What Shoes To Wear As A Phlebotomist?

Phlebotomists are medical professionals who are trained in the extraction of blood from the body of patients or urine samples for test purposes.

The shoes phlebotomists required to wear should be safe, and comfortable enough to withstand long shift hours associated with the medical profession.

Any brand of footwear that is chosen, should have natural arch support against foot fatigue and strain.

Phlebotomists collect samples for tests and also administer medications intravenously. A long amount of work hours is spent standing, moving, or bending against test tubes and collected samples for test.

To combat challenges like back pain, bruises, foot fatigue, bad posture, etc. proper adequate shoes should be worn at all times, so investing in quality shoes is very important.

Adequate Phlebotomist shoes and footwear have certain standards and criteria they all follow to guide them in choosing a brand that provides enough support and stability to your body.

Some example of best shoes any phlebotomist would enjoy are listed below

Shoes Features Ratings (1-5)
Dansko professional shoes
  • Thick rubber outsoles
  • Slip-resistant under the sole
  • Wide toe box
5 – 5
Nike Tanjun running shoe
  • Anti-slip technology
3.8 – 5
New balance women 520 v5 running shoe
  • Synthetic leather cover
  • Lightweight
  • Slip-resistant
4.5 – 5
Brooks Ghost 12 running shoes
  • Long-lasting
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
4.5 – 5
Nurse mate women dove
  • Breathable mesh design
  • Various designs and colors


4.9 – 5
Adidas women’s cloudfoam pure running shoe
  • Quality cover
  • Anti-slip technology
  • Super light
  • Breathable mesh
4.0 – 5
Nike women’s revolution running shoe
  • Arch support
  • Soft insoles
3.9 – 5
ASICS Gel Quantum 90 running shoe
  • Gel enhanced outsole
  • Strong rubber grip soles
4.3 – 5
HOKA ONE ONE Clifton running shoe
  • Balance
  • Lightweight
  • Momentum builder
4.7 – 5
Orthofeet proven plantar fasciitis shoe
  • Pain relief and comfort
  • Soft insoles
  • Elastic fabric cover
4.6 – 5

What Shoes To Wear As A Phlebotomist?

Dansko professional clog

This footwear is popular among health care professionals who are interested in finding comfort and style in one footwear.

With medical experts, Dansko clogs is undoubtedly the most preferred alternative for shoes that suits the workplace environment and protects your feet against harm and injuries.

The material cover of Dansko clogs is made from original leather which is durable, shiny, and has a professional guise anytime you wear it.

Moving around in them has a feeling of being balanced and comfortable, with the toe box roomy enough to allow your toes roam.

This toe box is hard and can prevent most injuries from fallen objects and reduce impacts from shocks.

The clogs are sturdy and very slip-resistant, relying on its polyurethane foam outsole and anti-fatigue stable bottoms.

Its tread is under the bottom has excellent grip, ensuring you have traction as you work all day on your feet.

The back of the heel is round and secures your feet and allows you to wear them longer without the shoes feeling like a burden.


  • Thick rubber under sole for shock absorption
  • Looks very professional
  • Traction is outstanding preventing slips and falls.
  • Toe box area very wide enabling wiggling of your toes.


  • Doesn’t feel light
  • Heavy and larger than other alternatives

Nike tanjun running shoes

Nike brand designed this footwear to combine good styling, functionality, and convenience in one footwear.

Medical practitioners who want to find lightweight, comfortable and flexible footwear for the long hours demanded in their place of work.

Nike brand is well known for its production of athletic running shoes and also casual footwear too.

Phlebotomists and others in the medical field like doctors, nurses, technicians, etc. who prefer sporty shoes can select this as a perfect choice.

The shoes are fabricated with a combination of synthetic and leather materials that makes them lightweight and practical.

The insoles have paddings that cover the entire insides from both sides and under the tongue.

The shoes are breathable and keep your feel cool always as you shuffle around with anti-slip design of its outsole keeping you upright and comfortable.


  • Quality rubber soles
  • The leather synthetic mixture provides a good skin for easy cleaning
  • Lightweight
  • Cushioned insoles
  • Slip-resistant


  • Small toe box

New Balance 520 v2 running shoes

This new balance footwear sticks to their classical style while keeping In touch with qualities that make them outstanding among other shoe range.

