Should You Size Up Or Down In Crocs?

I will advise you to size up if you want something more of a roomy fit while you should order a size down if you want a Crocs shoe that’s tighter.

When you size up your Crocs, you are creating more room for air to blow which is one of the major things you should look out for in your Crocs.

Sizing up makes you super free when you wear your Crocs. The disadvantage lies in how big it can get. You would be uncomfortable while walking around because it does not fit as much as you want it to.

However, to achieve the best fit, you can simply shrink your Crocs to attain the best possible fit for your feet and toes. With this, you can have super roomy and perfectly fit Crocs.

When it comes to sizing up and down in crocs, it is highly based on your preference.

Crocs comes in different sizes which gives you the opportunity to choose whatever size you desire. It is possible to size up and down in Crocs shoes.

I don’t size up and down whenever I want to buy Crocs. This is because I love how they fit. I have a lot of Crocs and that is why I am in the best position to write this article to you at this moment.

When it comes to sizing in Crocs, there are a lot of things to be considered which I would briefly talk about later in this article.

However, one of the most important factors that determine if you would size up and down in Crocs is what your definition of comfort is.

How do your feet interpret comfort whenever you wear shoes generally?

This would determine what decision to make when it comes to sizing up and down in Crocs.

What happens if you size up in Crocs

As I stated earlier in the previous section of this article, the choice of sizing depends on how your feet terms as comfortable.

What happens if you order for a larger size in Crocs?

Crocs generally runs true to size. This simply means that it is very possible to get Crocs that fits your feet perfectly.

I would not need to order for a larger size whenever I want to buy Crocs if I can get what fits me perfectly. However, there are quite a lot of people who want Crocs with the larger size for whatever reason.

I would briefly talk about what you should expect whenever you size up in Crocs.

Enough room for air to blow on your feet

When you size up in Crocs, you are giving enough room for air to blow around your feet and toes well. For example; the CROCS unisex offroad clog (SEE PRICE) is one of the best comfortable shoes I have used personally.

It has a roomy fit which allows air to blow around my feet and toes coupled with the ventilation openings at the sides and on top.

This is what happens whenever you size up in crocs. There is adequate space for your feet and to breathe.

When you size up in crocs, one of the things you should expect is a slip-off at times.

Crocs was created to have a roomy, relaxed, and comfortable fit. The material is a little glossy which can cause your feet to slip off at times if the fit is not firm enough for your feet.

Whenever you order a size up in Crocs, this is what you are simply doing; you are creating more room for your feet to move about and breathe. This extra space would lead to your feet slipping off whenever you are walking.

I once used very big Crocs to get groceries at a store, after some time, I had to buy a new pair of slippers because of how embarrassed I was. I literally had to stop after every 20steps to get the Crocs back to my feet.

A lot of people might argue that the adjustable strap at the back of the Crocs slippers would support your feet enough even if you order for a size up. However, this is not exactly true compared to my experience with larger-sized Crocs.

Your feet may slip off your Crocs

Whenever you order for a size up in Crocs, you create more room for your feet to slip back and forth which might make walking slow and a little bit embarrassing especially when you are walking out in the public.

It is okay to wear your Crocs slippers at home even if it is large in size. However, when it comes to walking outside or going to the restaurant and supermarket, a larger-sized Crocs is not the best option for you to opt-in for.

If you have narrow feet, ordering a larger size would automatically mean that you are going to be wearing a BIG CROCS.

Wearing big Crocs is absolutely the most absurd thing you want to do. Crocs has a very unique image which makes it look ugly. Imagine wearing big Crocs. You would look disfigured.

This is why it is best to order for your best size.

It could cause blisters

Furthermore, wearing a sized-up Crocs can cause blisters. This is due to the friction generated when walking around for too long.

Because the size is larger than your feet, the soles tend to slide back and forth which would lead to blisters which is a result of focused trauma where much weight is placed.

You may wind up as uncomfortable

Being comfortable is different from wearing a larger-sized Crocs. A larger-sized Crocs is not comfortable because of how it keeps giving you the idea that your Crocs are falling off or how it keeps dragging your feet down.

It is always advisable to order for you to order true fit Crocs in order to enjoy comfort. From my experience, wearing a larger-sized Crocs is not the best choice.

However, the decision is still dependent on your choice and what comfort means for your feet.

What happens when you size down in Crocs

There are a lot of people who have advised people to order for an extremely tight-fit Crocs for comfort and stability when it comes to walking.

However, from my personal experience with Crocs for 6 years in a row, I can tell you confidently that ordering for a lesser size in Crocs is the opposite of comfort.

In the previous section where I addressed wearing a larger-sized Crocs, I talked about the fact that a larger-sized Crocs would create excess space in your Crocs which would lead to your feet and toes dangling around in an uncomfortable fashion and eventually lead to your Crocs slipping off your feet.

This will thereby subject you to discomfort and inconvenience. However, the narrative is different when you size down in Crocs.

