Can I Use Indoor Soccer Shoes For Cycling?

Yes. Indoor soccer shoes possess features like stiff soles on the inside and this makes your leg stable on the pedal of your shoes while cycling. It also has a very flat sole with a honeycomb pattern on the outside for maximum grip.

It is therefore very possible for you to make use of indoor soccer shoes for cycling. The reason is that indoor soccer shoes naturally have the features that make cycling easy.

The flatness of the sole will enable you to cycle so well without your legs slipping off the pedals of the bicycle. The soles are so stiff that it does not bend easily, any sole that bends easily is not good for cycling.

Can I Use Indoor Soccer Shoes For Cycling

What do you look out for before buying shoes for cycling?

It is usually best when you take your time to make a good decision before you go out to buy your cycling shoes. There are various important features that you need to look out for before buying your cycling shoes.

That is why I am writing this cycling shoe buying guide, to help you make a good decision on the cycling shoes that you should go for.

You need to know that there are different types of cycling shoes, there are road cycling shoes, triathlon cycling shoes, and mountain biking shoes.

For each of these cycling shoes, their features are very similar, there are just slight differences which I will explain.

Take a look at the following feature that you should look out for before buying your cycling shoes:

 For Road cycling shoes

  • Ventilation
  • Cleat compatibly
  • Different fastening methods

Can I Use Indoor Soccer Shoes For Cycling


Ventilation is not just important for cycling shoes alone, they are important for any type of shoes. However, before buying cycling shoes, you need to make use of a shoe that has good ventilation.

The Ventilation will help to keep your feet warm and comfortable while you’re cycling. If you cycle with shoes that are airtight, you are not going to enjoy it at all.

Your feet will end up being sweaty and filled with moisture. While cycling, your feet need to be dry at all times.

Cleat compatibly

Cleat compatibility is another feature that you should not compromise when it comes to cycling shoes. Take note that the cleats are not provided with the shoes.

When you buy them, you should ensure that they are compatible with the pedal so that they can clip and fit in the cleat system that your bicycle pedal comes with.

Once the cleat is compatible, you will be able to ride easily and your feet will not slip off your pedals when you are cycling.

Different fastening methods

Buckles, straps, or Velcro are very good fastening methods that your cycling shoe should come with. Velcro fasteners are very light and reliable.

The presence of different fastening methods enables you to find it easy to quickly fasten or adjust your cycling shoes while you are cycling.

For triathlon cycling shoes

Triathlon shoes are quite similar to road cycling shoes, the only difference is that triathlon shoes are designed to be easily removable even while riding.

The features you should look out for on triathlon shoes are:

  • Ventilation
  • Strap closure fastener
  • Heel loop
  • Cleat compatibility

Can I Use Indoor Soccer Shoes For Cycling


While cycling, your feet should not be wet or filled with moisture. You should ensure that your cycling shoes can allow air to come in because it helps keep your feet comfortable while you are cycling.

Strap closure fastener

Just like I said earlier, triathlon shoes are designed to be easily removable even while cycling, that is why it is important it comes with a strap closure fastener, this fastener is quick, and it will make you easily remove your shoes while cycling.

Heel loop

The heel loop is very important too, this will help you to pull the shoes easily during the transition. You should check the heel of the shoe for this feature.

Cleat compatibility

This is similar to road cycling shoes. The cleat compatibility will help to clip on the sole of your cycling shoes while cycling. You should not neglect this.

For Mountain biking shoes

  • Sole flexibility
  • Cleat compatibility
  • Ventilation
  • Closure system

Sole flexibility

Unlike road cycling shoes, this mountain biking is different, this is because you will need the ability to walk off the bike in times of off-road biking.

Mountain bikers usually focus on power transfer, in some situations you will need to pedal faster while climbing the mountain.

Cleat compatibility

This is important in all types of cycling shoes. This feature enables your feet to stay put and clip in the pedal of the bike while you’re cycling.


Poor ventilation in cycling shoes is very bad. It will make you not enjoy your cycling at all. Your feet could get moist and you will not like the outcome.

In order to keep your feet dry & comfortable while cycling, you should get cycling shoes with good ventilation.

Closure system

Your mountain bike cycling shoes should have a good closure system like Velcro, Buckles, etc that enables you to easily fasten, adjust or undo the fastener while you’re cycling.

What shoes can you wear for cycling?

There are various cycling shoes that can serve you so well. These cycling shoes will help make your cycling experience amazing.

The technical features that these cycling shoes will make cycling enjoyable for you.  Take a look at some of the great cycling shoes that you can check out:

Venzo Men’s road cycling shoes


Can I Use Indoor Soccer Shoes For Cycling?

This particular shoe comes with three straps that make it easy for you to easily unstrap it or take it off when you’re cycling. It also comes with cleat compatibility that enables your feet to stay put when you’re cycling.

With the cleat compatibility, your feet won’t slip off from the pedals.