New balance is popular among people who fancy casual footwear. And this is no exception for any phlebotomy who desires to appear causal and still ensure appropriate care and protection obtained.

The shoes feel roomy as you bounce around in them, and air inlets in the shoe keep it cool, dry, and comfortable for as many hours as you can.

The insoles have a softened material that runs the entire length providing extra comfort, the midsole supports your natural arch by being springy and thick enough to protect you from impact pressure.

It’s also equipped with anti-slipping technology that keeps you glued to the floor always, with a hexagon-shaped rubber outsole for extra traction.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Long length feels unrestricted
  • Elevated heel for support.


  • A bit pricey

Brooks Ghost 12 running shoes

Brooks ghost shoes come in a wide range of colors and designs. Most professionals, runners, train commuters, etc. Pick this as the best choice for a long day of work and activities.

A phlebotomist can wear this all day without feeling tired with its combination of classical design structure and modern technology advancement.

I’s midsole uses brook’s advanced BioMoGo DNA and DNA loft cushioning system to reduce pressure from impacts. It is also equipped with anti-slipping features to minimize the risk of falling or tripping.


  • Breathable upper mesh canvass
  • Variables styles, colors, and design.
  • Advanced tread design for superior traction


  • Less flexible than others

Nurse mate women dove

Only a few shoe models designed for medical professionals comes close to the unique design of these nurses, mate shoes.

With advanced material design making it ultra-light and still delivering the required protection and safety.

There is improved support for your ankles Incorporated in this design, with a padded collar and slip-on structure.

The structure is a mixture of upper leather and elastic mesh at the sides. The clean leather has stain-resistant qualities that make it easy to clean and a lower elastic mesh that stretches to accommodate your feet and allows for flexible movement.


  • Advanced sole for traction
  • Wide toe box
  • Raised heels and proper ankle protection


  • Stain can become permanent
  • Might feel small for larger feet.

Adidas cloud foam pure running

This is a simple design for footwear that does the most.

Its simple stretchy knit upper is fabricated from a textile material that hugs your foot properly and secures your movement as you run, walk, etc.

It fits securely once it’s worn with its lace-up adjustment design going the distance for you.

The outsole is thick rubber compared to most In the market with excellent grip and grooved channels in the tread for slip resistance and channeling water away from the under the sole.


  • Premium material upper
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to slip on


  • Can’t be used for extreme outdoors activities

Nike revolution running shoes

This is a classic Nike design with a low top and lightweight fabric structure that is easy to run and move about in them.

They come in attractive and subtle colors, with a flexible midsole to relieve fatigue and stress on your feet.

The insides benefit from Nike’s padded mesh which runs from heel to toe for extra comfort. It’s a valuable choice for medical practitioners who have to spend all day moving on their feet.


  • Reinforced heel for shock absorption
  • Shoelace tab for good fit and protection


  • Narrow toe box

Nike flex experience running shoes

Another Nike product that offers the best in design styles and overall protection for phlebotomists who want to be comfortable and still be fashionable.

They have a breathable mesh structure with adequate airflow to allow cooling as you work in a high-activity environment.

The outsole is rubber For adequate traction with the insole lined with soft material for comfort on the move. This model retains all the qualities that make Nike runners the top choice for professionals.


  • Injected midsole for preventing foot fatigue


  • Price is a bit expensive

ASCIS GEL QUANTUM 90 running shoes

Phlebotomists are involved in working conditions that require constant movement. This ASCIS footwear with an extended heel design always makes sure you are supported and always moving forward.

Its design structure and mesh are aesthetic and a breathable upper fabric. Heat and moisture are not ideal for your feet when walking and the mesh design allows for cool air to circulate.

Variable design options are available to choose from.


  • ASICS rear heel gel design improves your stability
  • Spiva from in the insoles accounts for maximum comfort.


  • Might feel a bit heavy and chunky


This brand is popular among healthcare professionals. With its pull-up heel tab, the shoes become easy to slip on.

It has a large outsole that ensures stability and it’s very slip-resistant The insoles have soft padded fabric that is comfortable provides long-lasting support for your knees.


