Can You Wear Converse With Scrubs?

Yes, you can wear Converse with scrubs. Converse is just like the regular sneakers that are being worn on different items of clothing for different activities and it possesses unique features and designs that distinguish it from sneakers by other brands.

Scrubs are clothes worn by the medical workers which are nurses, surgeons, and even imaging technologists. They are in twos: a scrub top and a scrub trouser.

Can You Wear Converse With Scrubs?

These medical workers can’t walk barefooted so they have to wear a shoe that would make them comfortable as they would be standing for hours in the laboratory or surgery rooms not just comfortable but also providing the right support for their feet.

Although, most people said that medical workers who wore Converse with scrubs looked funny while some said it looked okay.

From my perspective though, since Converse has different designs and styles, medical workers can purchase the Converse that fits their scrubs and also a converse that would be comfortable and that would also give the perfect support to their feet.

So, why do you think health guys wear Converse with scrubs?

Health guys wear Converse with scrubs because:

It provides the right support for their feet

Due to the hours that medical workers like the nurses, surgeons, and other medical personnel spend in the surgery room during any surgery, they have to put on comfortable shoes to provide the right support to their feet.

The same goes for the scrubs that are being worn by the medical workers and other personnel. Medical workers wear scrubs to help create a clean environment so instead of wearing clothes worn from home in the hospital or laboratory, they wear the scrubs so as not to breed harmful pathogens in the environment.

Converse shoes act as a supporting agent to their feet to help eradicate pains and anything they could feel while standing or working for hours.

It has unique features that differentiate it from sneakers from other brands

Medical workers or the health guys wear Converse with scrubs because they are perfectly made with the right fabric, designed with soothing colors, and also built perfectly to be used for longer hours plus they are lightweight.

In hospitals, you would notice that nurses, doctors, matron, and other personnel have their shifts, some can be in the morning, some in the afternoon, and some in the night, all of them would still stand all through when there are emergencies in the surgery room or other rooms available in the hospital.

I’m sure most of you can relate to this as you would have visited the hospital, or work in the hospital, or have seen any movie that showed the hospital scenes where the nurses put on the scrubs and a sneaker during their shifts and you would see that they have to stand for hours.

It protects their feet

Another reason why the health guys/medical workers wear Converse is to protect their feet from spills like the fluid from the body or medicinal fluid while working in the lab or while operating a patient as the rubber insole and also the fabric of the Converse helps to keep their feet dry and safe.

Why should the health guys wear Converse with their scrubs?

Can You Wear Converse With Scrubs?

In the hospital, the health guys which are the nurses, doctors, surgeons, etc mostly work while standing for hours.

To prevent them from slipping

When there are emergencies there is going to be a lot of running around to get the necessary surgical instruments ready for the emergency, a nurse or doctor can’t put on heels or any shoe worn casually as the floor of the hospital can be slippery when running or you could even slip on something on the floor.

So, putting on Converse is an alternative to those casual shoes or official shoes like heels. The rubber sole is attached to the fabric that keeps the Converse in good shape plus the Converse also has furry soles and this furry sole prevents you from slipping on the hard floor in the hospital.

To support their feet for balance and rigidity

Standing for hours can hurt your feet especially when you are putting on shoes that are not helping your feet like providing the appropriate support to them.

Health guys should wear Converse with their scrub because it will provide the appropriate support their feet would need while standing or working for hours.

To provide ventilation to their feet

The Converse also has riveted holes for ventilation although most people use them to lace their Converse. plus Converse is lightweight, they do not have any paddling that could hurt your feet or make your feet feel uncomfortable plus they are made with breathable fabric.

All these features make Converse different from other shoes or sneakers from other brands.

Converse shoes nurses and doctors can wear with their scrub

In this century, fashion has made a lot of changes in the way people dress and it applies to everyone but young and old and even all workers including nurses and doctors.

I can tell that when you see a nurse or doctor the first thing that comes to your mind is this person wouldn’t have time for fashion but let me spill it here to you, most nurses and doctors have fashion sense.

They do not want to be seen as just nurses and doctors that don’t know or vibe with the recent, though they have a lot of medical things or knowledge up in their head they also vibe along with the recent fashion style.

That’s why you see nurses and doctors of this century wearing the latest sneakers alongside their scrubs, wearing matching colors of sneakers or shoes with the causal wear or scrub.

Most of them even go to the extent of checking and asking for nice-latest sneakers like Converse online. In most hospitals, they even pick colors of sneakers to be worn with their scrub. Funny right?

But cool. Honestly, I find it so cool that is why in this article I would be listing some sneakers that I feel that nurses and doctors can purchase to wear with their scrub and ease you from searching and searching online for the perfect Converse to buy.

Women’s Chuck Taylor All Star Converse Sneaker

The Converse is one of the most popular brands that make shoes for all kinds of activities like sports and they make shoes for workers like the medical personnel who work/stand for long hours.

