Can You Wear Crocs To Work At Burlington

Crocs are allowed at Burlington because it meets the standard of the organization’s dress code policy. Generally, the types of shoes allowed at Burlington must have the following features:

  • It must be closed-toe
  • It must be flat-soled
  • It must have a slip-resistant sole with a firm grip
  • It must not be flip-flops or slippers.
  • Casual shoes are allowed.

A number of Crocs shoes fall into this category and that is why it is acceptable as footwear for employees at Burlington.

Can You Wear Crocs To Work At Burlington

There is no express mention of the NAMES of shoes that Burlington allows, but looking at the specifications listed above, Crocs falls into this category and that is why they can be worn at Burlington without fear of going against the established protocols.

Crocs Shoes you can wear to work at Burlington

CROCS women’s busy day flats shoe

Can You Wear Crocs To Work At Burlington

This is the best lightweight crocs work shoe you can ever wear as a female employee at Burlington. It has the following features:

  • It is lightweight and makes walking around easier.
  • It has a breathable feature that makes your feet cool and comfortable.
  • It has a rubber sole with a firm grip and slip-resistant feature which makes walking on slippery floor surfaces safe and easy.
  • It comes in a simple but elegant design which makes you look attractive and professional.
  • This shoe is perfect for you as an employee at Burlington. It is specially designed to make you comfortable even as you walk around while performing your activities.


CROCS citilane fashion sneakers

Can You Wear Crocs To Work At Burlington

This is the best casual shoe you can wear to Burlington as a male employee. This amazing sneakers has some beautiful and distinct features which make it suitable for your feet and toes.

  • It is made of Croslite material which is lightweight and durable enough to last for years even under consistent use.
  • It is super-comfortable because of its soft cushioned insole that supports your feet in a comfortable way while standing or walking for long hours.
  • It has a strong and firm lace-up closure for additional fit.
  • Its rubber sole comes with high traction and slip-resistant feature for stability.
  • However, it has a snug fit and might require that you order a size up in order to achieve a perfect fit for your feet.


Crocs unisex work shoes

Can You Wear Crocs To Work At Burlington

This shoe is perfect for corporate and casual outfits. This is a multipurpose work shoe that can be worn on any outfit you choose. It comes in the male and female sections which gives it a broader reach.

It is lightweight and durable enough to last for long even under normal daily usage.


Other types of shoes allowed at Burlington

Every organization has its own code and conduct which governs and regulates what you do and most especially what you wear.

Burlington has its own sets of rules and regulations which govern the affairs and activities of its employees.

At Burlington, you are not allowed to wear anything that goes against the company’s rules and policies.

Initially, I always thought Burlington was an organization that allows you to wear anything. The reason for this is because of how casual they look from the outside.

A lot of their employees wear a black polo shirt with a khaki trouser or blue jeans. I always imagined myself in that kind of organization that gives me the freedom to walk around in whatever outfit.

However, when I got a job there, I realized that this is a different ball game. This article is centered on my experience at Burlington during my stay there.

I must admit that Burlington is an amazing organization to work in. When it comes to the types of shoes you are allowed to wear, I would list out the various types of shoes and give you examples.


This is one of the shoes you are allowed to wear as an employee at Burlington. Sneakers are casual shoes that make you comfortable and also look smart.

They are closed-toe and have a slip-resistant sole which makes them safe for you while on the Job. Below are the Sneakers you can wear to Burlington as an employee:

SKECHERS afterburn memory foam men’s sneakers

This is one of the best and strongest sneakers you would ever find appropriate to wear as an employee at Burlington.

My SKECHERS afterburn memory foam men’s sneakers give me goosebumps every time I wear them to work. The comfort is amazing and it keeps me on my feet for long hours without pressure.

SKECHERS women’s comfortable sneakers

Every female employee at Burlington would love this sneaker because of its style and amazing comfort. It is lightweight and makes walking around easier.

If you run errands a lot at Burlington, then this is the best for you. It comes at an affordable price.


Loafers are also an acceptable type of shoes for every employee at Burlington. It looks corporate, but can also be worn in casual outfits. You should try them out:

ECCO breathable men’s loafer

This loafer keeps my feet cool every time. There is no better shoe to wear to work during summer than the ECCO breathable men’s loafer.

It is lightweight and has a soft cushion for additional comfort.

FRANCO-SARTO women’s loafer

This stylish loafer makes you look presentable at work. It is lightweight and has a rubber sole with high traction for stability while walking on slippery floor surfaces.

Furthermore, it has a closed toe and heel which makes it a suitable shoe for every female employee at Burlington.


These are heavyweight shoes that have an all-around protective feature to guard your feet and toes against heavy and harmful objects/substances.

Boots are allowed for every employee at Burlington. I don’t really wear them because they run-heavy and my feet muscles cannot carry them longer.

However, if you love boots, then it is perfectly okay to wear them to work as an employee. There are a few amazing boots you can get which is not too heavy and has a durable feature that lasts for years.

TIMBERLAND women’s mid-ankle boots

Timberland is one of the brands with the best boots. The TIMBERLAND women’s mid-ankle boots cover your feet and ankles and protect it from heavy objects.

Furthermore, it is not as heavy as other boots. It comes with a strong sole quality that lasts for years. If you love wearing boots, this is a good pick for you and it is appropriate to wear to work as an employee at Burlington.

DR MARTENS men’s boot

This boots is also appropriate for every male employee at Burlington. It runs too heavy for me, but you would love it if you are a boot addict.

It is durable and lasts long. It also comes in a simple style that looks slightly casual and athletic.


For female employees at Burlington, wearing flats is a good option and it is allowed at Burlington.

Furthermore, it is my best pick for you if you want to wear a corporate shoe, flats are good and appropriate because it is lightweight, comfortable and safe for walking around/standing for long hours.

SKECHERS women’s ballet flat

This flat shoe is corporate and comes with a nice outward design. The material is very durable and this enables it to be waterproof. It is closed-toe flats.

Compared to sneakers and loafers, it does not have a breathable feature. However, it is pretty comfortable and makes walking around easier.

FAQs on dressing to work at Burlington

Does Burlington allow tattoos?

Yes. Burlington allows tattoos. However, I would strongly recommend that you don’t put on tattoos in places that are obvious.

Furthermore, if you would put on tattoos, ensure that it is not offensive and seductive. Furthermore, don’t put on a tattoo that is racist or prejudiced. A simple design is okay.

From my experience as a worker at Burlington, tattoos are not common.

Can you have colored hair at Burlington?

Colored hairs are allowed at Burlington provided they are neat and presentable.

There is no stipulated law that regulates your hairstyle. The general rule is to look attractive and presentable. Furthermore, when it comes to having colored hair, ensure you use a single color.

Don’t combine too many colors that would make you look unprofessional for Burlington.

Using single and simple colors is good enough.

Does Burlington have uniforms?

At Burlington, the common outfit is a black polo t-shirt with khaki trousers.

However, you can wear blue jeans in place of your khaki trousers. This is a common uniform that is found at Burlington.

I have had confrontations with few friends who asked why we love wearing black t-shirts so much.

The common uniform at Burlington is a black T-shirt with black trousers, khaki trousers, or jeans.

Can you wear leggings at Burlington?

Leggings are not allowed at Burlington.

Leggings are not appropriate for Burlington because they are not decent wear.

Formal and professional wear is appropriate and leggings do not fall into this category.

As a female employee at Burlington, don’t wear leggings to work. Your boss might call your attention to it as inappropriate.

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