  • Large outsole for maximum stability
  • Slip-resistant
  • Bulky design

Orthofeet proven plantar fasciitis shoe

This brand of shoes is meant for those already suffering from pain and other foot ailments.

The insides are designed for maximum comfort With layers of cushioning fabric and an orthotic footbed in the midsole contouring to the bottom of your feet.

Phlebotomists who have experienced foot pain or bruises and wish to switch to better models can try this out for fast relief from all ailments and pain.


  • Used for treating most plantar fasciitis
  • Very breathable mesh covering
  • Knitted upper mesh can stretch for extra comfort


  • Not suitable for extreme sports

What to look for in phlebotomist shoes

Fair pricing

Always get a pair of shoes that won’t put a dent in your bank account. But if you engage in work that requires frequent resumption, it is advisable to get yourself a very high-quality pair to would last long for you.

Another piece of advice is to purchase multiple pairs to increase the individual lifespan of the shoes.

Comfort and functionality

Comfortable work shoes are those that don’t cause you any discomfort as you go about your daily work activities.

They should be practical in design and functionality with features that are cool, supportive, and hugs your feet properly.

Take time to break in your new shoes by walking around the house then ensure that they provide you with adequate grip and traction from slipping accidents.

Cover material

A phlebotomist’s workspace is filled with liquids, chemicals, glass tubes and beakers, and many other things that can cause spillage of liquids or objects from falling on hurting you.

The kind of material cover your shoes have determines if it protects you against heavy falling objects or liquid spills.

Your work shoes should be easy to wash by simple cleaning methods or machine wash.

Extra comfort usually comes from what type of material occupies the insoles, memory foam insoles provide additional comfort for your feet all day.


Adequate traction is a necessary feature that every working healthcare professional must-have.

The job requires sudden movement, running, lifting heavy things like objects and human beings too and good shoes with proper traction is the best choice to have.

With a proper sole design, you can put away the fear of falling or slipping on slippery surfaces as you undergo your work.


Good fitted shoes and footwear cannot be overrated with proper shoes having enough space for your longest toe as you spend hours on your shift.

Do not buy shoes that are either too tight or too loose for your feet, always get fitted well laced up shoes.

ARCH support

The characteristics of good shoes include extensive arch support for your feet. Without proper arch support your feet against feet fatigue, and bruises harming your feet.

Good arch support should distribute the pressure your feet undergo evenly throughout your foot, toes, and heel.


Today’s professional shoes come in a variety of designs and styles. You can move around your hospital or lab in fashion-forward style shoes, combining good styling and attractive color design.

Increasing comfort as a Phlebotomist

While working in the healthcare sector and environment it’s important to take your health and treat your body right against harm and accidents.

While purchasing good shoes is a vital step in the process, some ways are available to improve comfort and stability as you work and provide you with healthy feet.

You can adopt some new strategies for reducing stress and developing routines or acquiring accessories to help remove high stress levels.

Intermediate breaks and rest are key when undergoing long shift hours, this would reduce pressure on your feet and relieve stress from your feet, back and joints.

During free or leisure hours either at home or out of the workplace always find time to engage in regular exercises to reduce overall body weight.

And always seek proper medical examination and care if you have any issues with your feet such as injury or previous discomfort.

By treating and being conscious of your wellbeing you have to improve your life and overall health conditions.

Some of the ways you can achieve this are highlighted below;

Get recommended insoles

Great shoes have greater insoles, with good working shoes having insoles that are designed to give adequate support to your feet bottom and giving you extra comfort.

Any kind of discomfort or pain in your feet can be reduced greatly by getting shoes with soft insoles for maximum cushioning for your feet and shock absorption abilities.

Get high-quality socks

The difference between stress and healthy feet might just be good compression socks.

Quality compression socks assist in significantly improving the flow of blood throughout your lower body and adequately supporting your joints, knees ankles, and feet


As a phlebotomist, your job requires moving around on your feet all day. Good shoes should have proper fit, balanced heel and solid traction to make your duties productive.

Be sure to purchase a quality brand and attend to any slight discomfort you feel as you wear them for work. I hope this answers all your questions. Cheers.

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