A sized-down Crocs is one of the most uncomfortable shoes you want to ever interact with. It is extremely painful and uncomfortable to wear because of the following valid reasons:

Makes your feet and toe painful

Wearing a sized down Crocs makes your Crocs shoe tight and makes your feet and toes painful. One of the most important features of every good shoe is called BREATHABILITY which is a feature that allows your feet to be cool and comfortable; this is also a feature that gives your feet enough room to breathe.

You don’t want to wear a shoe that chokes your feet and toes because of the pain that comes with it. If you order for a sized down Crocs, the implication of this is that your feet would be bigger than your Crocs and you would literally have to SQUEEZE your feet and toes into your Crocs before it would fit in.

A lot of people have claimed that the valid reason for choosing a sized-down Crocs is in order for it to become comfortably fit when it breaks in. This is not always true because Crocs does not just expand sporadically.

Choosing a sized down Crocs does not mean it would become comfortable when it breaks in. It would definitely still remain uncomfortable. When you wear a sized down shoe for long, you would definitely begin to feel pains in your feet and toes.

If proper care is not taken, it might lead to toe problems that might require medical attention.

Blisters on your toes

Wearing a sized down Crocs would also cause blisters to appear on your toes. This would happen because a tightly fitted Crocs would not create room for air.

Whenever you sweat, there would not be enough ventilation to snuff of the sweat which would lead to a reaction. Furthermore, if there is no adequate space for your toes to breathe, there would be a reaction in blood circulation which would lead to blisters.

Most times, these blisters can be very red, sore, and painful. This is also one of the things that happen whenever you order for a size-down Crocs.

Will make you look ugly

Wearing a sized down Crocs would make you look ugly. Imagine the picture of a man wearing a Crocs with the back of his feet shooting out of the adjustable strap. Can you imagine how absurd that would be?

Normally, the adjustable strap is meant to lock in your feet under normal circumstances and when you order for a true fit Crocs.

However, once it gets to the point where the heel of your feet is protruding out of your Crocs, then it is an eyesore to continue wearing such type of Crocs.

Occasionally, your feet would begin to come in contact with the bare hard surface floor which can also lead to injury or a minor accident.

Wearing a sized down Crocs would definitely make you look ugly compared to how good and attractive you would look whenever you wear the Crocs that is really your best fit size.

Your Crocs might get disfigured

Wearing sized-down Crocs can even disfigure your Crocs and also alter its quality. Because your feet are bigger than your Crocs, too much pressure would be placed on your Crocs as a result of FORCING YOUR FEET INTO IT ON A DAILY BASIS.

This singular action would affect certain areas of your Crocs and subject them to deterioration. Also, you would begin to see your Crocs getting disfigured and bent towards the tide of the pressure.

The material used in making Crocs is elastic and this is why it is always advisable to wear your perfectly sized Crocs. If you wear a perfectly-sized Crocs, you are going to maintain the beauty of your Crocs for a very long time.

It will make you uncomfortable

Wearing a sized down Crocs would also make walking uncomfortable. Just like wearing an oversized Crocs would slow you down, wearing a down-sized Crocs would also slow you down.

It is painful to walk fast when your feet and toes are in pain and not free enough to move around and enable smooth mobility. A down sized Crocs would make your walking uncomfortable and very slow which is not a position you want to subject yourself to for any reason.

Most especially, if you are wearing Crocs to work, a down-sized Crocs is the worst decision for you. It would make you inefficient on the job because you would be so focused on the pains in your feet and toes.

You don’t want to get sanctioned at work, do you?

What determines whether you should size up or down in Crocs

This is a simple question that I would answer in very clear terms.

Crocs shoes are comfortable shoes designed to be true to size. However, every Crocs shoe has its own designated purposes which is what determines the fit of each.

There is the roomy fit which we can call LARGE FIT. This is the Crocs shoe that runs big naturally because it was created for maximum comfort and casual purposes. The CROCS unisex classic clog (SEE PRICE) is one such shoe that runs large.

There is the standard-fit which we can call the TRUE FIT. This is the Crocs shoe that fits you perfectly. The CROCS women’s loafers (SEE PRICE HERE) is one of the Crocs shoes that fit perfectly.

There is the one called the TIGHT FIT. This is the Crocs that run a little stiff and tight for your feet and toes. An example of such Crocs shoe is the CROCS unisex slip-resistant work shoe (SEE PRICE).



These are the two major factors that determine whether you should size up or down in crocs.

How tight should your Crocs fit?

Crocs should not be too tight if you want maximum comfort. Your Crocs should be loose enough to allow adequate ventilation for your feet and toes (which is why you should size up in Crocs).

However, it should not become too loose in such a manner that causes your feet to slip off occasionally (which is why you can shrink your sized-up crocs to attain best fit).

Crocs does not have to be too tight nor too loose.

Crocs should be fit enough to hold your feet in and it should be loose enough got breathability and comfort.

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