10 Velcro Shoes for Stroke Patients (in 2023)

This article introduces you to 10 Velcro shoes for stroke patients.

Here is what you must know. A person suffering from stroke experiences foot drop. Foot drop in turn causes difficulty in raising the front part of the foot due to the paralysis and weakness that must have occurred.

This becomes worse when a person experiencing this goes on to use the wrong shoes. The best Velcro shoes for stroke patients are shoes that can help positively affect the central nervous system for possible correction of gait.

Velcro Shoes for Stroke Patients

However, because you cannot just wake up on a fine Tuesday morning and figure out the ideal shoes that can greatly suffice for this need.

This article, after having gone through scrutiny and vetting by specialist medical practitioners in this area of health services, has been deemed worthy to serve as a guide that would help you get some of the best 10 Velcro shoes for stroke patients.

Take a sneak peek into them.

  1. XinYu Men’s Walking Shoe
  2. Skechers Men’s Impeccable Walking Shoe
  3. OrthoComfoot Orthopedic Shoe
  4. Skechers Performance Men’s Walking Shoe
  5. Go Walk Air-Cooled Foam Shoe
  6. Skechers Women’s Go Walk Sneakers
  7. Nike Metcon Sport Shoe
  8. Leader Show Hook And Loop Sneakers
  9. Propét Women’s Mary Jane Shoe
  10. Sas Hook And Loop Sneakers

XinYu Men’s Walking Shoe

Velcro Shoes for Stroke Patients

This shoe is included in this list because it has all the important features to look out for when choosing a shoe for a stroke patient.

Some of which are increased friction/traction, comfort, and lightweight. Other features are important, albeit not as equally as these.

How this shoe fits into this picture is because it has a rubber non-slip sole, adjustable instep, and is made with lightweight technology.

This sole reduces the possibility of fall while driving increased friction and firm hold to the ground. The adjustable instep brings about stability in walking as it can be extended to the position of the toe.

One cool feature is its breathability feature. A stroke patient often struggles while trying to make any move. This involves the use of energy that in turn causes sweating.

A shoe like this becomes perfect as it has been designed to wick away sweat. The multifaceted design of this shoe makes it cool for diabetic patients too.

Skechers Men’s Impeccable Walking Shoe

Velcro Shoes for Stroke Patients

This is one of the ideal shoes that suffice for this cause. It captures all important features that should enhance the gait of one suffering from a stroke.

They include all-around cushioning, enhanced traction, arch support, and a controlled extent of friction. The lightweight technology used for the design makes it perfect!

It comes with elastic panels on both sides of the shoe for added comfort. Of course, no person suffering from a stroke should be saddled with the responsibility of having to deal with any discomfiting shoes.

And because a stroke patient has difficulty raising the front part of his foot owing to foot drop, this shoe helps to solve that problem as it aligns the toe and the heel area, this is with the help of the heel counter and toe support features that allow for easy foot movement.

Plus, it is very breathable too for easy air permissibility. Another cool thing is its ability to wick away sweat too.

OrthoComfoot Orthopedic Shoe

Velcro Shoes for Stroke Patients

The OrthoComfoot Orthopedic Shoe is designed to work for patients dealing with not just strokes, but also diabetes, neuropathy, ball of the foot, arthritis, and other foot problems.

While its lightweight design relieves foot burden. It is designed with the toe side slanted upward, held firmly by the upper. This goes on to have a strong connection with the shoe’s collar.

This way, it propels and gears that easy feet lifting where due to foot drop would not have been this much easy.

There are shoes that give this squeaky sound due to excess traction. However, this is not the case here as the friction extent is very much controlled so that it doesn’t hold back the feet.

It comes with an orthopedic insole that offers support to the arch, thereby slashing down foot fatigue. The deep heel cup keeps the feet in place too.

Other features that help with this are the EVA midsole and gel material used; they bring about pain relief and absorb shock.

Skechers Performance Men’s Walking Shoe

Velcro Shoes for Stroke Patients

How would you describe a shoe with an energy return insole that has a cushioned vamp and heel? Well, that is a “keep you on the go” shoe. Exactly what one dealing with the hurdles that come with stroke needs.

This is because, while the cushioned vamp and heel guide the feet in the appropriateness of balance and fitting, the energy return features give every step a push.

This model is designed with breathable materials too. The sole is big on traction and keeps away from slips. Well, it has the toothed and grippy sole to have such an edge.

Of what profit are the benefits of any shoe supposedly stroke patients if it ends up being heavy? That’s the reason this model has a pretty lightweight design.

The midsole is constructed to be two-pieced. This means, aside from the push that comes from the energy return, the two-pieced midsole helps too in no small way in this regard.

Go Walk Air-Cooled Foam Shoe

Velcro Shoes for Stroke Patients

This one comes with two straps; a hook and a loop that makes sure the feet are always in place and on check.

It is cool that they are adjustable. This should help for a customized fit. This design is made on the basis of advanced stability and comfort.

One of the main supporting features embedded in this design is the topped insole cushion. This brings about soothing relief and foot balance.

