occurrences is when it rains. You may be out when it begins to rain.

If you get beaten by the rain and are unable to find protection in a shade, your doc Martens will surely get wet.

What should you do then?

Here are 4 things to do after wearing your Doc Martens in the rain.

Use a shoe protector

If your Doc Martens is one of the specifically waterproof ones like the 1460 Waterproof Lace-up Boot, then it would have a layer of oily finish to protect the leather from intrusive moisture.

But repeated rain assault can lead to the washing away of the layer of finish.

After wearing your Doc Martens in the rain, allow it to dry then use a leather protector from Doc Martens.

The Dr. Martens Wondr Balsam is a good leather protector you can use to bring the layer of protection on the leather back to its lush look.

Dr. Martens’ mixture of natural and synthetic waxes in the Wonder Balsam is designed to nourish, condition, and protect the leather.

The good thing about this formula is it keeps the leather of your shoe soft and supple, bringing it back to its normal state after being beaten by the rain.

It doesn’t polish the leather which is a good thing since polished leather means a loss of suppleness.

This 85ml jar comes with a sponge that you use to apply it. It contains yellow beeswax, mineral oils, petroleum spirit, and petroleum-derived wax.

Simply apply a little Wonder Balsam on the leather of your boot with the sponge, no need to polish. Allow the leather to absorb the wax for five minutes and you are done. Your boots’ leather will be restored to its soft state again.

This balm removes unwanted water patches from the leather of your boots.

Waxing or dubbin

Repeated assault by rain can make your boot’s leather lose some of the wax or oil on the leather.

When this happens the leather loses some waterproof protection. You don’t have to wait till it loses it all. You can do your bit to keep your leather in top shape.

Using wax is a traditional way of protecting your leather. Especially if you don’t have a formula from Doc Martens. Natural beeswax is potent protection for leather that has been in use for centuries.

Beeswax doesn’t have dyes so there’s no fear that your leather will be stained. When the wax dries, it seals into the pores of the leather locking moisture in, giving your boots a fresh feel and look.

Waterproof spray

Another way to give your boots a treat after a bout of rain is by spraying them with a waterproof formula.

You can purchase waterproof sprays in online stores or shops in your neighborhood. To use a spray you first have to let your boot dry completely, then clean it of all dirt and grime that may have come on it in the rain.

Next, spray with the waterproof. Make sure to focus on the area of the seams and those places you feel the leather is losing the most suppleness.

Allow the spray to dry but not in direct sunlight.

Simply dry it out

One way to deal with your boots after the rain is to simply leave them out in the sun to dry. Doc Martens boots are really durable boots.

They look better the more they age so they should really be okay even after a time in the rain. Leather is naturally porous, after about 20 minutes of rain, the water is going to sleep through the leather.

If the water can go in, it can get out. Many doc Martens owners just leave their boots to dry and they continue to wear them.

But if you are finicky like me, then by all means you can do any of the steps I outlined previously.

Why the boot you wear in the rain is important

It is important because it means the difference between ruining the boot and wasting hard-earned money. Here’s why you need to wear proper boots in the rain:

To protect your feet

Wearing the proper boots in the rain will protect your feet from being soaked with water and mud. You can even catch a cold from wearing a boot that’s flooded inside.

Save money

You save money by wearing the proper boots in the rain. A boot that’s ruined by rain is one more reason to take money out of your wallet.

It is simply a wasted investment. Avoid this by making sure that your boots are either waterproof or resistant. Or wear rain boots instead.


The boot you wear is important for the sake of your own safety. If your boots lack traction because it is not suited for rain, then you risk a serious fall as you run across muddy earth or slippery pavement.

You need boots that are solely designed for a time in the rain. As you near the wet season it is important to take a look at your shoe collection, and make an inventory so that you can prepare for all the different weather elements you will encounter.

Health reasons

The boot you wear in the rain should be considered properly because of your health. Repeatedly drowning your feet in drenched shoes has a way of making you catch a cold.

If you are unable to find shade from the rain and you get drenched all over, the warmth a good shoe provides you in your feet helps the rest of the body with a supply of warm blood.

Totally drenched boots mean even your upper body is wet too. A cold is not something you want to come down with.

Final thoughts

Doc Martens makes some of the best boots you can have in your collection. Their waterproof boots are a delight to wear in the rain.

However, as you likely know, Doc Martens’ boots are not totally waterproof. There’s no need to test their limits except you are ready to invest the time required to keep your leather boots looking fresh and supple.


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