  • Three straps
  • Cleat compatibility
  • Good Ventilation

The sole of this cycling shoe is very flat and stiff which helps to keep your feet stable on the pedal when you’re cycling. The strap it comes with makes it easy for you to remove it while cycling.

The Venzo RX unisex cycling shoes


Can I Use Indoor Soccer Shoes For Cycling?

This shoe has a quick-drying highly breathable mesh. The breathable mesh enables enough ventilation while you’re cycling. It comes with a textile liner and a removable sock liner as well.

The cleats are fully compatible and it enables your feet to stay put on the pedal while you’re cycling.


  • Cleat compatibility
  • Breathable mesh
  • Removable sock liner
  • Synthetic upper build

You will definitely love making use of this cycling shoe. It has a very good breathable mesh that keeps your feet dry and comfortable while you are cycling. You also need to be careful with the strap buckle so that it does not break.

Cyclingdeal Unisex cycling shoes

Can I Use Indoor Soccer Shoes For Cycling?

This shoe is completely compatible with two or three-bolt cleats. This is an added advantage. The cleats are also compatible with your bicycle pedals and they fit very well.

The airflow goes through the breathable mesh design and keeps your feet cool and makes you comfortable wike you cycle. This feature makes buyers go for this shoe.


  • Non-slip cleats
  • Cleat compatibility
  • Breathable mesh design
  • Good Ventilation

The cleats of this shoe is made up of carbon fiber nylon that helps to keep you from slipping while walking on time or wooden floor. It also comes with a one year warranty, and for the cleats, it comes with a two-year warranty.

Tommaso Strada cycling shoes

Can I Use Indoor Soccer Shoes For Cycling?

It comes with a dynamic leather build on the surface that helps keep the feet comfortable while cycling.  The ventilated mesh design helps to prevent your feet from accumulating moist, instead, it keeps your feet warm while cycling.


  • Ventilated mesh design
  • Dynamic leather build
  • Cleat compatibility
  • 2-year warranty

One thing I like about this shoe is that it comes with a 2-year warranty which gives customer trust. If after buying the shoes you’re not comfortable with it, you can go on to ask for a refund or replacement.

Differences between indoor soccer shoes and cycling shoes

 Indoor soccer shoes and cycling shoes are not the exact same thing. They both have their differences. That is what I will be explaining in this segment of the article.

Feature Cycling shoes Indoor soccer shoes
Sole build Soles are very rigid for effective pedaling Soles are stiff but not so stiff as cycling shoes
Cleats It comes with very prominent cleats that keep your feet stable on your bicycle pedal while cycling. No cleats. Presence of honeycomb pattern for maximum grip.
Closure system Comes with a multiple closure system Comes with just one closure system
Anti-slip feature Not all soles have anti-slip features The honeycomb pattern is there to give an anti-slip support
Presence of lugs Cycling shoes come with lugs for maximum pedal grip Indoor soccer shoes have no lugs

Cycling shoes have a very rigid sole with almost no flexibility. The lack of flexibility on the sole is what makes it suitable for cycling. It keeps your feet straight and in the right position while pedaling. It is also very stiff and it will not bend if you want to walk.

Very light to make it easier for you to lift while cycling. It Comes with prominent cleats & lugs that stick to the pedal while cycling, with this feature, your shoes will not move out of the pedals while cycling.

The different closure system is what makes it easy for you to adjust or undo the fasteners while cycling.

Indoor soccer shoes have a flat sole without any cleats or lugs this is because you are not playing outside, you’re indoors, and when you’re indoors it’s most likely that you’re playing on a wooden or concrete ground. Outsoles are made of rubber for durability.

The Outsoles also features a honeycomb pattern for maximum grip while playing indoors, this will help prevent you from falling.

How do I know what size of cycling shoes to buy?

How to do that is to, first of all, know the size of your foot in centimeters. You should not be guided by the number. 

Usually, you can try the shoes on there first before purchase so that you can be sure of the sizing. However, this is not feasible all the time because some high-end cycling shoes at some bike shops do not allow this.

Measure your shoes in centimeters, then when you are about to get one for yourself use that exact same size you measured to select. By doing this, you will not find it difficult in selecting the appropriate size of the cycling shoe.

Should I buy cycling shoes a size bigger?

When buying cycling shoes, it is best that you buy cycling shoes that are half a size bigger. The reason is that when people buy their training shoes, they tend to have more room in them.

To acclimate, you should go for a bigger size. Because it becomes worse when your cycling shoes are too tight, once it’s too tight, you will not be able to apply pedal pressure because of the discomfort.

That is why it is best you go for cycling shoes that are a bit bigger for you in size.


Indoor shoes can be used for cycling. The reason why I said this is because of the flat sole that the indoor shoes have. This flat sole will help to keep your feet stable on the pedals of your bicycle.

If you have a pair of indoor shoes, you can take them and make use of them for cycling.

Indoor soccer shoes can serve you, but take note that it is not as efficient as the main cycling shoes itself. If you like any of the reviewed cycling shoes, you can actually go for it wait will serve you so well and you are not going to have issues.

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