Just like the saying of the manufacturer, “putting on any Converse product, you build a community of valid fashion style which is being you.” Nurses tend to search around the Internet for sneakers made by Converse because of the unique design that Converse produces. That is why this shoe made from Converse is the first on my list.

This particular shoe is hi-top made with different colors, it has rubber soles that are being attached to the fabric that provides it with a perfect shape, it has a furry sole that would prevent you from slipping on the hard floor in the hospital.

It also has a very nice and unique lacing style as the lacing of this Converse is removable which simply means you can replace the lace with any lace design of your choice.

This Converse is also very easy to clean. The material used to make the Converse is from a textile material which would make it easier for you to remove any stain spilled on the Converse, they are comfortable, they have breathable spaces and they are lightweight plus it has the perfect cut for female nurses.

Men’s Chuck Taylor All Star Converse

This Converse has a lot of amazing features that I’m sure a doctor would enjoy if he purchases it as it would provide the perfect and appropriate support to his feet.

The sole material is made up of rubber which is attached to the fabric to keep the Converse in perfect shape, the outer material of the Converse is also made up of rubber and this would prevent you from slipping on the hard floor.

It is also laced up like the first Converse that I mentioned- you can purchase any lace of a different design to switch the one that is there, it has a mid-top silhouette that would provide the appropriate ankle protection.

It also a canvas lining that allows you to feel comfortable if you wear it all day because of your shift in the hospital or so plus it has a padded collar for protecting the ankle and also have a textured toe bumper.

This becomes effective you hit your toes against anything while the Converse is still worn, you won’t feel any pain because of the textured toe bumper. It is also very durable and it has breathable spaces too.

Converse Women’s Chuck Taylor All-Star sneaker

This sneaker has a sole material that is made from rubber which helps to keep the Converse in shape as it is attached to the fabric of the Converse, it has a low top to keep your feet and ankle comfortably while you wear the Converse for long hours.

Just like the two sneakers I mentioned earlier, this Converse also a nice lacing style plus you are allowed to change the lace to any lace design of your choice, it has a padded collar to help support your ankle while standing for hours.

It has a very nice and cool color that allows you to wear it on your scrubs, it has a furry sole that would help you reduce your chance of slipping on the hard floor in the hospital and an ortholite insole was added to provide more comfort to the feet that sound cool right? Yeah.

The Converse has each of the nice features you require in a shoe.

What to consider before buying a Converse to wear at the hospital

A lot of people are always eager to purchase a shoe or sneaker without checking if the shoe or sneakers has everything to provide your feet with the right support it truly deserves. That is why you see complaints from most people after wearing the sneakers they purchased.

Well, to prevent this from happening to you, I would be listing out the things to consider before you purchase a Converse that you would wear at the hospital because trust me your feet deserve adequate support as you would be standing for hours in the hospital.

Look out for Rubber/furry sole

These soles help to keep the shoe in shape. The rubber sole is always on the outer part that is attached to the main fabric of the Converse while the furry sole is the rubber sole design you see in different shapes below the Converse, it helps to prevent you from slipping on the hard floor.

If you purchase a shoe without the furry sole or rubber sole, the chance of you slipping on the floor in the hospital may be high because the main purpose why those soles are there to prevent you from slipping.

Check out the Padded collar

This provides your ankle with the support and protection it needs as it is made with foam. This collar is so important as it helps and supports the ankle, it is very important in the Converse you purchase. It can be hi-top or low-top.

Textile fabric material

The most common material used to make Converse is cotton canvas while some are made from leather. these materials are very easy to clean when any stain or anything is spilled on them.

You can make use of a toothbrush and a mild soap to brush away the stain and you are good to go. If you purchase a Converse sneaker that is not made from cotton canvas or leather, then you might have difficulty with cleaning the one you bought.

The style of lace

The lace of the Converse is interlocked into the portholes created on the fabric of the Converse. this helps to tighten the Converse to your feet so it would be set to your perfect size plus it can be changed with any lace design you have.

There are some Converse sneakers that their lace are not removable, so if you purchase that type of Converse you will not be able to change the lace to any type you want and you might not be able to adjust the lace if it is too tight or too loose.

Can you wear Converse with anything?

Of course, you can wear Converse with anything. Converse has sneakers with hi-top and low top anyone you have can go with anything and everything you want to wear. The Converse is just like other sneakers but it has a unique style that makes it different from other brands.

Fashion now allows anything so far you are comfortable with what you are wearing. You are good to go but trust me you can wear your Converse with anything and everything.


Can You Wear Converse With Scrubs?

Converse can be worn with scrubs and they have sneakers made for medical workers to help their feet feel comfortable while standing and working for hours.

I have listed sneakers that you can purchase as a nurse or doctor and I also listed what to consider before purchasing a Converse you want to wear in a hospital.

I hope you pick the right pair of sneakers to provide the support your feet truly deserve. Kindly put down your suggestions and questions in the comments section. Cheers!.

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