While it serves as a shoe for stroke patients, it is very much multifaceted too. Such that allows it to find relevance in diverse areas like athletics, driving, travel, or business.

It is slip-resistant too. Be sure to be safe with this on all terrains; whether wet( with water) or on oily surfaces.

If having your feet held in so much support and tenderness is something you have always envisioned, then this is perfect too.

Plus, you’d appreciate the fact that it is pretty easy to maintain too; it is both hand and machine washable and seldom get visible or obvious stains. 

Skechers Women’s Go Walk Sneakers

Velcro Shoes for Stroke Patients

If a shoe’s outsole has the dual-density type of ultra Go, and still is made with the comfort pillar technology which makes it both lightweight and gives a good push, then be sure it is great for anyone suffering from stroke.

The mega mat sole is a home where traction and an all-around balanced life. This sole is synthetically made with copolymers that guarantee a soft landing of every step, good friction extent, and better balance.

This is a shoe that can be used as an everyday shoe. This reason is valid because the cushy sole is not limited to giving balance, it works for shock absorption too. Aesthetically, it is great too. This is a fine blend of quality and great looks.

Nike Metcon Sport Shoe

Velcro Shoes for Stroke Patients

This is one of the best that goes well for anyone with foot drop, caused by either stroke or any other medical problems.

This is because it features some multidirectional traction that not just enhances the grip on turf surfaces, but also increases agility and enhances walking speed.

While you may need to wear such in other shoes for a better experience, this shoe is designed with a booty construction that gives the sock-like feeling and keeps the foot in comfort all day. The cushioned insoles help with this too.

It also comes with a stretchy hook-and-loop strap that can be adjusted so that the fit can be customized to fit any foot.

The upper is made with breathable mesh too so that the feet are kept in moderate air accessibility all day.

The cool thing about this shoe is the versatile construction that makes it find relevance in many areas. It is true to size too.

The only downside to this shoe is that the Velcro strips may not fit you well enough if your feet are really wide.

Leader Show Hook And Loop Sneakers

Velcro Shoes for Stroke Patients

This is one shoe whose Velcro straps give your feet a very secure closure. The outsole has a non-skid design.

The totality of this shoe aims at safety. Hence, it comes with good features that help with casualty prevention.

And this is why it can be used by the elderly and all those finding difficulties walking, especially foot drops, and this is a problem commonly associated with stroke.

Plus, the easy on and off features enable you to wear and take off with much ease. It is very comfortable too, and this is because of the cushioned footbed.

This Leader Show sneaker is a lightweight design equipped with a shock-absorbing property that enhances every footstrike.

While it is also true that this footwear might not be big on arch support, other features like the alignment of the heel and toe areas that helps to keep the entire foot in a good position reduce this need.

It also features a fluorescent strip at the front which is a safety measure in case of night walks.

Propét Women’s Mary Jane Shoe

Velcro Shoes for Stroke Patients

Why this shoe is deemed fit for people with stroke because it is specially designed for people with sensitive feet. Much of which stroke patients are not left out.

The main features that account for this are the polyurethane detailing and the jersey upper (stretchable). The features, combined with the fact that the collar is elastic make it ideal for sensitive feet.

This is one shoe that comes with a truckload of comfort and adjustable fittings. The features behind this are the EVA spacer and the heel cushioning. This contributes to the customized fit of the shoe too.

It is designed to be light as well. And just to prevent skidding, it has enhanced traction control that is traceable to not just its deep tread pattern, but also because the outsole is made with a fine blend of rubber and ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA).

I’d also love to add that, although it is not originally a shoe for diabetic patients, however, the features therein allow it to be relevant to both stroke and diabetic patients.

Sas Hook And Loop Sneakers

Velcro Shoes for Stroke Patients

The main bases of this shoe are anti-friction, a foot guide, and all-day comfort. And this is why it is designed as a Tripod-cushioned shoe so that all the pressure that comes from the three main pressure points of the foot is adequately addressed. And these are the primary needs of one with a stroke.

There is an anti-friction lining featured by the SAS Coolstep footbed, this is what drives the cool surface underfoot. The wide toe box helps the forefoot be in all-day comfort.

The right type of shoe that a person suffering from stroke needs is one that has convenient Velcro straps that when used, can keep the foot in its entirety in comfort and one piece.

Other ideal features include good traction control and an all-round balance. Breathability too is included for air accessibility of air to keep the feet moderately dry.

An energy return feature helps in no small way. It is a good thing to know that all of these are embedded in this design.

While this shoe is true to size, a note from the manufacturer spells that size 8 was used for the product measurement.

This means that the measurements can differ by size and the weight of each shoe is dependent on the very item you buy.

Final Words

It is important to note that all the shoes mentioned on this list are exceptionally lightweight, have good traction control, all-round balance, better foot grip, and most importantly, are comfortable.

So, while they have slight differences in their respective constructions they have the features that make them good for stroke patients.

It is true that getting a good shoe for people with foot drop cannot be exactly easy, however, not until you get in touch with this guide.


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